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Yamaha CP40 Review

Looking for a great stage electric piano?

Then look no further. The Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano is the product for you.

When you buy a Yamaha product, you are purchasing from the top producer of instruments in the industry. The company has been around since 1887 for a reason. You know the high quality of any instrument you purchase from Yamaha.

You are almost guaranteed to fall in love with the Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano.

Want to find out why? Read on to learn more.

Yamaha CP40
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)



Yamaha CP40

The following specifics provide information that can help you decide to purchase the Yamaha CP40.

  •  Product Dimensions: 59.06 inches x 17.72 inches x 10.04 inches
  • Weight: 27.6 lbs.
  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Power Supply: AC power adapter
  • Accessories: Owner’s manual, Power adapter, RC3A foot pedal
  • EP Voices: RD1 synonymous with the electric piano, CP80 the Electric Grand, DX7 the Historic DX Electric Piano, WR a Pioneering Electric Piano
  • Warranty: Limited 3-year

Top Features

Specifics may be important, but it is the features of a product that will make your decision. This is especially important for the Yamaha CP40 because it is very similar to its sister piano the CP4. We have conveniently provided a review of the Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano for you. The features of the two pianos are very similar. But they are different enough to help you choose between them.

Want to learn the story about the CP40’s top features? Keep reading.


Like the Yamaha CP4, the CP40 has a full, weighted keyboard. This means that the keyboard holds 88 keys, the same as on an acoustic piano. If you are typically an acoustic piano player, then the transition to the Yamaha CP40 will be extremely easy.

Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano with Weighted Keys and Sustain Pedal

The Yamaha CP40 also includes a graded hammer action keyboard. Thus, these keys will feel just as good as the “real” thing. The higher end of the keyboard is weighted heavier while the high end is lighter. This provides a great ease of playing in addition to key stability and durability. If you want an electric piano with the most realistic key feel, then you need to purchase the Yamaha CP40.


The interface of the Yamaha CP40 is designed for easy playability. Yamaha has included a category select options as well as a performance mode. The category select allows you to easily find the sound you want.

The Yamaha CP40 comes with 297 presets that are divided into a variety of categories. Some of these might be pianos, winds, strings, etc. You don’t want to have to click through all of the sounds everything you are playing the instrument. So, the category select option allows you to pick the category of instrument you want and then find the specific sound.

Yamaha CP40

The Yamaha CP40 comes with a performance mode setting. This allows you to program certain sounds for easy access during a performance. Therefore, if you find sounds you like, you can program them. When in performance mode, you can play these sounds without having to search through the entire category again.

All of these interface features make playing the Yamaha CP40 much easier. But we’re not done with our list of the product’s top features yet. 


All of Yamaha’s electric pianos come with a wide variety of preset sounds: 297 to be exact. These sounds come from Yamaha’s famous products as well as their flagship MOTIF synth.

The sounds included in the Yamaha CP40 are of the best quality. Yamaha products have defined the music world for over a hundred years. So, the voices and sounds of your CP40 will be instantly recognizable to most people. Yamaha products just sound “right.”

In fact, with the Yamaha CP40 you will receive multiple voices based on the company’s famous CFIIIS grand pianos. Additionally, there are also vintage EPS with virtual circuit modeling effects, and the various sounds of the MOTIF synth mentioned above. Essentially everything you need to write and play your unique music, is available in the Yamaha CP40.

Pros and Cons

While the Yamaha CP40 is a wonderful product with many pros, it comes with a few cons as well.


  • At 27.6 lbs. the Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano is much lighter than its sister the Yamaha CP4. The CP4 clocks in at 48.3 lbs., which makes it much harder to move. The Yamaha CP40 is a very portable product. For more portable keyboards, check out our article here.
  • Importantly, Yamaha has a storied name in the piano industry. The Yamaha CP40 receives the advantage of the all of the other acoustic and electric pianos made by the company. Thus, it comes with a variety of unique voices not found anywhere else.
  • The keyboard functionality and ease of play makes the Yamaha CP40 a great choice. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, the Yamaha CP40 has something to offer you. This product, plus the ten pianos discussed here, is a great beginner instrument.


  • The Yamaha CP40 has all of the voices and sounds of the CP4, but it does not have the recording functionality. This is a better product for a live performance. But if you are planning on recording a number of tracks and then layering them in the performance, you may want to consider the Yamaha CP4.
  • Users have struggled to get the most out of Yamaha’s manual. Many of the functions are not explained as clearly as they could be, especially for beginners. If you have a problem with your Yamaha CP40, you may need to contact the company’s customer service.

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If you’re looking for a solid, versatile stage piano, then Yamaha has you covered. The Yamaha CP40 is easy to use and dependable. All of the features are focused towards making it a great stage piano. From its 297 presets to its weighted keyboard and included pedal, everything about the Yamaha CP40 is geared towards performance.

Whether you are a performance musician or playing for fun, you need to do yourself a favor and check out the Yamaha CP40 today.

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