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XX Teens Facts

XX Teens: The Band that Projects an Eclectic Mix of Punk, Rock, and Indie

If you are looking for a band that can take you on a rollercoaster ride of eclectic music, then the XX Teens is your go-to choice. This British band is a unique blend of punk, rock, and indie, all in one package. From the band’s formation to their top songs that topped the charts, this article gives you all the details you need to know about XX Teens.

Singer’s Bio and Age

XX Teen was initially formed during 2005 in London by Rich Cash and Marco Pirroni. Together, they brought together an eclectic mix of young, talented musicians with a shared desire of making a mark in the music industry. The band members currently include Rob Holliday, Andrew Sanders, Matt Benn, and Rich Cash.

Rob Holliday, the frontman of the band, was born on November 22, 1979, in Nottingham, England. He is 42 years old at present.

Relationships and Children

XX Teens have been private about their personal lives, and there is no official news regarding their relationships or children.

Height and Build

Rob Holliday, the lead vocalist of the band, stands tall at six feet and is well-built.


The XX Teens made their debut in 2007 with their album, “Welcome to Goon Island,” released under the label Mute Records. The album was a mix of rock, punk, and synth-pop sounds, giving us a refreshing, innovative style of music that was unbeatable.

The band kept the momentum going with their subsequent album in 2009, titled “XYX,” which had a more mature sound and drew inspiration from diverse genres such as jazz, funk, and soul.

XX Teens have performed in numerous venues and music festivals worldwide, including the prestigious Glastonbury Festival, where they received critical acclaim for their electrifying performances.

The band went on to record the ‘Ring’ EP in 2012, which was released exclusively on vinyl. This EP included songs from the previous album along with a new song, making it a collector’s edition for their fans.

Top Songs

XX Teens’ music offers a variety of sounds that cater to distinct musical tastes. Below mentioned are some of their top songs that made it to the charts:

1. “Darlin'” from the album “Welcome to Goon Island”
2. “Only You” from the album “Welcome to Goon Island”
3. “The Way We Were” from the album “XYX”
4. “Onkawara” from the album “XYX”

Their music is not only unique, but it is also an amalgamation of different genres, making their sound stand out in the industry.

Net Worth

As of 2021, XX Teens’ net worth is around $1.1 million. The band has gained a lot of followers due to its distinctive sound and electrifying performances.

What XX Teens stands for

XX Teens is a symbol of creativity, change, and innovation in the music industry. Their eclectic mix of sounds and distinct style of music has attracted fans worldwide. The group has shown that music is about passion and dedication, and with that, one can always make it to the top.

The secret behind XX Teen’s success

As with any successful band, the secret behind the XX Teen’s success lies in their never-ending love for music. They consistently strive to innovate and push the boundaries to create something truly unique. Unlike some mainstream artists, they have stayed true to themselves and their sound, and that has helped them gain a loyal fan base that respects what they do.


The XX Teens is an incredible band that has, through their music, broken traditional boundaries in the music industry. Their sound is a unique blend of punk, indie, and rock, making them a go-to choice if you love unique sounds. The dedication they have toward their craft and the love they pace for their fans is awe-inspiring. XX Teens set a great example of how success can be attained if you remain passionate and dedicated.

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