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Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging?

JBL Audio has built up a reputation for making some pretty darn good speakers. They’re focused on Bluetooth speakers that are usually highly durable and waterproof, and which sound great, too. But, even though JBL’s speakers can be excellent, they, like everything, can still run into difficulties.

If you’ve got a JBL speaker and you’re wondering, “Why is my JBL speaker not charging?”, you’ve come to the right place.

There are a bunch of reasons why a JBL speaker will not charge correctly, even if it’s relatively new. So, let’s take a look at some of the causes and, of course, how to get things working as they should.

JBL Speakers of All Kinds

Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging

Before we get started on fixing JBL speaker charging problems, it’s important to point out that JBL makes a wide range of different speakers.

This American company, owned by Harmon International (which itself has been owned by Samsung since 2017), makes two general kinds of speakers. They do portable units that hold a charge and home stereo speakers that need to be plugged in.

I’ll be focusing on Bluetooth-type speakers with onboard batteries. These speakers need to be charged up regularly to provide you with playback, and charging can come in two forms.

How to charge JBL speakers…

Most smaller JBL speakers like the JBL GO2JBL FlipJBL Clip, and JBL Charge can be charged up using a USB connection. Larger speakers like the JBL Boombox and the Partybox 100 and 300 use specialized chargers (like for a laptop). So, you can’t charge them with a standard charging cable.

It’s important to know which kind of speaker you have. That way, you can figure out how to solve JBL speaker charging or battery issues.

Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging? – The Short List

There are quite a few different reasons why your JBL speaker might not be charging properly or at all. Most of these are hardware issues, but software can also play a part. If you can’t get your JBL speaker charged up, these are some of the main problems you could be running into.

  1. Faulty outlet, charger, or charging cable.
  2. Outdated software or configurations.
  3. Faulty or damaged charging port.
  4. Drained or faulty battery.
  5. Serious damage to your speaker.

Troubleshooting JBL Speaker Battery and Charging Issues

All of these issues have fixes, and they range from simple do-it-yourself to professional help needed. I’ll start with the most basic issues and work up to the things you shouldn’t attempt to fix on your own.

Faulty Outlet, Charger, or Charging Cable

Look, we all make mistakes. Just yesterday, I was looking for my glasses for like 20 minutes before I realized they were on top of my head. So, don’t worry if the most basic solution here is one that you overlooked.

The very first thing to do if your JBL speaker won’t charge…

Try plugging it into a different outlet. Yes, it could be that simple. It could be that the outlet you’ve been trying is faulty or damaged. That could stop you from getting any electricity to your speaker.

If you’re plugging into a USB port on a computer or wall outlet, the same thing goes. That reliable outlet you’ve used forever could now be faulty. Or, the plug you’re using could just be loose in the outlet and not making good enough contact for electricity to flow.

So, just try a different outlet…

If that solves your problem, then do a little dance of joy. However, if you’ve tried to plug your speaker in somewhere else and it still doesn’t work (even though other devices can charge from that outlet), then it’s not an outlet issue. The next thing to look at is the charger and cable that you’re using.

Charging cables…

Most smaller JBL speakers use USB-type charging systems. Generally, this means you use a cable with the small USB-C connector on one end and the standard USB-A connector on the other end.

Either of these connectors or the cable itself could get damaged relatively easily. These are some pretty basic components that can be damaged by dirt, bending, folding, being dropped, etc.

So, the quick fix is to try another USB cable and see if that works. If it was your cable, then you may need a new one like this 3.0Amp fast charging cable.

On the other hand…

It might not be the cable, but that actual charger itself that’s damaged. In that case, try plugging the cable into a different USB charger or a USB port on a computer. If it charges from the new port, it means that your speaker is fine, but you will probably need a new charger.

But, if you buy a replacement USB charger, make sure you get one with at least 2.0 amps. That will ensure it can charge your speaker properly. This 9V charger will do the trick.

If you’re using one of JBL’s heftier speakers…

Such as the Partybox or Boombox models, you won’t find it quite as easy to check if your cable or charger is faulty. If you can, first try to find another cable or adapter that matches yours and see if that works to charge your speaker.

You might even bring it into the shop you bought it from or any authorized JBL dealer to see if they have an adapter you can try. If a new adapter works, that means your adapter is toast.

Luckily, you can pick up a new one like this 19V AC adapter. Just make sure the power rating matches what your speaker needs.

Outdated Software or Configurations

Outdated Software

If you’ve tried out different outlets, cables, and chargers and you still aren’t getting any juice, something else is going on. While your JBL speaker will come pre-configured with factory settings and the latest software on board, things can still go wrong.

Check your speaker’s software…

First, you can do a firmware update for your speaker. To do this, you’ll need to download the JBL Portable app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

With your speaker on and paired, open the app and look for a button labeled “Update.” This will be present if a firmware update is available, and the updates may help your speaker to charge properly.

You can also reset your speaker…

For JBL speakers like the GO or Flip, you can hold down the volume button and Bluetooth button together for five seconds.

For the Charge, press and hold the play, pause, and volume buttons until the power light glows. This will bring your speaker back to factory settings but be warned. This will start you from zero, and you will need to re-pair with your devices.

Try plugging in your speaker again, and if it charges, it’s party time.

Faulty or Damaged Charging Port

We’re getting into some more serious issues that can be hard to fix by yourself. For starters, when you plug in your charging cable, is it held firmly in place? Or does it wiggle around in the charging port?

If it wiggles, that could mean that the port is damaged, and the pins inside may not be making good contact with your charger. There can also be dirt, dust, or debris inside that can be messing up your connection.

If you want to try some DIY, you can use tiny tools to try to clean out the port. If you can see bent pins, you could try to bend them back. However, if the port is damaged, it’s best to get it replaced by a professional. This shouldn’t cost you too much, and on a $100+ speaker, it can be well worth it.

Drained or Faulty Battery

JBL uses high-quality rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries in their Bluetooth speakers. These batteries are designed to be recharged again and again. But, as with all batteries, eventually, they will wear out.

Once in a while, they can also be faulty from the start. Electrical overload can also fry your battery or its connections inside your speaker. JBL warns consumers not to replace the batteries themselves, and for good reason.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could insert the battery incorrectly, put in the wrong type of battery, or damage the various waterproofing seals that protect your speaker.

At the same time…

If you’re handy and have some electronic know-how, you could try to do it yourself. You can search carefully and get the precise battery model you need.

Many replacement batteries like this one for the Charge 3 come with tools and instructions to show you how to perform battery surgery. You can also watch video tutorials to help you. Or, you can send the speaker to JBL or a licensed dealer to replace the battery for you.

Serious Damage to Your Speaker

Serious Damage

The final possible reason your JBL speaker is not charging could be serious damage. This can include a short circuit due to power overload or water ingress into your speaker. A bad knock or drop can also cause connections inside to become loose.

In situations like these, where you had an accident with your speaker, and afterward it stops charging, it’s time for professional help. However, it might not be worth getting a cheaper speaker fixed.

But, if you’ve paid a few hundred dollars on a quality device, you can get it serviced. Or, at least get a quote first to help you decide.

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Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging? – Final Thoughts

If your JBL speaker isn’t charging, there could be any number of things going wrong. These can be as simple as faulty outlets, cables, chargers, firmware issues, or more serious problems like damaged ports, batteries, or worse.

The key is to check things out one step at a time. Try the cheapest, easiest, and simplest fixes first. If they solve your problem, you’re laughing.

But, if you have some serious damage to your JBL speaker, you may need to make that tough decision. Is it worth sending it in for repair, or should you simply replace it? That will depend on the value of the speaker and on you.

Until next time, happy listening.

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