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Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Flashing Red and Blue?

Are your Bluetooth headphones flashing red and blue? When this suddenly starts to happen, it can be frustrating. Especially if you are not a technical person. What are you going to do now? Try and fix them? Phone a friend? Buy a new pair of headphones?

Bluetooth headphones are great, but they do flip out from time to time. Fortunately, this is probably just a minor issue, and these types of technical problems can generally be fixed in ten minutes or less.

So, you need to know, “Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Flashing Red and Blue?” I will get to that. But first, I need to go through the correct procedure to find the problem…

What Happens if my Bluetooth Headphones Start Flashing?

Headphones Start Flashing

Bluetooth headphones have changed the way we consume and absorb audio. You can connect them to a multitude of modern media devices without being attached to wires. But the problem with these products sometimes is when they malfunction; there are very few buttons or settings to troubleshoot the issues.

If your Bluetooth headphones stopped connecting and are now flashing red and blue, it could be a few different things.

Headphones that support Bluetooth have status lights that indicate what’s going on. If the light is flashing blue, it means that your headphones are properly connected to the media player. If your headphones are flashing blue and red, it means you have pairing and connectivity issues.

What Are Bluetooth Headphone Pairing Modes?

The red and blue flashing lights usually mean that your headphones are searching for a device to connect. At this moment, your headphones are not connected to your desired media device. Your headphones are currently in discovery mode.

That means they are searching for a nearby device to pair with. However, there are times when your Bluetooth headphones in discovery mode fail to connect.

The Bluetooth pairing mode allows you to connect to other devices. It usually takes 30 seconds to pair your headphones with a device. And if you have already been through the initial pairing setup, you should connect automatically. This is what makes Bluetooth connectivity so great.

Benefits of using Bluetooth headphones

There are numerous benefits of Bluetooth headphones and their pairing mode. The main plus factor is that you can establish a secure connection with other devices wirelessly. Therefore, you can listen to music on the go without any restrictions.

Furthermore, you will also be able to save the pairings. So you will not have to repeat the setup process every time you want to pair the headphones with the same device.

Different Types of Pairing Mechanisms

Pairing Mechanisms

There are two different types of pairing mechanisms. The standard Bluetooth pairing mechanism is legacy pairing, while the newer type is called Simple Secure Pairing (SSP). What do these mechanisms do? How do they work? And how does that benefit you? Let’s find out all about the two pairing types…

Legacy Pairing

The most common and simplest pairing mechanism is legacy pairing. This type is largely used with Bluetooth 2.0 devices and other older versions. You will need to enter PIN codes into both devices to get them to pair together with this process.

The vast majority of Bluetooth headphones have this feature. And if you need to find the headphones’ PIN code, you can find it on the product box.

Secure Simple Pairing (SSP)

The Secure Simple Pairing mode is a little bit more technical and complicated, but not too much. This mechanism utilizes elliptic curve cryptography to connect Bluetooth devices. You will find that SSP is largely used with Bluetooth 2.1 and above. This is the most common Bluetooth pairing mode for most modern smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

You will need to establish a connection between the headphones and the media device but won’t need any PIN codes. Once you have confirmed the connection, the devices will automatically connect.

This connection will then be stored for simple connections from then on. But if you do remove or delete that connection at some point, you will have to go through the initial pairing phase again.

How Do Bluetooth Pairing Modes Work?

Bluetooth pairing modes work to connect two devices. The connection between the two devices is created by something called a “link key.” The role of this link key is to generate temporary encryption that protects the data of both devices.

However, once the connection is established, this encrypted key is discarded. But the link key is kept by both devices. This same link key is then saved and used during the future connection between the paired devices.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pairing Bluetooth Headphones

Step-by-Step Guide

Once you have paired Bluetooth headphones with a device, they will automatically connect if they are both turned on and in the same vicinity. But how do you initially pair the devices together?

Check out this step-by-step guide to pairing Bluetooth headphones with media devices. It might just help you find the answer to our initial question, “Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Flashing Red and Blue?”

  1.  Make sure that your phone, laptop, or other media device has its Bluetooth settings turned on and enabled.
  2.  Press the “pairing” button on the Bluetooth headphones. You can find the position of this button by reading the headphone’s manual, as each product can greatly differ.
  3.  Patiently wait for the status lights to flash blue and red, which means you are now in pairing “discovery” mode.
  4.  On your media device, you will see a list of Bluetooth devices that should have the model of your headphones listed.
  5.  Select the name or model of your headphones from the list. And that should establish the initial connection.

You might see other nearby media devices on the list. But as long as you choose the specific model you wish to pair, you shouldn’t have any pairing issues. That said, you could experience issues with a different media device that automatically connects with your headphones. If so, you will need to un-pair this connection to start this process again.

How to Stop Bluetooth Devices Automatically Connecting?

Why are your Bluetooth headphones flashing red and blue? One reason could be that your headphones are automatically connecting to a different media device.

You might have previously established a connection between your headphones and your laptop, but you are currently trying to connect them to your phone. This can cause you problems.

Here is a guide to stopping Bluetooth devices from automatically connecting.

  1.  Go to the Bluetooth settings of your media device.
  2.  Find the list of paired devices in your settings.
  3.  Choose the device that keeps automatically connecting.
  4.  On a smartphone, you will need to tap the options button next to the device and then choose “Remove” or “Forget.”
  5.  If you are using a PC or a Mac, right-click on the chosen device and click “Remove” or “Forget.”

Other Reasons my Bluetooth Headphones Lights Are Flashing

Other Reasons

Now we have covered how Bluetooth headphone pairings work and how you can pair devices, we need to go more in-depth. If you still haven’t figured out why your Bluetooth headphones are flashing red and blue, let’s troubleshoot the problem further.

Headphones are in Discovery (Pairing) Mode

I have mentioned this a couple of times. If your headphones already in discovery mode, this could be the main reason that your lights are flashing. It means your headphones are currently looking for a connection. Here is how you can fix this problem…

  1.  Turn off the Bluetooth settings for both devices.
  2.  Turn the Bluetooth back on again.
  3.  Allow your headphones to re-establish a connection for 20 seconds.
  4.  Check your device settings to see your Bluetooth headphones model.
  5.  Choose your headphones model to pair the devices.

Resetting Your Bluetooth Headphones

If re-pairing your devices didn’t work, you might have to perform a hard reset. This action will clear all your previous pairing settings and revert your headphones to their original factory settings.

Please check the manual of your headphones to find your reset protocols. Each product has its own reset process, so make sure you find out before you make any rash decisions.

Best Bluetooth Headphone Products

Fixing your Bluetooth headphone’s connectivity and pairing issues is not that difficult. However, if you have a technical or manufacturing issue with your product, you might need to buy some new ones.

The following are some of the best Bluetooth headphones that come highly recommended by myself and other audiophiles…

Need Some Great Bluetooth Headphones?

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Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Flashing Red and Blue? – Final Thoughts

Your Bluetooth headphones flashing red and blue is probably a minor issue that you can fix easily. This problem usually arises because your headphones are already in discovery mode but are not pairing with your desired device. You can easily fix this by pairing your headphones once again with your media device in the settings section.

If you can’t fix the issues using our advice, your headphones are probably broken, and you need to buy a new pair. But fortunately, there are dozens of high-quality Bluetooth headphone products for sale online; just check our reviews as linked above.

Until next time, happy listening.

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