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White Heart Facts

White Heart Facts: The Breakthrough of a Distinctive Christian Rock Band

White Heart is a Christian rock band that rose to popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. The band was known for their distinctive sound that blended rock, pop, and worship music. They were able to relate to and capture the hearts of Christian music lovers with their powerful lyrics.

Singer’s Bio

White Heart was formed in 1982 in Nashville, Tennessee, by Steve Green, Gary Lunn, Billy Smiley, and Dann Huff. Through the years, the band experienced many changes in their lineup with the passing of time. But one of the most prominent faces of the band was singer, Rick Florian.

Florian was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1955. He joined White Heart in 1984, where he started as a backup singer. In its fifth album, entitled “Freedom,” Florian took on the lead vocalist role for the band.


Rick Florian was born on August 5, 1955. As of 2021, he is 66 years old.

Relationships and Children

Not much is known about Rick Florian’s personal life, including his relationships and children, as he has always kept a low profile out of the limelight.


Rick Florian’s height is not available online.


Florian’s entrance to the White Heart band made it soar high in the music scene with his captivating voice and stage presence. He became the frontman for a decade, up until the band’s last album in 1998. He also co-wrote some of the band’s most popular songs, such as “Desert Rose” and “The Cry.”

Florian’s first-ever solo project, “Seeing Things,” was released in 2004, which showcased his musical prowess and depth of spirituality. He then released his second album in 2007, entitled “I Really Want to Know You.”

Rick’s voice and music still continue to inspire and impact every listener. With his captivating feel and the guidance of the Lord, he travels to share his music and might of the gospel.

Top Songs

• “Desert Rose”

• “The Cry”

• “Freedom”

• “Powerhouse”

• “Sing Your Freedom”

Net Worth

Rick Florian’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, and neither is that of the White Heart band.

Legacy and Impact

Despite being inactive for almost 23 years now, White Heart’s music remains relevant and is still appreciated by a massive following of Christian music enthusiasts. The band’s contributions to the genre and the music industry as a whole cannot be denied. Their influence continues to be felt in contemporary Christian music.

In an interview, Florian said that the band’s main mission was always to share the gospel through their music. They wanted to lead people to Christ and make them feel the beauty of salvation.

White Heart’s music will live on as a testament to their unwavering faith and commitment to spreading the word of God. They have captured the hearts of countless listeners and have made a massive impact on the Christian music industry.

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