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Where is the Microphone on iPhone 8?

The iPhone 8 was released in 2017, and like its predecessors, it featured improvements on all the good things that users loved and fixes or improvements on things they didn’t. 

As we’ve come to expect from Apple, the iPhone 8 is well-built and easy to use. It features wireless charging, Touch ID technology, and a host of other things that make life easier. And, of course, the iPhone 8, like all smartphones, has a microphone. 

These days the designs are so sleek that it’s sometimes hard to even begin to guess where the microphone is. Luckily, I spent a few days demystifying this little conundrum. So, if you’ve ever wondered, “Where is the microphone on iPhone 8?” then it’s time to find out… 

Where is the Microphone on iPhone 8


How Many Microphones Does an iPhone 8 Have?

The iPhone 8 comes with a total of three microphones.

Top/Front Microphone

The top or front microphone is used for phone calls, video calls, Siri, and recording voice memo’s with the built-in app. It is located on the top side of the front face of the iPhone 8. 

It ought to look like a flat horizontal line located to the right of the front face camera. This microphone is located nearest to your ear when you are making a traditional phone call.

Bottom Microphone

The bottom microphone is used for phone calls and is located on the bottom side of the iPhone 8. It is common for users to confuse the speaker grill with a microphone. But, this iPhone 8 microphone is located on the left side of the lightning port. The speaker is located on the right. 

The iPhone 8 ships in three colors. And the only color that poses a problem when you want to find the microphone on an iPhone 8 is the black model. The opening and grill of the microphone blend into the bodywork of the phone quite well, but if you look closely and you’ll be able to spot it. 

Rear Microphone 

Rear Microphone 

The rear microphone is used when you are recording videos with your backside (main) camera. It is located next to the camera on the rear end of your iPhone 8. 

It’s quite small but shouldn’t be too difficult to spot with your naked eye. If you are having trouble, just take a picture of your phone using someone else’s and zoom in. 

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Where is the Microphone on iPhone 8? – Conclusion

Hopefully, this short guide has either cleared something up for you or just helped you learn about the microphones on an iPhone 8

At least you can say with confidence that you now know how many microphones are on an iPhone 8, where they are located, and what they’re all used for. 

Until next time, happy listening.

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