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What JBL Speakers Can Connect?

Making a brand stand out in the modern world of audio is no easy task. Contemporary users aren’t satisfied with good products at reasonable prices. Brands have had to add extra dimensions to the listening experience to keep users happy.

Enter a legendary brand…

JBL has been around since the good old days. So, when the 21st century rolled up, they were ready with innovations that would keep their reputation as audio pioneers intact. 

JBL offers some of the best wireless speakers on the market. Also, they offer one of the greatest companion apps and a very intuitive feature called Connect+. This function allows you to connect multiple JBL speakers to amplify and widen your sound experience. 

So, I decided to take an in-depth look at which JBL speakers are compatible with Connect+. Therefore, you’ll know whether it’s available for use with your particular speaker or the one you are thinking of buying next.

What JBL Speakers Can Connect


What JBL Speakers Can Connect?

The following JBL speakers are compatible with the Connect+ feature, which will allow you to link up multiple speakers:

  • Flip 4.
  • Charge 4.
  • Pulse 3.
  • Xtreme 2.
  • Boombox.

The models that have the regular JBL Connect pairing function are the Flip 3, Charge 3, Pulse 2, and Clip 2. This is different from Connect+. There is also a third function from JBL called PartyBoost. It is available on the Flip 5 and Pulse 4 models. 

Now that we know which JBL speakers have Connect+ functionality, let’s look at what it is and what it allows you to do. 

What is Connect+ and How Do I Use It?

Connect+ is a proprietary function from JBL. It allows for multiple speakers to be linked up to enhance the listening experience. The Connect+ feature allows for up to 100 speakers to be connected and play simultaneously. 

It is important to note that the signal can be split to create a stereo image. Or, you can double the signal to increase the overall output volume. 

Are Different JBL Functions Compatible?

As mentioned, there are three functions for linking up multiple JBL speakers. But, it is not possible to connect two speakers with different functions. Only speakers with the same functionality. 

For example… 

Connecting a Flip 4 to a Boombox is not a problem since both use JBL’s Connect+. However, connecting a Charge 4 to Pulse 4 is not going to work. That’s because the Pulse 4 uses PartyBoost, and the Charge 4 uses Connect+.

So, just make sure you and your friends have compatible pairing functions, and you will be fine. Aside from this, you can also update your software from within the Connect+ app. 

Connecting Multiple Speakers

Utilizing Bluetooth, the Connect+ feature allows you to connect up to 100 JBL speakers. Either by doubling the output volume or splitting the signal into a stereo image. 

So, let’s dig into how to connect multiple JBL speakers. Remember that speakers that don’t share the same pairing function will not be able to link up. 

  1. Start by connecting your source device to your first JBL speaker. Take care to turn off the Bluetooth on all other nearby devices to ensure a clean connection. 
  2. Open your favorite music app or streaming service and pick a song. Press play. You should be hearing audio from your first speaker. 
  3. Turn on any other speakers, make sure they are fully powered up, and then press the connect button. Wait for the LED indicator on each speaker to flash. This indicates that a connection has been established. 
  4. Wait up to 30 seconds for the speakers to sync up. You should now be hearing the music coming from all the speakers. 

If you want to disconnect an individual speaker, simply press and hold the connect button on that particular speaker until it disconnects.

What JBL Speakers Can Connect – FAQ


Can I connect two JBL Flip 4 speakers?

Of course. You are using two identical speakers, so they will have the same pairing function. In this case, the Connect+ function. All you have to do is follow the simple connection procedure that I laid out earlier, and you’ll be ready to get the party started. 

Can I Connect a JBL Flip 3 to a JBL Flip 5?

Unfortunately, no. As mentioned, it is not possible to connect two JBL speakers that use different pairing functions. Since the Flip 3 and Flip 5 use different functions, you can not sync them up and use them as one set of speakers.

Is there a max number of speakers that I can sync up using Connect+?

Yes, there is a limit to how many JBL speakers can be paired using the Connect+ app. Using one source device (tablet or smartphone), you can sync up a maximum of 100 JBL speakers.

Can I connect a JBL Extreme 1 and Extreme 2?

No, it is not possible to connect first and second-generation JBL Extreme speakers. That’s because Gen 1 Extreme uses standard Connect, whereas Gen 2 Extreme uses Connect+. 

Can I connect a JBL Extreme series speaker to my Smart TV?

Yes, you can link a JBL Extreme series speaker to a Smart TV. But only if the Smart TV has Bluetooth capability. If the TV lacks built-in Bluetooth capability, you can purchase an adapter to fix the problem

Is there a range limit to Connect+?

The Connect, Connect+, and PartyBoost functions utilize Bluetooth to sync up different speakers. That means the range is a standard Bluetooth range of 30 feet or about 10 meters. 

Remember to keep the environment as well as the obstacles surrounding you in mind when doing a setup. This has sometimes been found to have a dramatic effect on the signal. 

How do I know if my speaker has Connect+?

The easiest way to tell if a JBL speaker has Connect+ is by looking at the buttons. If there is a symbol that looks like an infinity sign, then your speaker uses the regular Connect functionality. But, if there is an infinity symbol with a plus sign on top, your model uses Connect+.

Is there a loss in quality when I connect two or more speakers using Connect+?

Not at all. Furthermore, the whole idea behind the Connect functions is to enhance the listening experience. When you utilize the connect functionality to play a stereo image, you will widen your sound, creating a more immersive experience. 

When you simply double up, you will have not just one but two high-quality speakers playing your content. So, there is only an improvement when you use the connect functionality. 

Can I make a 5.1 or 7.1 setup using multiple JBL speakers and Connect+?

Yes and no. As mentioned, it is possible to connect up to 100 JBL speakers. This is more than enough to create a five or seven-speaker setup which you can then arrange in your room or house as you’d like.

Although, this will remain a one-channel or a two-channel stereo setup. So, you won’t be getting the same kind of separation and width that you get with a true cinema surround sound setup. 

Why am I experiencing sound drops when I use JBL Connect+ to connect my JBL Xtreme 2 to my JBL Boombox speaker?

sound drops

This problem can occur for a few reasons. But usually, you are experiencing drop-outs or volume dips due to a problem with your Bluetooth or source device. 

The first thing you need to do is try connecting a different Bluetooth device and see if the problem is still there. If you are experiencing the problem no matter what device you connect, then there is some kind of signal interference.

Start by checking the surroundings or obstacles that can interfere with the Bluetooth signal. One last thing to consider is software problems. So, make sure that both your source device, as well as your speakers, have updated firmware installed, and then try again. 

Can you upgrade from Connect+ to PartyBoost with an Update?

Sadly no. When you update the firmware on your JBL speakers, it will never change the pairing function that the device was programmed with. 

The same goes for trying to upgrade from regular connect to Connect+. The only way you can change the pairing function is to purchase another device. 

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What JBL Speakers Can Connect – Final Thoughts

The JBL Connect, Connect+, and PartyBoost functions are amazing additions to JBL’s products since they increase the functionality and the lifespan of the speakers. If you get a new one that uses the same protocol as your older JBL model, you can improve the capabilities of the two by using them as a system. 

And, when you get together with other folks who have speakers with compatible protocols, the possibilities grow and grow. Just make sure you follow the steps, and you’ll have no problems connecting up to 100 JBL Bluetooth speakers.

Until next time, happy listening.

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