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Wet Leg Facts

Wet Leg Facts: The Breakout Band of 2021

Wet Leg is a British indie rock band consisting of two members, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers. The duo’s debut song, “Chaise Longue,” quickly became a viral hit on TikTok, amassing millions of views within weeks of its release. Since then, Wet Leg’s popularity has skyrocketed, and the band has caught the attention of music critics and industry professionals alike.

Singer’s Bio

Rhian Teasdale is the lead singer of Wet Leg, and she hails from the Isle of Wight, a small island off the southern coast of England. Despite her young age, Rhian has been writing songs for years and has honed her craft through various musical endeavors. Her father was a guitarist, and Teasdale grew up around music, citing the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac as early influences.


Rhian Teasdale was born on June 23, 1999, making her 22 years old.


There is little information available regarding Rhian Teasdale’s relationships.


Rhian Teasdale does not have any children.


There is currently no information available regarding Rhian Teasdale’s height.


Prior to forming Wet Leg, Rhian Teasdale played in several other bands, including an all-female punk group called Kilcannon. However, it wasn’t until she met Hester Chambers and began creating music as Wet Leg that Rhian’s career began to take off.

In July 2021, Wet Leg released their first single, “Chaise Longue.” The song quickly went viral on TikTok, and soon after, the band signed with independent label Domino Records. Wet Leg’s second single, “Wet Dream,” followed in August and was similarly well-received.

Since then, Wet Leg has been busy performing shows around the UK and working on their debut album, which is expected to be released in 2022.

Top Songs

Wet Leg is still a relatively new band without a large catalogue of songs. However, the band’s first two singles, “Chaise Longue” and “Wet Dream,” have both been extremely popular with fans and critics alike. “Chaise Longue” has been particularly successful, with the accompanying music video receiving millions of views on YouTube.

Net Worth

There is currently no information available regarding Rhian Teasdale or Hester Chambers’ net worth.


Wet Leg is a fresh new band making waves in the music world. With Rhian Teasdale’s dreamy vocals and Hester Chambers’ driving beats, Wet Leg is quickly becoming one of the most exciting indie rock acts around. And with a forthcoming album on the horizon, there’s no telling where their career will take them next.

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