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The Meaning Behind The Song: Platonic Disease by Obituary


The Meaning Behind The Song: Platonic Disease by Obituary

Title Platonic Disease
Artist Obituary
Writer/Composer Obituary
Album Back From The Dead (1997)
Release Date March 22, 1997

When it comes to heavy metal, Obituary is a band that has left an undeniable mark on the genre. Their raw and aggressive sound has captivated fans for years, and one of their standout songs, “Platonic Disease” from their album “Back From The Dead” has garnered particular attention. This song, like many others in the metal genre, carries deep meaning and can evoke powerful emotions in the listener.

Listening to the lyrics of “Platonic Disease,” it becomes clear that Obituary is exploring the themes of pain, loss, and the never-ending cycle of death. The song opens with the lines “Your grips fallen, I’m fallen, we’ve fallen beyond. Expired, we’ve acquired platonic disease.” These words paint a picture of despair and a loss of control, as if the speaker and those they are addressing have reached a point of no return.

As the song progresses, the lyrics delve into the concept of justice and the consequences of one’s actions. The lines “No jury, your cause. Speak laws afford the bigot. Back load myself. Lay down the sentence of never-ending said” suggest a lack of fair judgment and the burden of carrying the weight of one’s decisions. Obituary seems to be commenting on the flawed nature of the justice system and the unnecessary suffering it can cause.

The repeated refrain of “Platonic disease” adds to the overall sense of hopelessness and anguish. The use of the word “Platonic” in the context of disease is intriguing and adds a layer of complexity to the song’s meaning. While “Platonic” typically refers to a non-sexual relationship, Obituary seems to be using it here as a metaphor for a destructive force that affects the soul. This plays into the band’s overall dark and introspective style.

Personal experiences with music can often be deeply impactful, and “Platonic Disease” is no exception. This song holds a special place in my heart because it was there for me during a particularly difficult time in my life. I had recently experienced the loss of a loved one, and the raw and cathartic nature of this song provided solace and a sense of shared grief.

Obituary’s powerful and emotive music allowed me to process my own pain and connect with the larger themes explored in “Platonic Disease.” This song served as a reminder that I was not alone in my suffering and that there were others who understood the depths of despair I was feeling.

Additionally, the aggressive instrumentation and intense vocals in “Platonic Disease” helped me release pent-up emotions. The heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums mirrored the storm of emotions swirling within me, acting as a cathartic outlet for my grief and frustration.

Ultimately, the meaning behind “Platonic Disease” by Obituary is open to interpretation, as it is with many songs. However, it is evident that the band is exploring the dark and painful aspects of human existence. Through the use of powerful lyrics and aggressive music, Obituary captures the essence of despair and invites the listener to confront their own feelings of loss and suffering.

In conclusion, “Platonic Disease” by Obituary is a song that delves into themes of pain, loss, and the never-ending cycle of death. The band’s exploration of these emotions through their powerful music allows listeners to experience a cathartic release and confront their own personal experiences of grief. This song serves as a reminder that, even in our darkest moments, we are not alone in our suffering.

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