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The Meaning Behind The Song: Incisor by English Dogs


The Meaning Behind The Song: Incisor by English Dogs

Title Artist Album Release Date Genre Producer
Incisor English Dogs Forward Into Battle 1985 Crossover Thrash Garry Sharpe-Young

The Dark and Aggressive Lyrics of “Incisor”

Incisor, a track from English Dogs’ 1985 album “Forward Into Battle,” is a heavy and aggressive song that delves into the dark realm of violence and terror. The lyrics depict the brutal nature of an evil creature, tearing apart its victims and instilling fear in the town where it resides. The biting, tearing of flesh, and the creature’s readiness to strike paint a vivid picture of its malevolence.

The song opens with the imagery of teeth grinding down on the last bite, signaling the imminent demise of the prey. The victims’ final breath is drawn, and their screams of pain go unheard by those around them. With eyes of hatred and jaws of fear, the creature unleashes its fury, attacking and mauling with no mercy. The incisor, symbolizing its weapon of choice, strikes down upon its victims, biting right down to the bone. The use of steel as another weapon adds to the gruesome imagery, devouring the prey and tearing out their throats, silencing their cries.

As the carnage unfolds, the bodies become nothing but remains. The narrator questions what kind of evil creature could commit such atrocities. With stomachs torn out and heads devoid of brains, the town lives in constant fear, knowing that revenge awaits them all. The creature haunts the night, stalking and waiting for the perfect moment to strike, choosing its victims carefully.

The second part of the song breaks into a lead solo, intensifying the dark atmosphere. The lyrics turn to the perspective of the devil, the beast that roams in the dark. The town cowers in terror, waiting for the mark of the deadly black sun, a symbol of impending doom. The creature thrives on the fear and survival instincts of its prey, making death a harsh reality. The narrator reveals a chilling truth: the killer, the devil, the creature, the evil, is within them.

Personal Connection and Reflection

As a fan of English Dogs and the crossover thrash genre, “Incisor” has always stood out to me. Its aggressive riffs, pounding drums, and visceral lyrics create a sense of energy and intensity that mirrors the chaos within the song’s narrative. While I don’t condone or glorify violence, the song’s dark themes and musical execution make it an engaging and powerful piece of art.

Upon diving deeper into the lyrics, I find myself captivated by the imagery and storytelling. The way English Dogs depicts the evil creature leaves a lasting impression, reminding us of the potential darkness that resides within humanity. It serves as a reminder to confront our own demons and strive for empathy, understanding, and compassion.

Furthermore, “Incisor” serves as a testament to the crossover thrash genre’s ability to express raw emotion and address societal issues. Its hard-hitting sound and unapologetic approach hold a mirror to the world around us, inviting us to reflect on the violence that exists in various forms and encouraging us to take action.

In conclusion, “Incisor” by English Dogs is a song that delves into the depths of violence and terror. Its dark and aggressive lyrics, accompanied by the visceral music, create a powerful piece of art. While it may not be for everyone, it serves as a reminder of the potential darkness within humanity and encourages reflection and action.

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