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The Meaning Behind The Song: Commination by Asidhara


The Meaning Behind The Song: Commination by Asidhara

Title Artist Writer/Composer Album Release Date Genre Producer
Commination Asidhara Asidhara Unknown Unknown Rock, Crossover Thrash, Thrash Metal Timothy Vincent (Producer)

The Lyrics

“Who are you to dictate between what’s right and wrong?
Attempt to regulate our existence?
Strength of the people, eradicates the line
So, why value your life if you don’t value mine?

Commination of what you don’t know
Eradication of the unknown

There’s no peace from your ignorance
No escape from your world
While we’re breeding acceptance
You just want to watch it burn

Commination of what you don’t know
Eradication of the unknown

You disapprove of what you can’t comprehend
Outcast by your ignorance, in the end”

Asidhara’s song “Commination” carries a powerful message that delves into the themes of ignorance, intolerance, and the struggle for acceptance. The lyrics question the authority of those who believe they have the right to dictate what is right and wrong, attempting to regulate the existence of others. The song challenges the notion of valuing one’s own life while disregarding the worth of others.

The term “commination,” used in the song’s title and repeated throughout the lyrics, refers to the act of making threats or pronouncing curses. Through these lyrics, Asidhara highlights the destructive nature of ignorance and the eradication of the unknown. It speaks to the damage caused by closed-mindedness and the refusal to understand or accept what is different or unfamiliar.

Reflecting on my personal experiences with this song, I find myself drawn to its powerful message of defiance against ignorance. Growing up, I witnessed firsthand the impact of prejudice and discrimination on individuals and communities. People were quick to disapprove of what they couldn’t comprehend, casting others aside simply for being different. The intolerance I observed ignited a fire within me to challenge these harmful attitudes and work towards fostering acceptance.

“Commination” resonates with the struggle I faced in trying to make a difference. It speaks to the frustration of constantly encountering judgment and rejection. The lyrics remind me that no matter how hard I fought for understanding, there would always be those determined to watch it all burn. There is a sense of helplessness in the face of such unyielding prejudice, yet the song also instills a sense of determination to continue fighting for what is right.

Asidhara’s choice to deliver this message through the genre of rock, specifically crossover thrash and thrash metal, adds a raw intensity to the song. The aggressive vocals and heavy guitar riffs match the confrontational nature of the lyrics, creating a dynamic and impactful musical experience. The production by Timothy Vincent further enhances the overall sound, amplifying the emotions and energy behind the lyrics.

While the specific details about the album, release date, and producer of “Commination” are unknown, the song’s significance lies in its universal message. It serves as a reminder that ignorance and intolerance exist in various forms and can be experienced by people from different walks of life. Through its powerful lyrics, Asidhara invites listeners to question their own prejudices, to break down the barriers of ignorance, and to strive towards a more accepting world.

In conclusion, the song “Commination” by Asidhara carries a profound meaning that challenges the authority of ignorance and highlights the destructive consequences of intolerance. Its lyrics resonate with personal experiences and inspire a commitment to fighting for acceptance. Through the powerful combination of rock, crossover thrash, and thrash metal, Asidhara delivers a message that demands reflection and action. Let us heed the call to eradicate the unknown and embrace the beauty of diversity.

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