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The Meaning Behind The Song: Bounty Hunter by Molly Hatchet


The Meaning Behind The Song: Bounty Hunter by Molly Hatchet

Title Bounty Hunter
Artist Molly Hatchet
Writer/Composer Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland, Danny Joe Brown
Album Molly Hatchet (1978)
Release Date September 1, 1978
Genre Pop
Producer Tom Werman

When it comes to music, there are certain songs that capture your attention from the very first note. One such song is “Bounty Hunter” by Molly Hatchet. Released in 1978, this track has a powerful and gritty feel to it, with lyrics that tell a story of a man who earns a living as a bounty hunter.

The song kicks off with the line “My horse is kicking dust up off the trail, I’m just getting back from a trip to HELL.” This vivid imagery sets the stage for the rest of the song, painting a picture of a rugged and lawless world that the protagonist navigates. He describes having his six-gun strapped by his side and riding a horse named Thunder, emphasizing the dangerous and high-stakes nature of his job.

The chorus, “Outlaws on the loose, running, running from the noose,” further reinforces the theme of lawlessness and the pursuit of justice. The bounty hunter in the song takes it upon himself to track down and apprehend these outlaws, acting as judge, jury, and executioner in a sense.

As the song progresses, the lyrics delve deeper into the mindset of the protagonist. He wonders what it feels like for these outlaws when they’re dying, and contemplates the possibility of his own demise. He questions whether the money he earns is worth the risks and the toll it takes on his soul.

The lead break in the song adds an extra layer of intensity, as the guitar solo reflects the chaos and adrenaline of a high-speed pursuit or a shootout. It captures the essence of being a bounty hunter on the hunt.

One particular line that stands out in the song is “Did you know $500 will get your head blown off? It will… ha, ha, ha.” This line showcases the grim reality of the bounty hunter’s world, where death is just a price tag away. It’s a chilling reminder of the danger and violence that accompany their line of work.

As a fan of rock and blues music, I have always been drawn to Molly Hatchet’s hard-hitting sound. “Bounty Hunter” has been one of my favorite tracks by them, not only for its musicality but also for the storytelling and emotion it conveys.

Listening to this song takes me back to a road trip I took with my friends a few years ago. We were driving through the desert, with the windows down and the volume cranked up. The raw energy of “Bounty Hunter” filled the car, and it felt like we were part of an action-packed movie scene. The song became the soundtrack to our adventure, fueling our excitement and making the journey all the more memorable.

While the lyrics of “Bounty Hunter” may seem straightforward on the surface, they also offer a glimpse into the complex nature of the human condition. The song explores themes of morality, risk, and the pursuit of justice. It raises questions about the worthiness of one’s actions and the inherent dangers of chasing down lawbreakers.

In conclusion, “Bounty Hunter” by Molly Hatchet is a song that captures the spirit of adventure and danger. Its lyrics paint a vivid picture of a lawless world, where justice is sought by those willing to take risks. Through its storytelling and powerful musicality, this song has stood the test of time and continues to resonate with fans of rock and blues music.

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