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The Meaning Behind The Song: As The Crow Flies by The Animals


The Meaning Behind The Song: As The Crow Flies by The Animals

Title Artist Writer/Composer Album Release Date Genre Producer
As The Crow Flies The Animals Eric Burdon, John Sterling, Kim Milford Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted 1977 Rock

As The Crow Flies, a song featured in The Animals’ album “Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted,” holds a deeper meaning than what may initially meet the ear. Released in 1977, this rock ballad beautifully embodies longing, distance, and the challenges of being away from a loved one. The lyrics, though simple, convey a strong message of yearning and the desperate desire to be reunited with someone special.

The opening lines of the song, “As the crow flies, baby, will I ain’t so far from you,” immediately set the tone for the theme of distance and separation. The analogy of a crow flying straight towards its destination emphasizes the directness and urgency with which the narrator longs to be reunited with their loved one. However, the line “since I don’t have wings, I can’t get home as fast as I want to” highlights the limitations and frustrations faced in achieving this reunion. The absence of wings symbolizes the narrator’s inability to overcome the physical distance and reach their loved one as quickly as they desire.

In the following verse, the lyrics take a turn towards a dream-like state. The narrator recounts a dream where they heard their loved one calling their name. This dream holds significant meaning as it becomes the catalyst for the narrator’s decision to take action. They state, “Well, I took it as an omen, and I jumped on the very first freight train.” The dream serves as a sign, pushing the narrator to make a spontaneous decision and embark on a journey to be reunited with their loved one.

The chorus emphasizes the yearning and longing the narrator feels, stating, “Well, you don’t know baby, how I miss your sweet caress.” The narrator longs for the comfort and affection that only their loved one can provide. They express that being in their loved one’s arms brings out the best in them and fills them with a sense of completeness.

The repetition of the line “As the crow flies, baby, that’s how I’m on my way” reinforces the determination and resilience of the narrator. They emphasize that they are doing everything in their power to reach their loved one, even if it means traveling great distances. The plea to “don’t stop running” indicates the narrator’s eagerness to be reunited, reassuring their loved one that they will make it home by the break of day.

Personally, “As The Crow Flies” resonates deeply with me. The powerful emotions conveyed through the lyrics evoke memories of times when distance and separation have kept me apart from loved ones. The universal theme of longing and the desperation to be reunited strikes a chord with anyone who has experienced the ache of being physically apart from someone they care about.

Throughout my life, there have been moments when I have been separated from loved ones due to various circumstances. Whether it was being away from family during holidays or being in a long-distance relationship, the emotions captured in “As The Crow Flies” mirror the longing and yearning I have felt in those situations. The song serves as a reminder that distance does not diminish the intensity of love but rather intensifies the desire to be close.

The raw honesty of The Animals’ performance and the simplicity of the lyrics make “As The Crow Flies” a timeless ballad. It captures the essence of human emotion and portrays the universal longing for connection. The song’s significance lies not only in its musicality but also in its ability to resonate with listeners on a deeply personal level. In a world where distance often keeps us apart, “As The Crow Flies” reminds us of the strength of our connections and the power of love.

So, as you listen to “As The Crow Flies” by The Animals, allow yourself to be transported by its emotive lyrics. Let the yearning and longing in the voice of the narrator resonate with your own experiences of distance and separation. After all, as the crow flies, we are never as far from our loved ones as we may think.

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