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UE Hyperboom Review


Crank The Volume

A party is only as good as the music played allows it to be. And over the last few years, there has been quite the demand for wireless speakers that aren’t just for personal use, but speakers that are able to blow the roof right off!

If you’ve ever been to a party that was occupied by a single Bluetooth speaker that sounded like absolute garbage and killed the whole mood, you’ll understand the problem. Terrible sound system equals a terrible party; it’s that simple.

However, UE has created a speaker for this exact niche. The UE Hyperboom delivers massive sound in a somewhat portable package. Ultimate Ears are pushing the limits of what a portable speaker this size is capable of.

But, do they succeed in their endeavor?

UE Hyperboom
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


The Hyperboom is a big speaker. It won’t be fitting in your backpack anytime soon. It’s also not made to be carried on a hike or camping trips, since it weighs almost 6kg.

This speaker is designed for house parties where you can blast the speaker outside in your yard, or any occasion where you won’t be carrying the speaker for more than a minute.

ue hyperboom

The speaker is square shaped for extra stability and has touch capacitive controls on top. The capacitive touch is great since it won’t register any objects like a phone that might be placed on top of it.

Come rain, come shine…

The plastic is durable and IPX4 water-resistant. This doesn’t mean you can go swimming with it though, but rain or a splash of pool water won’t do any damage.

There is a rubber strap attached to the speaker to make carrying it easier. We found carrying it around to be relatively simple and makes it easy when the party moves from outside to inside.


The sound of a speaker can make or break a party. Hollow, thin-sounding speakers are common, especially with some of the more budget-friendly options. The UE Hyperboom is by no means budget-friendly and really sounds the part.

The speaker comes equipped with dual 114 mm woofers tuned with an emphasis on the low end. The low-end isn’t overbearing though, it’s just enough of a boost to provide some extra punch in the lower frequencies.

Nicely balanced…

The rest of the frequencies are balanced nicely and sound rich and clear. The two 25 mm tweeters perform well against the loud and punchy woofers. Vocals stand out nicely from the instrumentation, and the hi-hats and cymbals sound crisp.

This makes the speaker perfect for any occasion or genre of music you prefer. Whether it be indie rock at a hipster get-together or raging EDM at a techno party, the Hyperboom has got you covered.

Adaptive EQ…

It’s also packing a new feature UE is calling adaptive EQ. The speaker uses a built-in microphone to adapt the EQ settings to fit the room the speaker is playing in.

However, the one thing we wish the Hyperboom would have included is some form of hi-res audio support like aptX. Putting that aside, the Hyperboom checks most of the boxes when it comes to sound quality and sheer loudness.


UE knows what’s up and included the option to connect two Bluetooth devices at once. This means handing DJ duties over to the next random dude who’s been nagging to play that “one song,” all night is painless and goes over without a lull. It even fades in-between the two sources, instead of just abruptly cutting off the one song to play the next.

ue hyperboom review

The device uses Bluetooth version 5 with a range of 45-meters. More than enough for any busy-body that forgot they’ve been on DJ duty for the last half an hour.

So many uses…

The speaker also comes with an optical input for use with devices that support it. Certain TVs and consoles have optical ports and are great for people who are tired of using the TV’s built-in speakers. It won’t replace a proper sound system, but if you don’t have one, this will be much better than TV speakers.

There is also a 3.5 mm audio jack for devices that still have them. There is a USB-A port for charging external devices as well.

All of these ports are protected with a waterproof rubber flap that seals tight.

Battery Life

The Hyperboom can survive an all-night dance fest with 24 hours of playback time at 50% volume. Don’t expect a full day of use at full volume. UE claims at 100% volume that you can expect only three hours of use.

 Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM, Portable Wireless and Party Bluetooth Speaker, Loud Speaker

It takes about two hours and a half to fully charge the speaker. And checking the battery levels is both easy and very cool, simply tap both volumes buttons, and the speaker will tell you the battery levels.

Who Is The UE Hyperboom For?

The UE Hyperboom solves some common portable Bluetooth speaker problems whilst offering good quality and loud speakers, all wrapped up in IPX4 water-resistant plastic and rubber.

It’s perfect for someone who is looking to buy a single portable speaker and can afford the premium price. And it won’t disappoint anyone once it’s blasting music at their party.

It is expensive, and there are cheaper options that might come close to the sound, but won’t provide some of the extra features like multiple device connections.

UE Hyperboom Pros & Cons


  • Loud and clear sounding speakers.
  • IPX 4 water-resistant.
  • Adaptive EQ.


  • Expensive.
  • Big and heavy.
  • No hi-res audio support.
  • Your neighbors won’t like it, unless you invite them to the party, of course?

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The UE Hyperboom is a quality wireless, portable speaker with a price that matches. It does all it promises and does it well. It’s perfect for any party, inside or outside, and will have everybody dancing till morning comes.

Happy listening.

4.5/5 - (86 votes)

2 thoughts on “UE Hyperboom Review”

  1. This is the best portable audio speaker on the planet- I sold audio equipment for many years mid-fi & hi-fi Mac Nak B&O ect. This value + its versatility makes me want to Rep. this brand- it’s a high end unit at a mid fi cost, absolutely incredible

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2 thoughts on “UE Hyperboom Review”

  1. This is the best portable audio speaker on the planet- I sold audio equipment for many years mid-fi & hi-fi Mac Nak B&O ect. This value + its versatility makes me want to Rep. this brand- it’s a high end unit at a mid fi cost, absolutely incredible

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