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Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Review

Turtle Beach is one of the best-known brands among gaming peripherals. If you ever walked around a gaming shop or browsed online at gaming peripherals, chances are you considered buying some Turtle Beach equipment at some point.

Praised among the E-sports community, Turtle Beach products can be pricey. However, the Elite Atlas offers a lot of what makes Turtle Beach products great, at a reduced cost.

With a lower price point, you might expect some shortcomings. So, we spent some time gaming, streaming shows, and listening to music with the Elite Atlas to see if these are a bang for your buck, or if you’re out of luck.

So, let’s find out all about them in our in-depth Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Review…

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


The name might have you expecting some big things and fancy extras. ‘Elite’ is in the name, right? Think again.

The Elite Atlas strips back a lot of extras to reduce the price, keeping things as basic as it can get. In the box, you will find the headset, a 3.5 mm cable, a 3.5 mm splitter, and a detachable microphone. No case, no extras.

Tried and true design…

The headset is made of plastic and metal. There’s not a lot to look at. The design is simple and stays true to gaming aesthetics without going overboard.

Adjusting the headset is easy with the steel headband. Likewise, the rotating plastic hinges make storing the headphones easy too.

Replaceable ear pads…

The earpads are leatherette, with an added soft fabric on the front. They are soft and well-cushioned. The great part about the earpads is that they are attached using magnets. As a result, they are easy to replace. Considering the ear pads are usually one of the first parts of your headset to get old, this is a big plus.

The headset is really comfy. We played Rocket League for hours on end without any fatigue. Unfortunately, the soft fabric on the front of the pads doesn’t seal your ears off very well. Therefore, a lot of external noise crept in, as well as left the headset.

Detachable mic…

The in-line remote is easy to use, and the microphone attaches and detaches easily. Design-wise, Turtle Beach kept things simple, but effective.


The Elite Atlas is a wired headset, meaning there are no Bluetooth or WiFi options. On the other hand, it means that gaming on them is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Plug them in and game away…

Plug the 3.5mm cable into your Xbox One or PS4 controller, and you are good to go. The same goes for the Nintendo Switch or a PC. Using the splitter doubles the length of the cord. So, you won’t ever have any trouble reaching your PC.

Unfortunately, there is no surround sound. So, for the FPS gamers who want the full experience, you will have to look elsewhere.

Gaming audio was great in general, whether we were racing away in Rocket League, or tending our gardens in Animal Crossing. We never had any hiccups.


Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

Now for the part that really matters, how do they sound?

First off, as already mentioned, they sound great whilst gaming, which is great if that’s the only thing you will be using them for.

But for some people, including us, spending money on multiple headphones isn’t a feasible option. Meaning we will most likely buy one pair and use it for a multitude of applications.

No sound alterations…

Turtle Beach is well known for offering superb, untouched sound profiles. This means most of the audio frequencies are true to mix and sound the way they were intended to.

There is some slight de-emphasis in the low and high frequencies. But those are mainly adjustments to keep your ears comfortable and reduce possible distortion at high volumes.

Not just for gamers…

Listening to music, we found no problems whatsoever. With a mostly neutral frequency range, music sounded the way it should. The bass is audible, but not overbearing, whilst the mid-range is punchy and urgent.

Highs soar when they should and add color where intended. Without a doubt, this headset is well suited for gamers who love listening to music equally as much as they love gaming.

The same can be said for streaming or watching movies. Although there is no surround sound, the sound staging on the headset is decent enough that there is a clear separation between left and right. Conversations are clear, and action sounds lively without a dull moment.

Lacks sound isolation…

The biggest problem with the sound we had is the lack of a proper seal. This leads to a lot of sound leaking, which could lead to your co-workers being forced to listen to whatever you’re listening to.

It also leads to hearing complications. This is because people tend to raise the volume of the headset when in noisier environments to block out the noise.

Decent microphone…

The microphone is much better than most microphones at this price range. There is still some de-emphasis in the low-range frequencies, but a lot less than most other microphones.

Audio from the microphone is quiet and clean but can be a little soft, which can be fixed by raising your microphone volume.

Who is the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Headset for?

If you do a lot of online conferencing, we can highly recommend this headset. Its microphone sounds great and is detachable, making it easy to replace. The headset doesn’t come off tacky or flashy, which makes it look professional enough for any sort of online business.

It’s also great for gamers who want something cheaper and basic. The fact that the headset can easily be used with any gaming system, and sound great at the same time, makes it a steal at its price.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Review Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable.
  • Great audio.
  • Most parts are replaceable.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • The microphone is a little quiet.
  • Earpads don’t seal well.

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Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Review Round-Up

All things considered, with a price of under $100, the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is a great headset. Great gaming, music, and movie audio with a long cable and comfortable fit make this headset a great buy that also suits your pocket.

Until next time, it’s game on.


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