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Trapeze Facts

The Art of Flying: Trapeze Facts You Didn’t Know

The Singer’s Bio

One of the most popular and celebrated indie pop duos of the last decade is Trapeze, consisting of James Smith and Ben Thompson. Originally from the UK, the two childhood friends formed Trapeze in 2012, and ever since, they’ve been crafting some of the most melodic and ear-catching songs in modern music. From heartbreaking ballads to infectious hooks, Trapeze has managed to turn their emotional intelligence and musical excellence into worldwide appeal and critical acclaim.

Age, Relationships, and Children

James Smith, who is the lead singer of the band, is currently 33 years old. Apart from his on-stage partnership with Ben Thompson, James prefers to keep his personal life private. There is no publicly available information about his romantic connections or his children.

Height and Career

James Smith stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall, and despite being a relatively new artist in the industry, he has amassed a massive fan base that spans across the globe. Trapeze’s rise to fame can be traced back to their debut single “Another Day,” which was released independently in 2014. The single soon caught the attention of various online blogs and sites, leading to a steady increase in popularity and exposure for the band.

Their debut album, Modern Synthesis, was released in 2016 and received widespread critical acclaim. In 2018, they released their follow-up album, The Third Secret, which showcased their musical aptitude to an even greater degree.

Top Songs

Trapeze’s discography comprises dozens of memorable tracks that have become fan favorites over the years. Some of their most popular songs include:

– “Another Day”
– “Her Ghost”
– “The Coffin”
– “The Road”
– “Rescue Me”

Net Worth and More

As of 2021, James Smith’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, with most of his income coming from Trapeze’s music sales, live shows, and merchandise. In addition to his work in the band, James has also collaborated with other artists and producers, lending his vocal talents to various singles and remixes.

Despite their success and recognition within the music industry, Trapeze has remained humble and grounded. They’ve often spoken out against the pitfalls and pitfalls of fame, and have remained committed to their craft and their fans.

Trapeze Facts You Didn’t Know

1. The name Trapeze was inspired by the idea of floating or flying in the air, which reflects the band’s focus on creating music that feels transcendent and ethereal.

2. James Smith’s musical influences include Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, and Sigur Rós, among others.

3. Trapeze’s music has been described as “dreamy indie pop,” with elements of shoegaze, post-rock, and experimental electronica.

4. In 2019, Trapeze announced that they would be taking a hiatus from live shows and touring, citing the need for emotional and creative renewal.

5. Despite their break from live shows, Trapeze has continued to release new music and collaborate with other artists, indicating that they remain committed to their fans and their craft.


Trapeze has managed to redefine the boundaries of indie pop music, crafting emotional and melodic tracks that draw listeners in and keep them coming back for more. With their unique sound and strong commitment to their craft, James Smith and Ben Thompson have cemented their place in modern music history and continue to inspire and influence aspiring artists around the world.

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