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Top 25 Tori Kelly Songs

Tori Kelly is easily one of the most talented vocalists to come out of the American Idol television series. She appeared on the 2010 series of the show and has gone on to become a famous Pop star in her own right, releasing four studio albums and twenty singles over the years. And she has garnered a fantastic career for herself.

It was quite difficult to compile a top 10 Tori Kelly songs list because there were so many Pop classics to choose from. Her musical style is considered straight-up Pop with some Dance and R&B influences along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the best Tori Kelly songs of all time and what made them and her so popular. 

Top 10 Tori Kelly Songs

Top 25 Tori Kelly Songs

1 Should’ve Been Us

“Should’ve Been Us” was one of Tori Kelly’s biggest commercial songs back in 2015. It was a single from her Unbreakable Smile album. She wrote and composed the track with several other writers and producers, so it was a real collaboration of creativity. It has cool Electronic Pop vibes that are very R&B inspired. You will be head nodding in no time at all.

When it was released, it peaked just outside the Top 50 on the Hot 100 Billboard Chart. It was a massive Top 10 hit on the US Billboard Pop Chart while appearing high up on several other charts. “Should’ve Been Us” might not have been a global hit, but it did very well in American markets because of her exposure on American Idol. 

2 Nobody Love

If you are looking for a catchy Pop track, “Nobody Love” is a solid choice. It was another hit single from her 2015 Unbreakable Smile LP. As the lead single to that album, it got the ball rolling and even earned her Gold and Platinum status in several territories. The vibe of the track is very up-tempo and R&B-sounding Pop that was made to move your feet.

It charted at #60 on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. But, it did much better on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts and the US Billboard Pop Charts. If you’ve never heard her stuff before, this would be a great introduction to her music and style. 

3 Dear No One

This top 10 Tori Kelly songs list would not seem right if this track was not so high. “Dear No One” is a very traditional Pop-sounding song that is quite timeless in its production. It was the first and only single from her 2013 album, Forward, and is considered one of Tori Kelly’s best songs ever. Some fans might have this track in the top spot, but I think #3 is just about right.

It’s quite a sad love song that talks about her looking for a soulmate, and many people can relate to that. The Hip-Hop-style drum patterns and her emotional vocals drive this song along. It wasn’t a massive commercial hit, but the best songs don’t always sell the most units. However, I love the vibe of this track, and her fans do too.

4 Never Alone

“Never Alone” is one of the best-selling songs. It’s also one of the most popular Tori Kelly songs. She won a Grammy Award for this song in 2019 in the Best Gospel Performance/Song category. This track was the second single from the 2018 Hiding Place album, which is one of her most successful to date. 

It peaked at #1 on the US Billboard Hot Gospel Songs Chart and even reached #25 on the US Billboard R&B Chart. “Never Alone” was a success for Tori right across the board. And it is a song she will always be remembered for. It was always a bit too soppy for me, but not in the eyes of modern pop music fans, especially females.

5 Lullaby by Professor Green (feat. Tori Kelly)

“Lullaby” by Professor Green featured Tori Kelly on the chorus and is a very memorable track all around. She didn’t collaborate with many artists, but when she did, it was always very good. It was a single from the British rapper Professor Green’s 2014 Growing Up In Public album. 

The combination of Tori’s vocals and Green’s unique British rap style made it a very different and popular song that did very well. Although the song didn’t really chart in North American markets, it did great across Europe and reached the Top 10 in both Ireland and Scotland. It’s a real hidden gem, and if you’ve never heard I before, it’s about time that you did.

6 Hollow (feat. Big Sean)

When I think about her most successful singles, “Hollow” has to be right up there. It’s her third highest-selling single, and it went Platinum across multiple territories. The track was the third single from her Unbreakable Smile album, which is quite possibly her best LP in terms of how the singles performed in the charts. 

Even though it sold well across the board, it only reached #68 on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. But it reached #22 on the US Billboard Pop Charts. It did quite well in Canada and several other countries. Having rapper Big Sean feature on the track also helped get it more exposure.

7 Take It Back Home by Chris Lane (feat. Tori Kelly)

“Take It Back Home” by Chris Lane features Tori Kelly and is a traditional duet between the Country singer and the Popstar. It was a 2018 single from his Laps Around The Sun album making it one of her best collaboration tracks. And it went on to prove that she’s quite a versatile artist that can adapt to any musical style.

“Take It Back Home” appeared on many chats in the US and sold quite well across the board. It peaked at #12 on the US Billboard Country Airplay Charts and also reached #12 on the US Billboard Hot Country Charts. It might not have charted in the Hot 100, but it still sold massively and was a major hit for the duo at the time.

8 Help Us To Love

When she decided to make Gospel-inspired tracks, they always did very well in the charts and in sales. “Help Us To Love” features The HamilTones on backing vocals and sounds like a Gospel classic. It’s a very positive and inspirational track that will fill your heart full of joy. It was the lead single to her 2018 Hiding Place album and set the tone and mood for that project.

The song charted high in several markets, although it didn’t quite make the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. It did, however, reach #4 on the US Billboard Hot Gospel Charts due to its spiritual vibes and its soulful sound.

9 Confetti

“Confetti” was a single from her 2012 EP, Handmade Songs. It was one of her earlier tracks, and it enjoyed a very pleasant and easy listening vibe that is soulful and poppy at the same time. It’s songs like this with a happy-go-lucky vibe that made her such an affable artist in America. “Confetti” is beautiful, soft, caressing, and quite simple in its arrangement and production. 

This is one of her coolest songs, with vocals that are not overproduced for mass consumption. It didn’t sell massively, and it wasn’t much of a commercial success. But, in my opinion, it’s one of the best songs by Tori Kelly.

10 Mr. Music

Last but not least, “Mr. Music” makes the final spot on my list. It was the first single she ever released in 2011. What makes it stand out for me is the EDM-inspired instrumental that is very different from the majority of her other releases going forward. This up-tempo Dance-Pop song really gets you moving your booty and was a fan favorite on dance floors across the US at the time.

Her musical direction changed massively after this joint, so it’s nice to go back to where it all started. It didn’t sell massively, but because it was such an important release, I thought it should be included on this list, albeit in the 10th spot. 

11 Change Your Mind

12 Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing (from the movie Sing)

13 Unbreakable Smile

14 Language

15 2 Places

16 Psalm 42

17 All In My Head

18 Rocket

19 Sorry Would Go A Long Way

20 Celestial

21 Coffee

22 Funny (Live)

23 I Was Made For Loving You (feat. Ed Sheeran)

24 Daydream

25 Bottled Up (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & 6LACK)

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Top 10 Tori Kelly Songs – Final Thoughts

This list of Tori Kelly’s Top 10 songs is quite a mixed selection of varying styles and genres. However, most of them have a catchy Pop vibe that is infectious. From American Idol to the top of the music industry is a difficult journey. And, although she might not have sold like some other contestants from that show, she still had a fine career.

She’s released four studio albums over the years, with her last one in 2020. There’s no recent news about whether she will be making more music or not. So, at the moment, her future is unclear. The smart money is on her making another album over the next few years. But let’s not get carried away until that news is confirmed. 

Until next time, happy listening.

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