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Top 9 Music Collaboration Websites and Apps

There are a few eccentric geniuses out there. But, for the rest of us, it holds that you can’t make great art in a bubble. Whether that means collaboration in writing music or lyrics or working with other players and producers, cooperation is key to good music.

The problem is that sometimes it can be incredibly hard to find the right people to work with.

Or at least it was…

As technology improves, so do our options for connecting with others. There are now literally hundreds of websites and apps out there.

You can use them to connect to and work with other musicians, vocalists, lyricists, producers, and engineers to help make your music be as good as it possibly can be and sound its very best. So, decided to take an in-depth look at the top music collaboration websites and apps that you should know about.

Soundtrap – Simplest to Use Top Music Collaboration App


This app is currently only available on Mac and iOS, but an Android version is on the way. It’s a very easy to use music making app that will feel very familiar for people who have worked with Garageband. So, basically all of us.

You can input your tracks by plugging in a mic or an electronic instrument. You can make your own beats using the onboard sequencer. Also, you can lay down tracks by using the controller and hundreds of digital instruments. Or, you can use the loops that the app gives you access to.

Get tracks from others…

A great feature is that you can send other musicians your projects and allow them to add tracks to them or edit them. And there’s a built-in project-based chat so you can communicate while you collaborate.

Soundtrap comes in a limited free version, or you can splurge on monthly or annual subscriptions.

BandLab – Most Comprehensive Top Music Collaboration App


BandLab is another app-based music production, collaboration, and publishing program all-in-one. It shares a lot in common with Soundtrap. But, has the added benefit of being currently available both for Apple and Android devices.

What can it do?

What CAN’T it do? The app has the BandLab production studio on board that allows you to input sounds, record live instruments and vocals, and compose. You can also sequence your beats. And, with Cakewalk by BanbdLab, you can get an even more comprehensive DAW.

In addition, there’s a huge library of sounds and samples that you can use royalty-free. You can also use BandLab to master your projects with some cleverly designed presets. And, of course, you can collaborate.

You can invite up to 50 artists to collaborate on your projects in real-time. And finally, you can release your compositions right there on the BandLab site and even be paid tips for your work. Pretty comprehensive, right?

Splice – Best Music Collaboration Free Sample Library


Splice bills itself as “the industry’s highest-quality, royalty-free sample library,” and that’s definitely where this cloud-based platform positions itself. It lets you use millions of sounds and samples created by loads of producers around the world. You can also make your own beats on the built-in sequencer.

This program is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. So, you can use it anywhere. It also integrates with some of the leading Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) out there like Garageband, FL Studio, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live to help you with your collaborations.

Another super-cool feature…

You’re given the option to rent-to-own VST plugins. This lets you get into production a little at a time, using what you need now and paying for it later.

The Splice community is a place where you can post your projects or collaborate on other producers’ tracks. Projects are categorized by DAW, and you can scroll through to find something cool to work on anytime you’re free.

Kompoz – Top Cloud Based Music Collaboration App


Here’s another cloud-based music making program that allows you to “Collaborate with artists across the world or across the street.” In these strange times, you might find that your collaborators are from the farthest corners of the globe or your neck of the woods.

So, what does this program do?

When you get into it, you start by creating a profile talking about your musical skills, styles, and influences to help you find collaborators who are into some of the same things.

You’re able to post your projects to the cloud and allow others to get involved, either randomly or by invite. Likewise, you can also add your skills to any projects you’re interested in.

Highly compatible…

Kompoz works seamlessly with major DAWs like Garageband, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, StudioOne, REAPER, and more. This lets you work on projects from your preferred DAW rather than being forced to learn a new proprietary program.

While this is still a new and growing site, it has already produced about 100,00 smoothly polished tracks that have been put out into the ether.

SoundBetter – Top Freelance Music Collaboration Website


SoundBetter is more than just another middle-capitalized compound word. It’s a different sort of music collaboration website. This is more like a freelancing website where people go to hire music pros of all stripes.

Think about it…

You may have an awesome song ready, but you need someone to record a great guitar solo to make it perfect. SoundBetter claims to have hundreds of platinum-certified and Grammy award-winning professionals behind their site, ready to bid on your job.

You can post a description of what you need to do and collect bids from songwriters, lyricists, singers, musicians, and producers. If your song is already complete, you can get your tracks professionally mixed and mastered here as well.

All you have to do is choose the bid you like for the job you need to do. You communicate with the pros and pay when the work is done. Simple.

Landr – Best Networking Music Collaboration Website


Landr is a new site created by the makers of Audiu, a now-closed music networking site. Furthermore, Landr is much like SoundBetter and involves the same sort of freelancing design.

Here you can post your jobs and see bids from pros. Or, you can go looking through profiles to find professional musicians, singers, songwriters, and producers. But, you can also hire people to work on album art, professional mixing and mastering, promotion, and even lessons and mentoring.

This is a place for you to meet pros in the music industry to work on your projects. Or, if you have professional skills you can sell, this is a marketplace that might lead you to some interesting jobs.

Vocalizr – Top Vocal Collaboration Website


From the name, it shouldn’t surprise you to find out what this site is all about. If you’re a producer looking for a vocalist to smash your latest track, or a singer or rapper with skills for hire, Vocalizr is the marketplace for you.

This site allows you to post your profile as a professional and link up with the people you need to make your work successful. Interestingly, vocalists are sorted according to “Sounds Like” tags that they can pick up from producers looking for the perfect sound.

Both producers and vocalists can also post work samples to show their stuff and help them connect to the perfect collaborators for their projects.

melboss – Top Educational Music Collaboration Website


Melboss is a site that bills itself as the “private network for music professionals.” Think of it as LinkedIn for the music industry. This is a place where musicians can mix and mingle with producers, engineers, and other industry professionals.

You can find people to connect with and share projects with here. You can also post your samples and get professional reviews of your work.

An interesting feature of this site…

Its mentoring service. You can sign up for mentoring sessions (paid, naturally) from professionals in all parts of the music industry, from musicians to marketing pros and engineers.

You just need to get on and create your profile; then, you can start making connections that can lead to professional collaborations. This is the main reason it is on this list of the top music collaboration websites and apps.

Vampr – Best Networking Music Collaboration App


Vampr bills itself as the “#1 network for musicians”. This networking music production app allows you to create a profile, look through others’ profiles, and connect with people doing the things you like.

You can do more than find musicians to play on your latest track. Industry professionals in sound engineering, mixing, writing, and publishing are also on the network to help you bring your music to the next level.

Get better and get noticed…

The Vampr Academy is another way to improve your music. You can find lessons there on every aspect of music, from writing and performing to recording and production.

Vampr also has a publishing function to help get your music out there. It’s free upfront and then gives you a 65-35 split if your songs are synced.

So, there are a lot of ways to work on your music with Vampr, making it one of the top music collaboration apps out there.

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Top Music Collaboration Websites and Apps – Conclusion

There you have it. Nine great ways to connect with other music industry professionals and up-and-coming artists to make great music. They come in some very different flavors. Some are freelance-based, allowing you to sort-term hire someone to help you out on a track.

Others are for professional networking, which can lead to collaborations in the future. And some are the full package, letting you create music right there in collaboration with others.

Whatever you’re looking for…

If you need a sound engineer to make your track sound perfect, you can find one. If you need a fat bass riff on your latest song, you can hire a bassist to lay it down for you. Or, you can just get together with other like-minded people and have a whole lot of fun.

Until next time, let your music play.

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