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Top 20 Best Triumph Songs of All Time

Triumph is one of the hardest-rocking Prog bands in Canadian music history. The original line-up of Mike Levine on bass, Gil Moore on drums, and Rick Emmett on guitar started rocking in 1975 and continued until 1988. That year, Emmett left the band to go solo and was replaced by Phil Xenedis, who took over guitar duties until the band went on hiatus in 1993.

Over this period, they released ten studio albums, toured extensively, and built a strong following of dedicated fans. Playing a mix of guitar-driven and Progressive Rock, Triumph was never the most successful band in the world, but they had their hits and rocked thousands upon thousands of fans. So, let’s look at the top 10 Triumph songs that rock the hardest and define this band the best.

Top 10 Triumph Songs

Top 20 Best Triumph Songs of All Time

[nb]1[/nb]I Live for the Weekend (1980)


The first song in Triumph’s top ten is “I Live for the Weekend.” This high-energy, swinging rocker comes from the band’s fifth album, Progressions of Power, which they dropped in March 1980.

There’s a lot of power and fun in this song, and if you hear elements of Kiss here, you’re not the only one. And there’s a tiny little King Crimson tribute toward the end if you listen carefully. However, Triumph has put their own spin on the rock anthem with this track.

The guitar riffs are awesome in this song…

Rick Emmett plays fills at the end of almost every second bar. He also shreds through too many solos to count and chugs through the chorus like a pro. This is a song about partying, living it up, and enjoying life, with some sexual overtones as well.

Lyrics like, “I know, babe, you don’t think I’m good – But, you got me badly understood – And I know what I like I live, I live, I live for the weekend” are fun and light, making this a great song to play at the end of your Friday workday.

[nb]2[/nb]A World of Fantasy (1982)


Triumph’s sixth album, Never Surrender, came out in 1982 in Canada and in 1983 around the world. It included three songs that made it onto the Billboard Top Rock Tracks lists. “A World of Fantasy” claimed the #3 place, which makes it one of the most popular Triumph songs.

This song features Rick Emmett singing lead, with Moore and Levine adding backing vocals. Emmett’s voice hits those high notes brilliantly, and as usual, he shreds right along on the guitar to produce his distinctive sound.

This song is a mid-tempo rocker with a whole lot of energy…

…especially for just a 3-piece band. It’s about a failed relationship or even unrequited love. The lyrics are about being lost in a world of fantasy and then taking a big hit for it. Emmett sings, “And oh sweet love, you wore such a strange disguise – So neat love, the way I fell for your lies,” and you can feel the hurt. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

[nb]3[/nb]Rocky Mountain Way (1977)


The only song on this list that’s not an original Triumph song is “Rocky Mountain Way.” This cover was one of the band’s earlier hits and was recorded for their second album, Rock & Roll Machine, in 1977.

The song was originally written by Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh back in 1973. And, while Triumph plays the song at about the same tempo and in the same swinging Blues-Rock style as the original, they put their own stamp on it. The result is pure Rock bliss.

This song is sung by drummer Gil Moore, which is already a feat. He puts a lot more energy into the vocals than Joe Walsh did, while still maintaining a driving beat. This frees up Mike Levine to play delicious walking basslines and Rick Emmett to shred on the guitar without having to do vocal duties. His solo here is a Blues-Rock masterpiece with a screaming sound that reminds you of Eddie Van Halen.

[nb]4[/nb]Never Surrender (1982)


The song “Never Surrender,” of course, comes from the 1982/83 album of the same name. And, while it was the title track, this song only made it to #23 in the charts. This is probably because of the weird time signature the band plays during the verses, which can be a little jarring (3 bars of 4/4 and one of 3/4, if you wanted to know!).

However, it’s still a fan favorite and one of Triumph’s best-loved songs. Lyrically, this song is quite moralistic but also inspiring. It speaks to being honest and true, and, of course, never giving up.

If you’re thinking of Corey Heart’s 1985 ballad “Never Surrender,” this is far from it. Triumph’s song is strong and full of rocking power. The beginning starts mid-tempo, but halfway through, things build up and double in speed. Emmett starts shredding, and Moore’s drumming builds to a frenzy. They sound a bit like Rush here, if you don’t mind me saying.

[nb]5[/nb]Rock & Roll Machine (1977)


Another great track from Triumph’s second album was 1977’s Rock & Roll Machine, this time the title track. The lyrics include the lines, “Rock and roll machine – Faster than you’ve ever seen,” and they’re not kidding! This song is probably Triumph’s fastest. The bass slams, the guitar chugs, and the beat is straight-ahead pounding power.

The band moves through the different chapters of this 7-minute song like a well-oiled machine. The real star here, though, is Emmett on the guitar. He combines palm muting, tapping, pick slides, whammy bar bends, and other techniques to show off his guitar mastery. They sing, “If you try to steal the show – Get set, get ready time to watch the rocket go”… and then he goes!

[nb]6[/nb]Follow Your Heart (1984)


“Follow Your Heart” came out on the band’s seventh studio album, Thunder Seven. If you can’t remember, that’s the one with the Iron Maiden-inspired cover. The song was relatively radio-friendly and was released as a single in the US, the UK, and Canada. It made the charts but was more of a hit in the hearts of true Triumph fans.

Like so many of the band’s songs, this one is uplifting and inspiring. The lead vocals are performed by Gil Moore on drums, with Emmett and Levine adding soaring backing vocals in the sing-along chorus. The meaning of this song is simple. “Follow your heart – Living for today, forget about tomorrow – Follow your heart – Any other way will only lead to sorrow.” Can’t argue with that!

[nb]7[/nb]Somebody’s Out There (1986)


Our next song is one more uplifting, positive song from Triumph. And why not? These guys got to live their dream, touring the world and rocking hard in front of countless admiring fans!

“Somebody’s Out There” is also a romantic rock song. It hits hard, despite being only mid-tempo. Moore plays hard, and Emmett sings powerfully on this much-loved track. Moore and Levine join in on the chorus, making it another great sing-along tune.

The lyrics are inspiring, especially for people who feel unlucky in love. “Somebody’s out there somewhere – Waiting for someone to come their way – Somebody’s out there somewhere – I will somehow be somebody’s someone.”

[nb]8[/nb]Fight the Good Fight (1981)


One of the top 10 Triumph songs ever brings us back to their 1981 album Allied Forces. “Fight the Good Fight” is another powerful, moralistic track from this band that sort of inspires and preaches at the same time.

It starts with a great drum intro, then becomes a mid-tempo rocker. In the middle, things get intense, with Moore and Levine providing a huge backing sound while Emmett absolutely kills it on the guitar. The playout at the end is about as fast and furious as it gets.

He also sings like a man possessed, hitting high notes that shouldn’t be humanly possible. If you can sing along to the chorus, “Every moment of your lifetime – Every minute every day – Fight the good fight every moment – Make it worth the price we pay,” then you’re a beast! This song is positive and inspires you to do your best and keep on the right track.

[nb]9[/nb]Lay It On the Line (1979)


“Lay It On the Line” is one of Triumph’s biggest hit songs and one that many fans and non-fans alike will remember from extensive radio play.

It’s a bit of an epic, starting with a slow, drawn-out intro before moving into a mid-tempo and rocking hard. Moore lays down some of his most impressive beats ever here, and Levine holds things down with thudding bass. That leaves Emmett to do what he does best – swoop and soar through his incredible guitar solos.

Emmett also sings like a banshee here. The song is about asking for truth and honesty in a relationship, something we all know is crucial. Lines like, “I’m tired of playin’ your foolish games – I’m tired of all your lies makin’ me insane – I don’t ask for much, truth will do just fine – Won’t you lay it on the line?” tell it like it is. This song is strong, refreshingly honest, and rocks pretty darned hard.

[nb]10[/nb]Magic Power (1981)


The last and arguably the best song by Triumph, “Magic Power,” is another track that hails from 1981’s Allied Forces album. This time, the track hit #8 in the charts, thanks to a more radio-friendly sound.

The song starts slow and airy, with a really positive vibe. Things build up in the second verse, and then they get into all-out rocking. The pulse quickens, and the Pop-laced melody makes this song a real winner.

Rick Emmett sings the lead here, hitting those high notes as well as he ever did. The chorus is super-memorable and great to sing along to. “I’m young, I’m wild and I’m free – Got the magic power of the music in me.” It’s a simple Rock and Roll sentiment, maybe, but combined with the positive music and flaming guitar solos, it’s spine-tingling!

[nb]11[/nb]Tears in the Rain (1986)


[nb]12[/nb]Just One Night (1981)


[nb]13[/nb]Let Me Get Next to You (1978)


[nb]14[/nb]Hold On (1979)


[nb]15[/nb]Suitcase Blues (1976)


[nb]16[/nb]Midsummer’s Daydream (1984)


[nb]17[/nb]Say Goodbye (1986)


[nb]18[/nb]Writing on the Wall (1984)


[nb]19[/nb]Street Fighter (1986)


[nb]20[/nb]All the Way (1981)


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Top 20 Triumph Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

So, that’s my list of the best Triumph songs ever. You might not agree with all of them – people have their favorites. But you can’t argue that all of these songs are excellent examples of what Triumph is all about.

Look at the name – this is a band that’s positive and uplifting, pushing fans to do their best in life and love. At the same time, they rock about as hard as any 3-piece band ever did. What absolute legends.

Until next time, happy listening.

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