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19 Best Third Eye Blind Songs of All Time

Third Eye Blind is a San Francisco Rock band that signed one of the biggest record deals in history with Elektra Records in 1996. Throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s, they were one of the most successful Rock bands in America. They still make music today and are known for being very consistent with their output and quality control.

The Top 10 Third Eye Blind songs are a cool mix of Rock, Alternative Rock, post-Grunge, and Power Pop styles. So far, they’ve made six studio albums and have sold around 12 million records across the world. Let’s take a look at some of Third Eye Blind’s best songs that helped them become the band they are today.

Top 10 Third Eye Blind Songs

Top 19 Best Third Eye Blind Songs of All Time

1 Semi Charmed Life

“Semi Charmed Life” had to be at the top of this list for me. It’s one of the catchiest Rock-Pop songs of the 1990s and is a track that most people know them for. If you can listen to this without humming the chorus hook, you’re a better man than me. It was the first single from their self-entitled debut album in 1997 and catapulted them to mainstream prominence.

It charted amazingly high, reaching #4 on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. No mean feat for a debut single. Although it might not have been a massive commercial success across Europe, it did great in North America. At the time of writing, the song is certified Gold in the US. I love this track and had to put it in the top spot on this Top 10 Third Eye Blind songs list.

2 Never Let You Go

The band’s Pop-Rock sound has always been infectious. As well as the cornerstone of their success over the years. Coming out of the Grunge era, everything on the US Rock scene had become too negative. That’s why Third Eye Blind was such a welcome relief.

“Never Let You Go” is easily one of the most popular Third Eye Blind songs. The track was released in January 1999 as a single for their second studio album, Blue.

It merges modern and Classic Rock styles to create something that sounded fresh and new at the time. The song made the Top 20 of the Hot 100 Billboard Charts and was even #1 in Canada. “Never Let You Go” still sounds great today and has lasted the test of time.

3 How’s It Going To Be

“How’s It Going To Be” had a more laid-back ballad vibe when compared to some of their hyper Alternative Rock tracks. It was the third single from their debut album and was released in October 1997. This mid-tempo Rock song gave the band a different feel. In turn, it helped them get more mainstream fans than ever before by showing their softer side.

The lyrics are about the breakup of a relationship and the transition into acceptably becoming friends. It charted well across the US, Canada, and Iceland. And it even made the Top 10 of the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. It’s on this list because it’s one of the best-written songs from their career.

4 Jumper

When the band made catchy and up-tempo Rock-Pop songs, they really were in their element. “Jumper” is the biggest-selling song of the band’s career and one that put them on the music industry map. There were five singles from the debut album in 1997, and this one was the fifth and final. So, it was a massive surprise when it sold so well.

The song made #5 on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts in the US. One of the highest they ever achieved. It spent 20 weeks on the US charts, and although it didn’t get released in Europe, it’s still seen as one of the top Third Eye Blind songs.

5 Blinded (When I See You)

“Blinded (When I See You)” is a super-catchy and up-tempo song that will get your head bobbing into next week. It was a 2003 single from their Out of the Vein album. That album saw the band go back to the Punk-inspired post-Grunge sound that served them so well over the years. 

I was never quite sure what this song was about, but I loved the overall vibe. The song didn’t do as well commercially as their previous outings. But it still made the Top 40 on most US charts at that time, so it was hardly a duffer.

6 Don’t Believe a Word

“Don’t Believe a Word” is a very hard track from the band. If The Who and Green Day had a one-night stand, this would be their lovechild. It’s like a cross between Classic Rock and Grunge-inspired New-Wave Punk with lashings of Pop thrown into the mix. It’s a cacophony of coolness. And it’s one of their newer tracks from their Ursa Major album in 2009.

The intro of the song is abrupt and effective and lets you know what’s about to happen. This didn’t make many waves in the commercial markets. But it’s still widely regarded as one of the greatest Third Eye Blind songs ever. 

7 Screamer (feat. Alexis Krauss)

“Screamer” is a barn burner of a track and something very different for the band. But, to be fair, it was released in 2019 from their album of the same name, and it represented a real evolution of their sound. The band’s frontman, Stephan Jenkins, said that they were not going to make a sixth album. So, at the time, this could’ve been their last project, but fortunately, it wasn’t.

The track featured Rock vocalist Alexis Krauss from the band Sleigh Bells, which did give the song a different angle. By this time, the band didn’t appear much on the pop charts. But that has no bearing on the quality of this song.

8 Losing a Whole Year

I once went on a whisky diet, and I lost a whole year. Hilarity aside, “Losing a Whole Year” was and is one of their best songs. This rip-roaring track is ballsy, loud, and aggressive in the best possible way. It was the fourth single from their self-entitled debut album and came out in February 1998. 

When you compare them to their contemporaries at the time, like Sum 41 and Blink 182, they were more groovy than punky. And a track like this reflects that.

The track didn’t take the Pop charts by storm. However, it did solidify their earlier singles and cemented them as one of the best Rock bands in the US at that time. It’s a track that I and other fans still go back to when we need a classic Third Eye Blind song

9 Everything is Easy

“Everything is Easy” is more of a mid-tempo and reflective track that is the perfect foil for some of their harder stuff. It was the lead single from their 2015 Dopamine album, and it was received well by their fans and critics alike. The melody is unique and interesting, and the subject matter will get your thinking.

This song’s Alternative Rock sound might not be innovative, but it does pull you in and keep you there. It didn’t sell that great, but by this time, the band was in the twilight of their career in a mainstream sense. So, that wasn’t such a big deal. 

10 10 Days Late

Last but not least, “10 Days Late” deserved to be on this list. It’s a very nostalgic track for me and fans of the band. When it was released as a single in April 2000 from their Blue album, the band was probably at its peak of musical output, chart success, and popularity. It was the third single from that album. As a result, it didn’t get the same commercial push as the other singles, but it’s a great song.

If you have listened to this song before and don’t know what the lyrics are about, I urge you to listen again more carefully. This might not have been a catchy Pop-Rock song, but I loved it just the same.

11 Crystal Baller

12 Wounded

13 Deep Inside of You

14 Motorcycle Drive By

15 Company of Strangers

16 An Ode to Maybe

17 Anon

18 Bonfire

19 Can You Take Me

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Top 10 Popular Third Eye Blind Songs – Final Thoughts

If Third Eye Blind added their relationship status to their Facebook page, it would say, “It’s Complicated.” Over the years, band members have changed, but they are still going strong. They released their sixth studio album, Our Bande Apart, in 2021 and show no signs of slowing down. It’s expected that they will continue to make music and tour, so no need to worry just yet.

The best Third Eye Blind songs are an interesting mix of Alternative Rock and post-Grunge/Pop-Rock vibes. They knew how to blast out a song but also understood about making it catchy and infectious. You don’t last as long as them or have this type of success if you are a flash in the pan. And that’s the complete opposite of Third Eye Blind. 

Until next time, happy listening.

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