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Top 25 KC And The Sunshine Band Songs

In the mid to late 70s, KC and the Sunshine Band was one of the biggest Disco-Funk music makers out there. Even if you don’t know the name, you’ve almost certainly danced to their music. This band was formed in Florida in the early 70s and is named after the lead singer (Harry Wayne Casey) and Florida’s nickname (the Sunshine State).

This band is fun, funky, and fantastic. They combined Funk music with Rock and Pop, focusing on groove and creating danceable party music. And, boy, did they succeed! They sent five songs to #1 in the charts and have been a dance floor staple ever since the 70s. 

So, get ready to shake it as we look at the top 10 KC and the Sunshine Band songs of all time!

Top 10 KC And The Sunshine Band Songs


Top 25 KC And The Sunshine Band Songs

1 Sound Your Funky Horn (1974)

KC and the Sunshine band got started back in 1973. By 1974, they had already put out a couple of singles and were ready to release their first album, Do It Good. One of the singles included in this album was one of the KC and the Sunshine Band’s best songs ever – “Sound Your Funky Horn.”

This track starts with the sounds of a party, then breaks into a heavy Funk beat. The guitars and horns come in and add a funky brightness that is the first indication of this band’s later successes. This song is just so fun and upbeat. It has a bunch of singers on the chorus and, of course, some really great horn section breakdowns that make it super fun.

The words just encourage everyone in the band to get down and enjoy themselves. Such as the lines, “Bass man, Mr. Drummer – Keep a smile on your face – And get down Mr. Conga – Keep on keepin’ a steady pace.”

2 Get Down Tonight (1975)

In 1975, the band was ready to put out their new material. They released their self-titled sophomore album in July 1975, and “Get Down Tonight” was one of the tracks from that record. But this little song was something special. It soared up to #1 in the charts and became one of the best-loved songs in music history. And one of the most successful KC and the Sunshine Band songs.

This song is so infectiously fun and positive, it’s impossible to ignore. It starts with a blazing guitar solo before a fast Disco-Funk beat drops. The band comes in with guitars, keys, and horns, making a very funky mix.

KC sings one of his most exuberant performances, and the backup vocals add great energy. And, you know the simple but famous lyrics – “Do a little dance – Make a little love – Get down tonight!”

3 That’s the Way (I Like It) (1975)

The Sunshine Band and their leader KC were just getting started. The next single from the same 1975 album was another massive success. “That’s the Way (I Like It)” raced up the charts to become the band’s second #1 song in just a few months.

This was another hugely popular KC and the Sunshine Band song within disco culture, which was exploding at the time. With elements of fun, drug use, and free love in disco, the sexual overtones of this song definitely helped its popularity.

“That’s the Way (I Like It)” has a pretty obvious meaning. But, if you think that could mean anything from a haircut to your morning coffee, try out this verse. “When you take me by the hand – Tell me I’m your lovin’ man – When you give me all your love – And do it babe, the very best you can.” 

Despite the Pop-infused sugary sweetness of this song…

It was still controversial. If anything, that helped its popularity. But it’s also a great Funk song. A heavy beat, wah-wah guitar, and punchy brass are perfectly complemented by the backup singers’ “doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-dooooos!”

4 Boogie Shoes (1975)

The self-titled KC and the Sunshine Band album had one more trick up its sleeve. Get it, album sleeve? Anyone old enough to remember those? This was the fun and funky track “Boogie Shoes,” a pretty different song than what we’ve been looking at so far.

This song has a 16-bar Blues pattern and even a slight Country sound infused in it. It’s slower and a bit sparser than their other hits. But this opens up the song and lets you listen to what’s inside. There’s a lovely piano riff here, and the lead guitar is slippery and scrumptious.

As usual, the beat is tight, and the bass pins it down while punchy brass makes the rhythm pop. Best of all is the backed-up chorus that you just can’t help but sing along to. While this song wasn’t a big hit right away, its popularity soared after it was used on the soundtrack of the iconic disco movie Saturday Night Fever in 1977.

5 (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty (1976)

Are you ready for part 3 of the KC and the Sunshine Band story? In 1976, they thought their fans were, and that’s why they called their next album Part 3.

This was actually their fourth album, but their third album, The Sound of Sunshine, was instrumental and wasn’t really representative of the band. With Part 3, they let loose a monster that included two #1 hits. Both are on our list of the top 10 KC and the Sunshine Band songs.

“(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty” hit #1 in 1976 and then made a big splash again on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack in 1977. This is one of KC and the Sunshine Band’s most memorable songs, even if it’s one of their simplest. The fun, peppy music, infectious beat, and sexually suggestive lyrics all combine to make this a hit.

6 I’m Your Boogie Man (1976)

The next track from Part 3, which was also a hugely successful single, was “I’m Your Boogie Man.” This is one of KC and the Sunshine Band’s funkiest songs ever. It has less of a Disco-Pop feel, and hit’s the Funk button pretty hard. You have a swinging beat, solid bass line, light but dexterous guitar work, and some of the punchiest brass blasts this band ever put out.

I’m reminded of a mix between James Brown and Dr. John here! Like the track before it, this song also shot up the charts and took over the #1 spot. The lyrics don’t play up the creepy boogie man character pun. Instead, they’re just about being a fun dance buddy or maybe a lover.

Check it out – “I’m your boogie man, that’s what I am – I’m here to do whatever I can – Be it early morning, late afternoon – Or at midnight, it’s never too soon – I want to be with you.”

7 Keep It Comin’ Love (1976)

On the strength of the previous songs, the Part 3 album was a huge success. This allowed a third track to climb up the charts right behind the two #1 hits. “Keep It Comin’ Love” almost made it to the top as well, peaking at the forever disappointing #2 spot. It was still a great song, though, and one of the best this band ever put out.

This song is all about reaching deep down and pulling out love and positivity, even in the face of adversity. KC sings, “Keep it comin’ love – Don’t stop it now” and with his backup singers, he makes a sugary sweet Pop sentiment. Of course, some suggest that this Disco-Pop track also has a sexual meaning. None of my business.

8 Do You Wanna Go Party (1979)

I don’t know when Disco died, and some will say it still lives on in our hearts and our dancing shoes. But I do know that by the time KC and the Sunshine Band put out their sixth studio album, Do You Wanna Go Party, Disco was already in decline.

You had Heavy Metal, Punk, Pop, Rock, and even a new little thing called Hip-Hop, all trying for a piece of the popular music pie. But this band had its style and sound, and they weren’t going out without a fight.

The title track to this album is a long, truly fun, funky phenomenon. It was really too long for radio play and never got the recognition it deserved, but this is a massively fun song. It sounds like you are right in a big, busy party. So, next time you want to build the atmosphere, drop this track, and you won’t be disappointed.

9 Please Don’t Go (1979)

Remember I told you the band managed five #1 songs? If you’ve been counting, you know that there’s one left. And, this is it. “Please Don’t Go” comes from the same 1979 album as the previous song. But it was a lot more popular.

This was the band’s first ballad, a love song that was out of the ordinary for them for sure. But, with Disco in decline, this move made sense. This song is slow and soulful, with sweeping strings to carry your heart away. But it still has the great bass and percussion that the band is known for. This song was re-done and sped up in 1992 by Double You and became a Eurodance #1 hit.

10 Give It Up (1982)

By the early 80s, Disco was truly out, and KC and the Sunshine Band’s run had seemingly come to an end. While they never made it back to #1, they still put out four more records. One of them, 1982’s All In A Night’s Work, still managed to produce one of the band’s best-loved tracks.

“Give It Up” is a light and fun dance song that has a sort of synthy 80s Pop feel to it. There’s still a little bit of the Funk we know, but this song is a lot more Pop-oriented. The lyrics are simple, “Give it up – Baby, give it up.” Your love, that is!

11 Keep It Comin’ Love (1977)

12 Please Don’t Go (1979)

13 Boogie Man (1977)

14 It’s the Same Old Song (1985)

15 That’s the Way (I Like It) (1975)

16 Queen of Clubs (1974)

17 Let’s Go Rock and Roll (1976)

18 Shotgun Shuffle (1976)

19 Do You Feel Alright (1979)

20 Blow Your Whistle (1973)

21 Baby I Want Your Loving (1976)

22 I Like to Do It (1975)

23 I Betcha Didn’t Know That (1980)

24 Keep on Rollin’ (1974)

25 Let’s Go Party (1980)

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The Top 25 KC and the Sunshine Band Songs of the 70s and 80s

If you’re like me, you recognize all the songs on this list, even if you didn’t know the names or that they were by this band. But KC and the Sunshine band was a massive phenomenon that took the Disco world by storm. They put out some of the funkiest and happiest tracks of the 70s and 80s and still keep people dancing today.

So, if you have a party you need a soundtrack to, there’s a lot of material right here. Throw in a handful of these great KC & The Sunshine Band songs and watch your guests get down on the dance floor.

Until next time, happy listening.

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