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Top 45 Evanescence Songs

Looking for the Top 45 Evanescence songs is a remarkable situation in itself. In their early days, I doubt they ever considered it would come to that. 

They were formed in 1995 in Little Rock, Arkansas, by singer and piano player Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody. Initially, they weren’t successful in obtaining a record deal and released their own material on a series of Extended Plays as a duo. They had known each other since their early teens and, after rehearsing together, played at local coffee shops around the city. 

Looking To The Future

Even in their early days, they always wanted to be more dramatic in their musical style. They wanted to utilize the effects of strings and other instruments in a harmonious, almost symphonic way. That was all for the future.

Of course, that sound was out of reach when there were only two of them. But, they preferred it that way. Inevitably, they had to form a band to achieve the sound they were looking for. After offers from labels and time spent writing in Los Angeles, the first album, Fallen, was released in 2003.

Initially, it was marketed to a Christian audience…

At least, until Moody made it clear he was not happy with that. The label wrote to the radio stations, at which point, all of their music was pulled from Christian playlists. You could say the toys came out of the pram. However, it hardly mattered. There was a whole army of fans just waiting to be exposed to what was, after all, something different.

Not The First

The idea of Symphonic Rock was already in its infancy in Europe. Bands like Nightwish from Finland and especially Within Temptation from Holland were both formed as Goth bands in 1996.

But, they were already moving into new creative areas. Over the next decade, Within Temptation was to become the “masters” of the Symphonic Bock sound both in the studio and live.

Evanescence never reached those heights because there were too many internal problems, and in the end, they drifted into a new, more Rock style. Nothing wrong with that, and through the 2000s, they produced some great music. I think it is time we took a look at some of the best Evanescence songs.

Top 10 Evanescence Songs

Top 45 Evanescence Songs

[nb]1[/nb] Wasted On You


“Wasted On You” was issued as a digital download from their fifth album, The Bitter Truth, released in 2021. The album did quite well, reaching #4 in the UK and #11 in America. 

Despite it being their first album released in four years, it affirmed that they were still a band people wanted to listen to. The song didn’t make the main American chart but peaked at #26 on the American Digital Sales chart.

Some singers tend to lose their quality as they move through their careers. This can be for many reasons, but it doesn’t seem to apply to Amy Lee. Her vocals on this track are one of the best she has ever released, in my view. The song is powerful and has that guitar sound we associate with the band, even though the subject matter and lyrics are rather poignant.

[nb]2[/nb] What You Want


This is a track taken from their third album, Evanescence, released in 2011. The album reached #1 in America and #4 in the UK. It also made the Top 10 in seven other countries. The single, though, did not fare as well. But, to be fair, they were never really a singles band.

It was written by Amy Lee, Tim McCord, and Terry Balsomo and is a rather different sounding track to what we are used to from them. The drums are what drives this song along with some nice tempo changes and an infectious hook.

The song is telling you not to worry about things over which you have no control. They will always be there, so make the best of it. But there is one thing you can control. And that is how you deal with all the crazy things that can sometimes happen.

[nb]3[/nb] Sweet Sacrifice


“Sweet Sacrifice” is a song from their 2007 album, The Open Door. This is one of those songs that gave many people hope, something that was often found in the lyrics of their songs. Their first album, Fallen, contained a lot of songs about an abusive relationship, and this song is another about the subject.

The song, as I said, offered hope to people suffering from the same situation. Simply put, it is saying that the fear is only in your mind. You don’t need anyone else to save you. You can save yourself.

This song came in a difficult year for the band in many ways. It only made a low entry into the German chart and failed to register anywhere else. There would be one more single this year which also failed before there would be a four-year break.

[nb]4[/nb] Everybody’s Fool


So, having mentioned that first stunning album, Fallen, let’s take a look at one of my favorite Evanescence songs. The album was released in 2004 and was a huge success. It sold over a million copies in the UK and reached #1. Also, it reached the top spot in three other countries and #3 in America. The single reached #24 in the UK but didn’t chart in America.

The song is about the falseness that exists in the “celebrity-mad” world we inhabit. How people are conned into believing this person is talented or that person is wonderful. No, they are not, and never will be, and these people have no problem perpetuating the myth.

To them, how people see them is more important than how they are. And that exists in films and right into the music business. Bands whose members beat their wives and then go to the public and pretend they’re wonderful. They are about as far away from wonderful as you can get. Evanescence made their comments in this song and how right they are, and still are.

[nb]5[/nb] My Heart Is Broken


Back to the Evanescence album again for this track from 2011. Once again, the album sold well, reaching the top spot in America and #4 in the UK. But, again, the single was not so successful, failing to chart in either America or the UK. 

They re-recorded the song in a slightly different style and included it on the 2017 album, Synthesis. With this recurring pattern, it must have been obvious to all that they were an album band.

Another song where the lyrics addressed a sensitive issue. This time it was the dirty business of sex trafficking. The lyrics are quite chilling as Lee puts herself in the same place. She imagines what it must feel like to have no way out and no one to turn to. A difficult subject, but without question, one of the Top 45 Evanescence songs.

[nb]6[/nb] Lithium


Back to their second studio album, The Open Door. The album was released in 2006, but “Lithium” wasn’t released as a single until 2007. The pressure was on the band, especially its principal songwriters, to produce an album as good as Fallen

It took three years, mainly because of the Fallen Tour, and Ben Moody leaving in the middle of the tour to be replaced by Terry Balsamo. There was litigation with a previous recording manager and, finally, Balsamo’s stroke, which paralyzed him on one side for quite a while. But, when it finally came, they didn’t disappoint. 

The Open Door was #1 in America, Switzerland, Germany, and Australia. It also made #2 in six other countries, including the UK. The single made the Top 40 in several countries, with the exception being Italy, where it peaked at #2. It is fair to say that Evanescence had arrived. The song was written by Amy Lee on guitar when she was just 16. But, she later rearranged it with her playing the piano.

The Confirmation

If people were initially unsure about the quality of her voice and performance level, this song was confirmation she was exceptional. Lyrically, the song was quite dark despite being a mid-tempo power ballad. The music video is even darker. The song reflects on the choices we have between following paths of sadness and happiness.

[nb]7[/nb] Call Me When You’re Sober


Another track from The Open Door album, which we have already seen, was another success. The single also did well, reaching #3 in Italy and #4 in the UK. It also made #5 in Australia and Canada and #10 in America. As a result, it’s one of the most successful Evanescence songs.

Another Lifestyle Victim

It was another song from Amy Lee with a big meaning. She didn’t want to discuss the relevance at first but later opened up. It was about the end of her relationship with Seether guitarist and singer Shaun Morgan.

She discussed the meaning very soon after he admitted himself to a rehabilitation unit. She saw him as another victim of a lifestyle and was sick of hiding behind metaphors. This song was her answer. Another what you might call a power ballad. Great vocals and the distinctive drum and guitar sounds we all know.

[nb]8[/nb] Going Under


It is fair to say that a few of these tracks we have heard so far could have been included in the Top 3 of Evanescence’s greatest songs. But the top three all came from one of the great albums of the last 50 years. It isn’t surprising, then, that all three come from Fallen.

This is yet another Evanescence song about the end of a bad relationship. It was written by Amy Lee, Ben Moody, and David Hodges. It reached #8 in the UK and made the Top 20 in eight other countries. Surprisingly, it failed to chart in America.

It is a song that is often described as Nu-Metal… 

Never quite understood what that means. Either a song is Metal, or it isn’t. Progressive Metal, maybe? This has all the attributes of what Metal means to most. But then, we get a very Pop-oriented chorus. Probably get shot for saying that, but a good hook it certainly is, and that is what all good Pop records have. A song that is just what you expect from this album. Powerful vocals, dirty guitars, it is all there.

[nb]9[/nb] My Immortal


This was the third single from Fallen. It hit the top spot in Canada and reached #7 in the UK and America. It was written by Ben Moody, David Hodges, and, of course, Amy Lee. 

The song was written when they were playing and writing as a duo and were just 16 years old. It was recorded several times in different styles. But, the version we are most familiar with is this. It is a mix of Metal and Gothic in its production.

Lyrically, the song is interesting…

That’s because it is an odd subject for 16-year-olds to write about. It talks from the viewpoint of a girl who has had someone close to them die. She is convinced that she can feel their spirit with them, which helps to ease the pain.

Finally, she comes to terms with the fact they aren’t coming back, and she wishes these feelings would go and leave her alone. An excellent song and would have been #1, except for one thing.

[nb]10[/nb] Bring Me To Life


The reason “My Immortal” is on my list of the Top 45 Evanescence songs is because of this track, their first single from Fallen. Poor Amy, she does seem to have more than her share of turmoil in relationships. 

And here is another song about a breakup…

The song is about feeling desensitized and realizing all the things she has been missing. It features a guest appearance by vocalist Paul McCoy and a rap-like feature that Lee did not want to be included. However, the song had such a powerful Goth Metal sound it hardly mattered.

“Bring Me To Life” hit the top spot in the UK, Australia, and Italy. And it made the Top 10 in over a dozen countries, including America and Germany. No doubt, it is one of the most popular Evanescence songs.

Originally, it was played on Christian stations as they thought it was a religious song. As I have mentioned, Ben Moody soon sorted that out. A brilliant track from a brilliant album by an excellent band. No better place to finish this list of Evanescence’s Top 45 songs.



[nb]12[/nb]Weight of the World


[nb]13[/nb]Your Star


[nb]14[/nb]All That I’m Living For




[nb]16[/nb]Secret Door




[nb]18[/nb]Made of Stone


[nb]19[/nb]Even in Death




[nb]21[/nb]Hi-Lo (feat. Lindsey Stirling)


[nb]22[/nb]Farther Away




[nb]24[/nb]Together Again


[nb]25[/nb]Swimming Home




[nb]27[/nb]Far From Heaven


[nb]28[/nb]Say You Will


[nb]29[/nb]Taking Over Me


[nb]30[/nb]Breathe No More


[nb]31[/nb]End of the Dream


[nb]32[/nb]Anything for You


[nb]33[/nb]Give Unto Me


[nb]34[/nb]Field of Innocence


[nb]35[/nb]Sick (Live Acoustic)


[nb]36[/nb]Away From Me


[nb]37[/nb]Before The Dawn


[nb]38[/nb]My Last Breath




[nb]40[/nb]The Only One


[nb]41[/nb]The Last Song I’m Wasting on You


[nb]42[/nb]The Other Side




[nb]44[/nb]So Close


[nb]45[/nb]Farther Away (Live)


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Top 45 Evanescence Songs – Final Thoughts

In some ways, Evanescence was a little difficult to place in a category. They used elements of Symphonic Rock but weren’t Within Temptation. They had plenty of Goth and Metal power. And, were possibly closer to Nightwish, but with a bit more subtlety. Let’s just leave it that they were good, very good. Especially their live performances. Perhaps that is the best way to appreciate them.

Until next time, happy listening.

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