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Tina Charles Facts

Tina Charles Facts: Everything You Need to Know about the Singer, Her Career, and Personal Life

Singer’s Bio

Tina Charles is an English pop singer born on March 10, 1954, in Whitechapel, London. She started singing at the age of six and attended the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, where she honed her skills as a singer and performer. Charles began her career as a session singer, providing backing vocals for artists like Barry White, Joe Cocker, and Elton John, before landing a recording contract of her own.


Tina Charles is currently 67 years old.


There is no information available regarding the singer’s current relationship status.


Charles has two children, Anthony and Samantha.


The singer’s height is 5ft 9in (175cm).


Charles’s breakthrough hit came in 1975 with the release of “I Love to Love (But My Baby Loves to Dance),” which reached number one on the UK charts and became a disco classic. She followed up with several more hits, including “Dance Little Lady Dance,” “Dr. Love,” and “Love Me Like a Lover.”

In addition to her success in the UK, Charles has also had success internationally, particularly in continental Europe and Australia. She has sold over 10 million records in her career and has been recognized with numerous awards.

Top Songs

Some of Tina Charles’s top songs include:

– “I Love to Love (But My Baby Loves to Dance)”
– “Dance Little Lady Dance”
– “Dr. Love”
– “Love Me Like a Lover”
– “You Set My Heart On Fire”
– “Rendezvous”
– “It’s Time for a Change of Heart”
– “Amazing Grace”

Net Worth

Tina Charles’s net worth is estimated to be around $17 million.


1. What was Tina Charles’s biggest hit?

Tina Charles’s biggest hit was “I Love to Love (But My Baby Loves to Dance),” which reached number one on the UK charts in 1976 and became a disco classic.

2. What other hits did Tina Charles have?

In addition to “I Love to Love (But My Baby Loves to Dance),” Tina Charles had several other hits, including “Dance Little Lady Dance,” “Dr. Love,” “Love Me Like a Lover,” “You Set My Heart On Fire,” and “Rendezvous.”

3. How many records has Tina Charles sold?

Tina Charles has sold over 10 million records in her career.

4. Has Tina Charles won any awards?

Yes, Tina Charles has won several awards over the course of her career, including a BRIT Award for Best British Female Solo Artist in 1983.

5. Is Tina Charles still active in the music industry?

While Charles is not currently as active in the music industry as she was earlier in her career, she continues to perform live and release new music.

6. Has Tina Charles done any acting?

Yes, Tina Charles has appeared in several films and television shows throughout her career, including the film “Give us Tomorrow” and the TV series “The Bill.”

7. What is Tina Charles’s signature style?

Tina Charles is best known for her disco and soulful pop sound, which was characteristic of many hit songs from the 1970s.

8. What inspired Tina Charles to become a singer?

Tina Charles’s love of singing began at a young age, and she was inspired by her father, who was also a singer.

9. Who are some of Tina Charles’s musical influences?

Tina Charles has cited Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, and Stevie Wonder as some of her biggest musical influences.

10. What is it like to work with Tina Charles?

According to industry professionals, working with Tina Charles is a joy due to her professionalism, talent, and positive attitude.

11. What are some of Tina Charles’s hobbies outside of music?

While there is little information available about her personal life, Tina Charles has expressed a love of gardening.

12. Has Tina Charles written any of her own songs?

While Charles is primarily known for her performance of pop and disco standards, she has also written and recorded some of her own original music.

13. What is the origin of Tina Charles’s stage name?

Tina Charles’s birth name is Tina Hoskins, but she adopted the surname “Charles” after her father, who was a singer and performer known as Tony Hoskins, suggested it.

14. What is Tina Charles’s vocal range?

Tina Charles’s vocal range is not publicly known, but she is known for her powerful, soulful voice.

15. How has Tina Charles’s music influenced popular culture?

Tina Charles’s music has had a significant impact on popular culture, particularly in the realm of disco music. Her hit songs have been covered and sampled by numerous artists, and her distinctive voice and style continue to inspire musicians today.

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