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Tila Tequila Facts

Tila Tequila: The Story of a Controversial Singer and Reality TV Star

Tila Tequila is a name that has been making waves in the entertainment industry for over a decade now. From her music career to her reality TV stints, this Vietnamese American has managed to become one of the most talked-about personalities in the business. In this article, we’ll go through some of the most interesting Tila Tequila facts, including her bio, age, relationships, children, height, career, top songs, net worth, and more.

Who is Tila Tequila?

Tila Tequila was born Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen in Singapore in 1981. She was raised in Houston, Texas, where she attended Alief Hastings High School. Tila got her start in the entertainment world when she started posting self-produced music and video content on her Myspace page. She then went on to sign a record deal with The Saturday Team, a label owned by Interscope Records.

Age and Relationships

Tila Tequila is currently 40 years old, having been born on October 24th, 1981. Throughout her career, Tila has been linked to several high-profile men, including musician Ray J, NFL player Shawne Merriman, and reality TV star Bobby Banhart. However, she is perhaps best known for her short-lived engagement to heiress Casey Johnson, who sadly passed away in 2010.


Tila Tequila has two children – a daughter named Isabella Monroe Nguyen (born in November 2014) and a son named Preston Bowie (born in August 2018). Despite being a single mother, Tila has said that her children have been a source of immense joy and inspiration in her life.


Tila Tequila stands at a petite 4 feet 11 inches (149 cm) in height. Despite her small stature, she has managed to make a big impact in the entertainment industry.

Career and Top Songs

Tila Tequila’s career has been characterized by controversy and unpredictability. She first gained fame through her Myspace page, where she attracted millions of followers thanks to her risque photos and videos. From there, she signed a record deal and went on to release several singles and two studio albums, “Sex” and “Welcome to the Dark Side.”

Some of Tila’s top songs include “I Love U,” “Paralyze,” and “Stripper Friends.” However, she is perhaps best known for her reality TV appearances. She first starred on the MTV dating show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” in 2007, which became a massive hit and helped cement Tila’s status as a celebrity.


Tila Tequila has been embroiled in multiple controversies over the years, many of which have centered around her social media activity. In 2013, she made headlines for posting a pro-Hitler message on Facebook, which led to her being banned from the platform.

She has also been accused of making anti-Semitic remarks, spreading conspiracy theories, and making false claims regarding her personal life. Despite these controversies, Tila has maintained a strong following and has continued to pursue her music career.

Net Worth

Tila Tequila’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. While this may seem relatively low compared to other celebrities, it’s worth noting that Tila has managed to build a successful career largely through her own efforts, without the backing of a major label or production company.

Final Thoughts

Tila Tequila is a unique personality in the entertainment industry, with a career that has been marked by both triumphs and controversies. While her personal life and social media activity have often made headlines for the wrong reasons, there’s no denying that she has made a significant impact on popular culture. Whether or not we’ll hear more from her in the future remains to be seen, but for now, Tila Tequila remains one of the most fascinating personalities in the business.

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