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12 Things to do While Listening to Music

Do you love listening to music during your free time? One of the great things about music is that it can lift your spirits and make you feel better. Depending on which music you choose, it can either relax you or motivate you to tackle different tasks.

It is possible to accomplish a wide range of things while you are listening to music. This can help to make mundane tasks more fun as your favorite music releases dopamine to make you happy. So, let’s take a look at some of the different things to do while listening to music.



Studying for an important test can be very stressful, and many people find it difficult to concentrate. Fortunately, professional studies have shown that people who listen to music while studying tend to score better on tests. This is because listening to music has positive effects on both your brain and body.

The right and left sides of your brain are activated simultaneously when listening to music. This helps to make sure that you are able to maximize your learning potential. Listening to music also reduces stress and anxiety so that you retain the information you learn more easily.

Cleaning the House

There are sure to be certain household chores like doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom that you dread. Fortunately, listening to upbeat music can make even the most mundane chores more interesting and enjoyable. Instead of focusing on the boring task, you can turn your attention to the music and sing and bop along.

Walking the Dog

Listening to music while you walk the dog can help make this task more enjoyable. If you have music that you have not heard for a while, this is a great time to revisit it. You can create your own walking playlists that make the beat with your pace.

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However, it is important to make sure that you are still able to hear the world around you. So, either keep the music low so that it serves as a background mood lifter or invest in some headphones that allow you to hear your surroundings while still offering the highest quality of noise cancellation, such as these excellent Bose QuietComfort 35 II with their ‘aware’ mode.

Working Out

Working Out

Most gyms play music to motivate clients and help to keep them focused. If you are working out at home, playing music will have the same effect. The music will help to lift your mood and help you to work out harder and for longer.

It is important to take the time to select the genre of music that matches your workout style. Many people like to listen to rap or hip hop while they are lifting weights. However, you may want to choose something with a faster tempo if you are running on the treadmill. Check out some of the Best Running Headphones for my recommendations.


A challenging bicycle ride can be more stimulating and enjoyable when accompanied by your favorite tunes. This is a great way to get fit while having fun and taking in some fresh air. Your favorite tunes can motivate you to tackle tricky terrain and burn calories while also delivering adrenaline.

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While gardening can be hard work, it is also a good way to relax and spend time outdoors. Listening to music while you do the gardening can help to beat stress and lead to enhanced relaxation. Listening to your favorite music while you are gardening can help you to spend more time in the fresh air.


Next on my rundown of Things to do While Listening to Music, listening while you are busy in the kitchen can help the creative juices to flow. Working on a new recipe while your favorite music plays can be a lot of fun. It helps to elevate the atmosphere in the kitchen from the mundane and turns it into a special occasion.



Practicing yoga for a few minutes every day can deliver a wide range of health benefits. Certain yoga poses are very tricky and require a lot of practice and patience. Light background music can help you to achieve the mental state that is needed for practicing yoga.

While many people prefer peace and quiet while they practice yoga, this is not always possible. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, there are likely to be sounds from the street and neighbors competing for your attention. Playing background music can help to mask these sounds and provide the space you need for your yoga practice.

Having a Bath

Having a bath is the perfect way to unwind and the end of a busy day. Playing soothing music can help to take the experience to the next level. Instead of thinking about the stresses of the day, you can focus on the music and emerge from the bathroom completely refreshed.

Creating Artwork

Whether you are making art as a hobby or for work, it can require a lot of patience and focus. Certain types of music are ideal for playing in the background when you need to concentrate. This helps you to spend more time on a particular piece and create great works of art.

Studies have shown that music without lyrics, such as classical music, is ideal for artists when they are busy creating. Music helps to reduce background noise and allows you to focus on a single and rather complicated task. If you are very familiar with the music, your brain can even tune it out so that you are alone with your artwork.

Getting Crafty

Knitting and crocheting is a great way to unwind when you are feeling stressed. Having music playing in the background can make it easier to focus on whatever you are making. This is a hobby that can be very useful, especially if you choose to make garments, blankets, and stylish accessories.

Grocery Shopping

Going to the supermarket can be a boring and frustrating experience. The tinny background music in the supermarket and the noise from other customers can make the experience a real grind. Fortunately, you can solve this by slipping on a pair of the most comfortable earbuds on the market and listening to your favorite tunes while you shop.

Great Products for Music Lovers

Music Lovers

If you have a true love for music, you will want to invest in high-quality speakers and a great sound system. There are also plenty of fun items that can take your music listening experience to the next level. Let’s take a look at some cool products that music lovers are sure to appreciate.

Motast Wireless Earbuds

These wireless earbuds make it easy to exercise while you are working out and fit snugly in your ears. Even if you are jogging or doing yoga, you can be sure that they will remain firmly in place. The earbuds come in a convenient and sturdy carrying case, which also doubles as a charging port.

Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker

This portal speaker system allows you to listen to music while you are on the move. It also makes a great feature for any room and is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is created in the shape of a UFO and boasts LED lights that change color in time with the music.

Ninboca Music Note Neon Sign

This neon sign makes the perfect nightlight or desk lamp and is created in the shape of a music note. It delivers soft and soothing white light and runs on a battery that can be charged via a USB port. The sign is made of flexible silicon LED strips with an acrylic backing and is especially durable.

Pastabilities Music Pasta

This unique pasta is sure to add an extra touch of fun to mealtimes. You are provided with two 14-ounce packs of durum wheat pasta, which is created in the shape of music notes. The pasta comes in three shapes and two colors, and it is both Non-GMO and suitable for vegans.

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Things to do While Listening to Music – Final Thoughts

Not only can listening to music give you pleasure, but it also provides a number of health benefits. If you are feeling stressed or depressed, listening to your favorite music can soothe your soul. Certain tunes can deliver a sense of nostalgia that can transport you back to particular periods in your life.

As you have seen, there are plenty of tasks that become much more fun when listening to music. You are likely to find that some of them are best suited to particular types of music. You can have fun creating playlists that match the music to the task and the mood that you want to create.

Happy listening.

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