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The X-Ecutioners Facts

The Phenomenal Career of The X-Ecutioners: Facts You Need to Know

Singer’s Bio and Career

The X-Ecutioners, originally known as The X-Men, is a well-known American DJ group founded in 1989. The group, composed of four members, has been spinning, scratching, and cutting records for over three decades.

The X-Ecutioners members are Anthony “Roc Raida” Williams, Rob “Riz” Swift, Total Eclipse, and Mista Sinista. As of October 2009, the group went on an indefinite hiatus due to the untimely death of Roc Raida.

They are widely revered for their unique combining of hip-hop, rock, and other genres, resulting in one of the most successful cross-genre collaborations in music history.

Age, Relationships, Children and Height

The members of The X-Ecutioners are all highly experienced and seasoned DJs, with a combined age of over 200 years.

As for relationships and children, the group members have kept their personal lives out of the public eye and have not shared any information.

Regarding their height, the group members are of various heights ranging from 5’4″ to 6’2″, making them an eclectic mix of individuals.

Top Songs and Net Worth

The X-Ecutioners have produced several top-rated songs throughout their career. Below are some of their top-rated songs:

1. “It’s Goin’ Down” ft. Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn
2. “Genius of Love 2002” ft. Tom Tom Club
3. “Word Play”
4. “Hip Hop Awards Scratch Cypher” ft. DJ Premier
5. “3 Boroughs”
6. “X-Ecution Of A Bum Rush”
7. “Like This”
8. “Get Started” ft. Linkin Park

As for net worth, the group’s exact net worth is not known due to their hiatus. However, the members have had successful DJ careers perform DJ-ing in various shows, events, and concerts worldwide.


Who are The X-Ecutioners?

The X-Ecutioners is a legendary American DJ group specializing in Hip-Hop, bringing unique sounds to their music.

Who are the members of The X-Ecutioners?

The members of The X-Ecutioners are Anthony “Roc Raida” Williams, Rob “Riz” Swift, Total Eclipse, and Mista Sinista.

What genre of music does The X-Ecutioners make?

The X-Ecutioners produces multiple genres in their music including Hip-Hop, Electronic, Turntablism, Rock and more.

What are some of the most popular songs by The X-Ecutioners?

The X-Ecutioners have many popular songs such as “It’s Goin’ Down” ft. Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn, “Genius of Love 2002” ft. Tom Tom Club, and “Word Play.”

How did The X-Ecutioners get started?

The X-Ecutioners got started as a group back in 1989 under the name “X-Men.” They started practicing together and eventually got discovered by several record labels.

What style of DJ-ing does The X-Ecutioners specialize in?

The X-Ecutioners specialize in Turntablism, which is the art of manipulating sounds and creating new music using turntables.

Who are some of The X-Ecutioners’ notable musical collaborations?

The group has worked with a variety of artists over the years, including Public Enemy, Linkin Park, and Cypress Hill, among others.

Why did The X-Ecutioners go on hiatus?

The X-Ecutioners went on indefinite hiatus in October 2009 following the sudden death of member Roc Raida.

What was the most significant career milestone for The X-Ecutioners?

The X-Ecutioners’ biggest milestone was arguably their early incorporation of rock music into their sets, which helped pave the way for cross-genre collaborations in music.

What is The X-Ecutioners’ legacy and impact on the music industry?

The X-Ecutioners are widely regarded as some of the most influential DJs in the history of hip hop, thanks to their groundbreaking use of scratching, mixing, and blending various musical sounds.

What is the future of The X-Ecutioners?

The future of The X-Ecutioners is uncertain, with the group having been on hiatus for several years. Still, many fans remain hopeful that they will eventually reunite and continue performing together as they did for so many years before.

What is the significance of The X-Ecutioners’ name?

The group changed their name in the late 90s, rebranding themselves as The X-Ecutioners, to reflect the de-emphasis of emcees in their music and a renewed focus on their unique approach to turntablism.

What is The X-Ecutioners’ most popular album?

The X-Ecutioners released several albums throughout their career, with their most popular being their debut album, “X-Pressions,” released in 1997.

What is The X-Ecutioners’ most memorable performance?

One of The X-Ecutioners’ most memorable performances was their set at the Rock the Bells festival in 2007, where they performed alongside A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, and Public Enemy, among others.

Are any members of The X-Ecutioners still active in the music industry?

Yes, several members of The X-Ecutioners remain active in the music industry, performing DJ sets and collaborating with other artists in various genres.

What is The X-Ecutioners’ stance on copyright infringement?

As DJs, The X-Ecutioners pride themselves on their ability to manipulate and create new music from existing sounds while respecting the copyrights of other artists.

How has The X-Ecutioners’ music evolved over the years?

The X-Ecutioners’ music is constantly evolving, with new elements of rock, electronic, and other genres being incorporated into their sets and tracks.

In conclusion, The X-Ecutioners have made their mark on the music industry with their unique approach to Turntablism, and they continue to be a significant inspiration to the new generation of DJs. Their music remains timeless, and they will always be remembered as one of the most iconic and influential DJ groups in history.

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