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The Waitresses Facts

The Waitresses: A Fresh and Unique Sound in the New Wave Era

The Waitresses were a phenomenal American rock band that emerged in the late 1970s and gained immense popularity in the early 1980s. Their music was a blend of punk, new wave, and pop, and their lyrics were smart, witty, and often humorous. The ensemble originated in Akron, Ohio, and was initially formed as a side project by the guitarist and songwriter Chris Butler. In this article, we will take a closer look at the band’s career, top songs, and notable achievements.

The Lead Singer, Patty Donahue: Biography, Age, Height, and Relationships

Patty Donahue was the main vocalist and frontwoman of The Waitresses. She was born on March 29, 1956, in Cleveland, Ohio, and was raised in a working-class family. Growing up, Donahue loved music and was influenced by artists like Betty Hutton, Patti Page, and Peggy Lee. In the early 1970s, she moved to Akron to attend college and soon became an active member of the local music scene.

Donahue was 25 years old when she joined The Waitresses in 1978. She was known for her distinctive voice, sarcastic lyrics, and quirky fashion sense. She stood at 5ft 11in, making her a towering presence on stage. Her relationships are not well-documented, but she was married to Michael Schmidt, a graphic designer, until her untimely death.

The Career of The Waitresses

The Waitresses began as a sextet, with Chris Butler on guitar, Donahue on vocals, Dan Klayman on keyboards, Dave Hofstra on bass, and Billy Ficca and Anton Fier on drums. They debuted in 1978 with the single “No Guilt” on their own label, “Clone Records.” In 1980, they released their first album, “Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful?,” which included their breakthrough hit “I Know What Boys Like.”

The Waitresses’ music was described as a “fun, funky, and danceable” sound that broke away from the standard rock ‘n roll formula. They were pioneers of the new wave era and were highly regarded for their creativity, energy, and musicianship. Their music was influenced by a variety of genres, such as disco, funk, and jazz, and their lyrics were often satirical and reflective of the social and cultural climate of the time.

Over the course of their career, The Waitresses released four albums, several singles, and earned critical acclaim and a cult following. They disbanded in 1984, and Donahue pursued a solo career until her death in 1996.

The Top Songs of The Waitresses

The Waitresses had several successful songs throughout their career, but “I Know What Boys Like” remains their most recognized and iconic hit. The song peaked at number 62 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982 and captured the attention of audiences with its catchy melody and playful lyrics.

Other notable songs by The Waitresses include “Christmas Wrapping,” a holiday-themed classic that has been covered by numerous artists, “Square Pegs,” the theme song for the short-lived television series of the same name, and “Bruiseology,” a fan favorite that showcases Donahue’s vocal range and clever wordplay.

The Net Worth of The Waitresses

The Waitresses were successful in their own right, but the band members did not accumulate substantial wealth from sales and touring in their time. Once The Waitresses disbanded, members went on individually to continue their music careers as songwriters, session musicians, and performers.

Personal Lives and Legacy

Patty Donahue passed away at the young age of 40 due to lung cancer. After her death in 1996, The Waitresses’ music has continued its legacy through the present day. “I Know What Boys Like” has often been recognized by music and movie critics alike as a feminist anthem, and its cultural significance has been established through its use in various films, TV shows, commercials, and other media.

The Bottom Line

The Waitresses represented a unique and fresh sound in the new wave era of music. Their music blended punk, new wave, and pop, and their lyrics were smart, witty, and often humorous. The band’s frontwoman, Patty Donahue, had a unique voice, distinct style, and towering presence on stage. Although The Waitresses did not accumulate substantial wealth from their music, their legacy has been cemented in pop culture with their hit song, “I Know What Boys Like.”

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