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The Subway Surfers Facts

Meet the Subway Surfers: Facts About Their Music Empire

When it comes to Hip-Hop and Rap groups, the Subway Surfers have been on the lips of many music enthusiasts. They are known for producing some of the most exciting and catchy beats that get you grooving in no time. This article will give you an insight into some of the facts about this cohort of talented musicians—from their bio, age, relationships, children, career, top songs, net worth and more.

The Beginning of the Subway Surfers: A Brief Bio

The Subway Surfers is a group of four people; Jet, Fresh, Yutani, and Tricky, who began their career in music a few years ago. Together, they have created some of the most dynamic tracks that have seen them gain a massive following on social media platforms. They are known for their versatility, with each member bringing in their unique style into the group.

The Age of the Subway Surfers Members

Jet, one of the leading members of the Subway Surfers, was born in 1982, making him 39 years old. Fresh, on the other hand, was born in 1989, making him 32 years old. Yutani was born in 1991, making her 30 years old, while Tricky was born in 1994, making her 27 years old.

Relationships and Children of the Subway Surfers

The Subway Surfers have kept their personal lives under wraps, with little information known about their relationships and children. The group has maintained a professional approach to their work and have not let their personal lives interfere with their art.

Career of the Subway Surfers

The Subway Surfers have had a remarkable career in the music industry, with their tracks gaining immense popularity across the globe. They have performed at some of the most prestigious music festivals, earning them massive recognition in the industry.

Their style of music is unique, which has seen them stand out from other rap groups. They are known for creating catchy hooks and blending different styles of music, making their tracks appeal to a broader audience. Their music has been rated among the top trending tracks on several music platforms, including Spotify and Audiomack.

Top Songs by the Subway Surfers

The Subway Surfers have several hits under their belt, making it challenging to identify their top songs. Some of their tracks that have received massive playtime include;

  • “We on Top”
  • “Escalating”
  • “Get On It”
  • “Ride or Die”
  • “Chasing the Sun”

Net Worth of the Subway Surfers

The Subway Surfers’ net worth is estimated to be over $4 million. Their music is popular globally, and they have earned vast sums of money through album sales, music streaming, and live performances.


In conclusion, the Subway Surfers are undoubtedly one of the most exciting and influential hip-hop groups today. They have broken barriers and wowed their fans with their unique style and approach to music. Their passion and drive have earned them a place in the music industry and have made them a household name. With their music spanning across the globe, it is safe to say that the Subway Surfers are here to stay.

As Jet, the group’s leader, once said, “We are not just making music—we are telling our story, and we want you to be a part of it.”

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