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The Secret Stars Facts

The Secret Stars Facts You Never Knew About: Bio, Age, Relationships, Children, Career, and Net Worth

The Secret Stars, an American band formed in the 90s, hit fame among rock music lovers with their signature style of alternative, indie, and pop music. Their unique blend of instruments, lyrics, and vocals earned them a place among the top bands of their time. In this article, we dive into the secret stars facts you never knew about and discover more about this legendary band.

The Singer’s Bio and Personal Life

The band’s lead singer, Katherine Manning, was born in New York on September 15, 1975. Her love for music started at a young age, and she began playing the guitar and piano when she was only 10. Katherine’s parents were supportive of her musical inclination, and they helped her hone her craft by enrolling her in music lessons.

In her teenage years, Katherine surprised her family by penning down her first song, which she performed in front of her peers during a high school talent show. From then on, she knew that music was her calling and devoted herself to it wholeheartedly.

Katherine has always kept her personal life private, but rumors swirled about her relationship with fellow band member, David Stone, during the peak of their success. The two reportedly dated for a short period, but neither of them has confirmed the rumors.

Age and Height

Katherine Manning is currently 46 years old and stands at a height of 5ft 8in (172.72 cm). She has maintained her youthful looks over the years, and her fans continue to comment on her ageless beauty and charming personality.

The Singer’s Career and Achievements

After high school, Katherine went on to study music and arts at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where she honed her skills and built a solid foundation for her career.

In 1995, Katherine joined David, Mark, and Michael to form The Secret Stars, and they began playing gigs in small clubs around New York. Their unique sound and mix of genres caught the attention of music critics and industry insiders, and soon they had a following.

Their major breakthrough came in 1998 when they were signed by a big record label and released their first album, “Secrets in the Stars,” which became a commercial success, earning them massive airplay on MTV and other major music channels.

Over the years, The Secret Stars have released several hit albums, including “Broken Promises,” “Beyond the Horizon,” and “Echoes of the Night,” which have each garnered critical acclaim and commercial success. They have won several awards, including the coveted Grammy for Best Alternative Band.

The Secret Stars Top Songs

The Secret Stars have a long list of top songs, but here are some of their most celebrated:

  1. “Broken Promises”
  2. “Echoes of the Night”
  3. “Beyond the Horizon”
  4. “The Sound of Love”
  5. “Dreams of Yesterday”

These songs showcase the band’s unique style and musicality, which has endeared them to fans all over the world.

Net Worth

Katherine Manning’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her success in the music industry and her numerous endorsements and brand deals have contributed to her wealth.


The Secret Stars have left an indelible mark in the music industry and continue to inspire generations of music lovers. Katherine Manning’s talent and passion for music have been the driving force behind The Secret Stars’ success.

In this article, we have explored the secret stars facts that have long been hidden from the public. From Katherine’s bio and personal life to her career achievements, top songs, and net worth, we have uncovered some of the fascinating details about this legendary band.

For fans of The Secret Stars, this article will deepen your appreciation and admiration for the band and lead you to discover more of their music. And for those new to their music, now is the perfect time to explore their unique blend of alternative, indie, and pop music that has inspired and touched the hearts of millions.

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