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The Rivieras Facts

The Rivieras: The Stories Behind the Hits

The Rivieras have left an indelible mark on American music history, with hits that continue to be enjoyed by generations. In this article, we cover the details of their success and the life of the band’s lead singer. From the singing career to the personal life of this iconic figure, this article will be a one-stop-shop for everything Rivieras.

The Singer’s Bio

Marty ‘Fingers’ Fortson is the lead singer of the Rivieras. He was born on September 30, 1945, in South Bend, Indiana. As a child, he was interested in music, so his family encouraged him to pursue his passion for singing. He started singing at an early age, with his first performance happening in a school choir. His love for music continued to develop, and it eventually led him to start his band, the Rivieras.

Age and Relationships

Marty Fortson, the lead singer of the Rivieras, is quite young at heart despite being 76 years old. The singer has kept his personal life very private and has not shared any information about his relationships.

Children and Height

Marty Fortson has not disclosed any information about his children. The singer is 5 feet 8 inches tall, and he has a lean and muscular build.


The Rivieras was formed in 1960 in South Bend, Indiana, by Marty Fortson. The band was initially named the Playmates, and the group consisted of Marty Fortson, Doug Gean, Joe Pennell, and Otto Nuss. However, later, the band changed its name to The Rivieras.

The band’s breakthrough came in 1964 when they released their hit single, “California Sun.” The song was an instant hit and reached the top 5 of the Billboard charts. The Rivieras went on to produce several hit songs, including “Rockin’ Robin,” “Let’s Have A Party,” and “Little Donna.”

The Rivieras were famous for their high-energy stage performances and their ability to entertain the crowd. They went on to become one of the most popular bands of the 1960s.

Top Songs

Here are some of the top songs by the Rivieras:

1. “California Sun”
2. “Rockin’ Robin”
3. “Let’s Have A Party”
4. “Little Donna”
5. “Count Every Star”
6. “Stay in My Lonely Arms”
7. “Lakeview Lane”
8. “Since I Made You Cry”
9. “Blessing in Disguise”
10. “Battle Line”

Net Worth

It is not easy to estimate the net worth of Marty Fortson, the lead singer of the Rivieras. However, with a series of hit songs and a successful career spanning over decades, it is safe to say that he is worth millions.

FAQs About The Rivieras

Q1. What was the biggest hit song by The Rivieras?

A1. The biggest hit by the Rivieras was “California Sun.” The song was released in 1964 and reached number five on the Billboard charts.

Q2. Did The Rivieras ever perform at Woodstock?

A2. The Rivieras did not perform at Woodstock, as the event was years after the band’s heyday.

Q3. What is The Rivieras’ style of music?

A3. The Rivieras’ music style is rock and roll. Their music is recognized for its high-energy and upbeat rhythms.

Q4. Did The Rivieras ever receive any awards?

A4. The Rivieras never received any significant awards or nominations.

Q5. What happened to the band members of The Rivieras?

A5. After the band’s initial success, the members went their separate ways. Marty Fortson continued to perform with a different group of musicians and continued music and songwriting.

Q6. When did The Rivieras release their last album?

A6. The Rivieras released their last album titled “The Best of The Rivieras” in 1991.

Q7. Why did The Rivieras disband?

A7. The Rivieras did not disband officially, but they stopped releasing albums in the late 1960s.

Q8. Who were the members of The Rivieras?

A8. The band initially consisted of Marty Fortson, Doug Gean, Joe Pennell, and Otto Nuss.

Q9. Did The Rivieras ever perform outside of the U.S.?

A9. The Rivieras did perform outside of the U.S. They performed in Canada and several European countries during their heyday.

Q10. What inspired The Rivieras to start making music?

A10. Marty Fortson’s love for music and his love for entertaining people was the primary inspiration for starting The Rivieras.

Q11. Did The Rivieras perform live shows often?

A11. The Rivieras were known for their high-energy and entertaining live shows. They performed frequently in various venues across the U.S.

Q12. Did The Rivieras ever collaborate with other artists?

A12. The Rivieras did not collaborate with other artists officially, but their music inspired many artists.

Q13. What was the last song The Rivieras recorded?

A13. The Rivieras’ last recorded song was “Lakeview Lane.” It was released in 1965.

Q14. Did The Rivieras have any other hit songs?

A14. Yes, The Rivieras had several hit songs besides “California Sun,” including “Rockin’ Robin,” “Let’s Have A Party,” and “Little Donna.”

Q15. Did The Rivieras change their band members often?

A15. The Rivieras had a stable band lineup, and the members did not change often. The original lineup of the band remained intact until the late 1960s.

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