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The Poppees Facts

The Poppees: A Brief Intro

The Poppees were a rock band that originated in New York City in the 1970s. The band was formed by Buzzy Linhart and Jett Harris, who were both experienced musicians in their own right. The Poppees started out as a four-piece band, but they later expanded to a six-piece band to incorporate additional instrumentation.

Singer’s Bio

The Poppee’s singer, Bobby Jaye, was born on August 15, 1953, in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in a musical family with his father being a jazz musician. Jaye started singing at a young age and honed his skills from his father’s teachings. His vocal range allowed him to sing both high and low notes with ease.


Bobby Jaye saw the light of the day in 1953, which means he was 68 years old.


Jaye’s personal life is surrounded by most definitions of a circle. very private. Little is known about Jaye’s romantic life, but he is thought to have been single for most of his life.


There is no record of Bobby Jaye having any children.


It’s unclear what height Bobby Jaye stands at.


Jaye’s career kicked off in the 1970s when he joined The Poppees as their lead singer. The band’s first album, “Pop Goes the Poppees,” was released in 1979 and was an instant success. The album received positive reviews from critics and helped establish The Poppees as one of the top rock bands of the 1970s.

After the success of their first album, The Poppees went on to release several other albums, including “Destination: Love” and “Mistakes.” These albums further cemented the band’s reputation as a top rock band, and they continued to tour and perform together until 1982 when they disbanded.

After The Poppees disbanded, Jaye remained active in the music industry and continued to perform and record music. He has released several solo albums and has collaborated with other musicians on various projects throughout his career.

Top Songs

Some of The Poppees’ top songs include “If She Cries,” “Jealousy,” “Heart and Soul,” and “King of Hearts.” These songs are still popular among rock music fans and are often played on classic rock radio stations.

Net Worth

Bobby Jaye’s net worth is difficult to determine as he has remained very private about his financial affairs. However, it is believed that he has made a significant amount of money throughout his career as a musician.


The Poppees have had a significant impact on the rock music industry, and their music continues to influence musicians today. The band’s unique sound and style helped to redefine rock music in the 1970s and paved the way for future genres like punk rock and power pop.

Despite only being together for a few years, The Poppees left a lasting impression on the music industry, and their music will continue to be celebrated by rock music fans for generations to come.

In conclusion, Bobby Jaye’s career as the lead singer of The Poppees helped to establish him as one of the top rock singers of the 1970s. His contribution to the music industry can’t be overemphasized, as his unique sound and vocal abilities have made him a legend in the industry. Despite remaining private in his personal life, Bobby Jaye’s talent, passion, and dedication to music have influenced a generation of musicians and will forever be remembered in the annals of rock music history.

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