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The Monclairs Facts

The Remarkable Career of The Monclairs

A Catchy Intro

Their music is timeless, powerful, and unforgettable. For over four decades, The Monclairs have been at the forefront of soul music, earning a worldwide reputation for their heartfelt melodies and soul-stirring lyrics. With a sound that fused R&B with funk, the group captured the hearts of millions, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. In this article, we take a closer look at the life, career, and legacy of this legendary group.

The Singer’s Bio

The Monclairs was formed in 1970 by Charles “Chuck” Davis and David Lewis. The band’s success was fueled by the incredible voice of lead singer, Frank H. Johnson Jr. Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1955, Frank was raised in the church where he honed his singing skills. His rich baritone voice was influenced by the likes of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, and Otis Redding, and it soon became the centerpiece of the group’s sound.

The Singer’s Age

Frank H. Johnson Jr. was born on May 7th, 1955. He is currently 66 years old.

The Singer’s Relationships

Frank has always been private about his personal life. Little is known about his romantic relationships or marital status.

The Singer’s Children

It is unclear whether Frank has any children.

The Singer’s Height

We were unable to find any reliable sources that provide Frank’s height.

The Career of The Monclairs

The Monclairs released their first album, “Happy Feet,” in 1971. The album was produced by legendary soul musician, Sylvia Robinson, and showcased the group’s unique sound. Tracks like “Baby Love,” “Hey You,” and “Wait for Me” quickly became radio favorites, solidifying The Monclairs’ place in the music industry.

Over the next decade, the group released several albums, including “Moncler’s Boogie,” “Right Here Is Where You Belong,” and “Wait for Me: The Complete Stax & Volt Singles 1971-1975.” Each album was a critical and commercial success, earning The Monclairs a legion of devoted fans.

As the ’70s came to a close, so did The Monclairs’ time in the limelight. The group disbanded in 1980, with its members pursuing other projects.

However, The Monclairs’ music continued to find new audiences over the years. The group’s biggest hit, “Wait for Me,” has been covered by artists ranging from Hall & Oates to Fantasia, while several of their tracks have been sampled by hip-hop artists such as Jay-Z and LL Cool J, cementing their place in popular culture.

In recent years, The Monclairs’ music has seen a resurgence, thanks to reissues of their albums, and renewed interest in classic soul music. Fans of the group can still catch Frank H. Johnson Jr. performing live, showcasing his incredible voice and timeless songs.

The Monclairs’ Top Songs

– “Baby Love”
– “Hey You!”
– “Happy Feet”
– “My Love Is Guaranteed”
– “I Can’t Wait (Until I See My Baby’s Face)”
– “Wait for Me”
– “Are You For Real (ft. The New York Community Choir)”
– “Feelin’ That You’re Feeling”
– “We Need Each Other”
– “Right Here Is Where You Belong”

The Monclairs’ Net Worth

As a group, The Monclairs’ net worth is difficult to ascertain. However, Frank H. Johnson Jr. continues to tour and perform, with an estimated net worth of $2 million.

The Legacy of The Monclairs

The Monclairs were more than just a soul group. They were pioneers, breaking down barriers and inspiring future generations of musicians. Their music remains a testament to their talent, perseverance, and passion, and serves as a reminder that great music transcends time and place.

As Frank H. Johnson Jr. has said about The Monclairs’ music, “It’s powerful, it’s emotional, and it’s something that people can relate to. It’s as relevant today as it was when we first started making music.”


For lovers of soul music, The Monclairs will always hold a special place in their hearts. With their powerful lyrics, soul-stirring melodies, and unforgettable vocals, they remain a beloved part of music history. As long as people continue to appreciate and enjoy great music, The Monclairs will never be forgotten.

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