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The Meaning Behind The Song: Zoned Out by JANI

The Meaning Behind The Song: Zoned Out by JANI


I recently came across a captivating song called “Zoned Out” by JANI, and it instantly resonated with me. As someone who enjoys exploring the deeper layers of music, I couldn’t help but uncover the meaning behind the lyrics. In this article, I will delve into the lyrics of “Zoned Out” and provide my interpretation of the song’s message.

The Lyrics


Bethe mai aur boljani
Sober larka mai sober zada bolta nahi
Dhuye mai sangi saray mere urhay parwaaz ab
Chupay is dhund mai hansi ki aye awaaz bus
Fastlane mai, but taking it slow
Faslay, kese akhir yeh kum tou hou
I dont know, kiya jeene ka maqsad
Blurry vision, mgr aim pr hu focused

Dizzy mai duniya ki hogai hai bus
Im riding slow hu mai ghost jese russ
Vibe game strong
Song’s lifting the curse
Organic as fuck
Inhaling the good, ignoring the dust
Hush little baby
Kush down kre mujhay naa kay lazy
Still Wiz jese got me in the mood
Kings all ready, kiukay ghissa humne daily

Mai pillies pop kru
Mai millie rock kru
Dekhu sitaray par tu waha nahi
I keep a gram jau mai jaha bhi
Driving solo chori koi jaga nahi
Real rakhta mai bars mai
Betha hu mars pay, jani waha nahi mai. Ay

Zoned out
Might take another puff
Zoned out
All day never had enough

Zoned out
Might take another puff
Zoned out
All day never had enough


Weeknd khatam hoa star dumb
Middle class kid face stardom
Sath wale krein backbite
Loyal ones dete lanjo me back tyt
Mjhse arhi pac vibes pehne bandanna
Sb raw smoke krein lerke marijuana
Smoke ander facts phenke bhr phr
Tulley studio me ake krein chaan been

Shuk me hein wo bhi
Likhra me jo bhi
Unhe dikhra me bobby
But they fuck with no proofs
Stoned that time mjhe lgra wo goofs
Money kicks snatch krun teri chain
Shady mere lerke studio se ban
Cut throat chlta me danger he lane
Kyunke bharwatein krke yeh bnte hein fan

Saare homies bethe jot krein sath me
Studio high zone joint sbke hath me
Puff n pass aye liquor mere glass me
Bad trip feel kro khaas me

Zoned out
Might take another puff
Zoned out
All day never had enough

Zoned out
Might take another puff
Zoned out
All day never had enough

Album title: Vible

The Interpretation

“Zoned Out” by JANI depicts the artist’s state of mind and his experience of being lost in his own thoughts, feeling detached from reality. The lyrics convey a sense of introspection and contemplation, revealing a struggle to find purpose and focus in life. The use of metaphoric language and wordplay adds depth to the song.

In the first verse, the artist describes himself as someone who doesn’t speak much when sober but finds solace and freedom in a hazy state of mind. He juxtaposes the fast pace of life with his desire to take things slow. Despite the uncertainties and challenges, he remains focused on his goals, even if they appear blurry at times.

The second verse, delivered by JANI, touches upon themes of fame, loyalty, and self-expression. The artist reflects on the transition from being an ordinary middle-class individual to gaining fame and facing criticism from those around him. He alludes to the usage of marijuana and the creative process in the studio, emphasizing the importance of self-expression and staying true to oneself.

The catchy hook, “Zoned out, Might take another puff,” suggests a coping mechanism, perhaps through the use of substances, to escape the overwhelming pressures of everyday life. The repetition of “Zoned out” in the chorus highlights the artist’s desire for a prolonged state of detachment from reality.

In the bridge, the artist portrays camaraderie and bonding among friends, united by their shared experiences and their consumption of drugs and alcohol. The mention of a “bad trip” adds a hint of caution, suggesting that indulging too much in these activities can have negative consequences.


“Zoned Out” by JANI is a thought-provoking song that explores themes of introspection, detachment, and the search for meaning. The lyrics provide insight into the artist’s state of mind and his coping mechanisms. The use of metaphors and wordplay adds depth to the song, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences and perceptions of reality.


Released on May 25, 2020, “Zoned Out” is a track from JANI’s album titled “Vible.”

As I listened to “Zoned Out,” I couldn’t help but relate to the feelings and emotions expressed by JANI. It reminded me of moments when I found myself lost in my own thoughts or searching for clarity in a chaotic world. Music has a way of connecting people and providing comfort during trying times. “Zoned Out” is definitely a song that has found a special place in my heart.

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