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The Meaning Behind The Song: Your Woman by White Town


“Your Woman” by White Town is a hit song that has stood the test of time. The song was first released in 1997 but it’s still being played on radios and streamed on various music platforms around the world, more than two decades later. It’s a song that has captured the hearts of many people and has been hailed as an anthem for gender politics. This article takes a deep dive into the meaning behind the song and how it has influenced people’s lives.

The Story Behind The Song

White Town is the stage name of Jyoti Prakash Mishra, who is an English musician. Mishra wrote “Your Woman” in the early 1990s, but it was only released in 1997, and it quickly became a sensation. The song used a sample from a 1930s Al Bowlly song, and it captured the attention of record labels. Mishra was offered a record deal with EMI, and he decided to release “Your Woman” as his first single.

The song was written after Mishra went through a painful breakup. It tells the story of a man who is rejected by his lover after confessing that he is not a man but a woman. The lyrics were controversial. For instance, the chorus goes, “I could never be your woman.” The word ‘woman’ was used as a metaphor for strength and power, and it challenged traditional gender roles.

The Meaning Behind The Song

Many people interpret the meaning of “Your Woman” differently. To some, the song is about unrequited love, while to others, it’s about gender bending. The song’s biggest theme, though, is that of gender politics.

The song’s lyrics challenge traditional gender roles. In most societies, men are expected to be strong, assertive, and “the provider.” Women, on the other hand, are supposed to be gentle, nurturing, and submissive. This is what the chorus “I could never be your woman” is alluding to. The protagonist of the song is acknowledging that they don’t fit into the traditional male role of strength and power.

The lyrics of the song also talk about how societal expectations can limit people’s true selves. The song’s protagonist is saying that they are not going to bend themselves to fit into a patriarchal mold just to be loved. This was a radical message in the late 1990s, and it still resonates with many people today.

The Impact of the Song

“Your Woman” was a groundbreaking song that challenged traditional gender roles. It became an anthem for people who identified as gender non-conforming or queer. The song’s message inspired many people to be themselves and reject societal expectations. It was particularly empowering for women, who have historically faced discrimination in almost all aspects of life.

The song also encouraged people to have honest conversations about gender and gender roles. It made people aware that gender is not as black and white as many people had previously thought. It started a conversation about gender identity that is still ongoing today, more than two decades later.

In 2021, “Your Woman” was still making headlines. In January 2021, the British singer-songwriter MNEK performed a cover of the song. He changed the lyrics to “I could never be your man” and recontextualized the song’s message into a queer love song. The performance was praised by many people for its boldness and creativity.


“Your Woman” by White Town is a song that has left an indelible mark on music history. Its message of rejecting traditional gender roles has inspired many people to be themselves, even if it means going against societal expectations. The song’s lyrics have sparked a conversation about gender identity that is still ongoing today. Whether you hear it on the radio or stream it online, “Your Woman” will continue to be a song that transports listeners to a world where gender roles are challenged, and honesty is celebrated.

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