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The Meaning Behind The Song: Yoppie by Valee

The Meaning Behind The Song: Yoppie by Valee

As a Music Technician, I always find joy in exploring the hidden meanings and stories behind songs. Today, I want to delve into the meaning of the song “Yoppie” by Valee.

[Chorus] Ecstasy, yeah, I make you want your rest
Ecstasy, yeah, I’m makin’ hundred real on
Ecstasy, yeah, I put sixes on the coupe
Ecstasy, yeah (I should pop a yoppie)
Ecstasy, I make you want your rest
Ecstasy, I’m makin’ hundred real on
Ecstasy, I put sixes on the coupe
Ecstasy (I should pop a yoppie)

[Verse] I’m not the one flexing
Diamonds look like glass, not plexi’
Huh, huh, and I’m really, really rich, I’m Sheck Wes-ing’
Bitch, I really got the stick, I’m not wrestling
I got bad bitch like a kid with foul language
I got bully finna’ bite and I don’t blame it
I got pistol with the sight, I don’t aim it
I got Backwood with no light
I got early mornin’ flight (Pop a yoppie, man)
My bitch finna ride me, she take early mornin’ hike
I should pop a yoppie (Pop a, I should pop a yoppie)

When I first heard this song, I was captivated by Valee’s unique flow and catchy beat. The lyrics paint a picture of a luxurious and exhilarating lifestyle, with references to drugs, expensive cars, and surrounded by beautiful women. However, diving deeper, there is more to “Yoppie” than meets the eye.

The chorus, with its repeated mention of “ecstasy,” symbolizes the desire for a state of extreme happiness and contentment. Valee expresses how he can provide that feeling for others through his music and lavish lifestyle. It shows a yearning to escape the mundane and find excitement and fulfillment.

In the verse, Valee presents himself as someone who doesn’t need to boast about his wealth and success. He compares his diamonds to glass, emphasizing their transparency and authenticity. This line suggests that he values genuine connections and sincerity over superficial displays of wealth.

The mention of Sheck Wes is interesting, as it references another prominent rapper known for his energetic and intense style. Valee implies that he, too, possesses similar qualities and is not to be underestimated. He asserts his power and confidence, claiming to have control over his surroundings, including his relationships and the direction of his career.

Throughout the song, there is a sense of rebellion and living on the edge. Valee talks about having a pistol with a sight that he doesn’t aim, indicating a willingness to take risks but not necessarily intending harm. The reference to popping a “yoppie” can be interpreted as indulging in recreational drugs, capturing the desire for escapism and living in the moment.

In terms of the production, “Yoppie” has a distinct sound characterized by a heavy bassline and catchy melodies. The production by CHEEZZ, combined with Valee’s unique delivery, creates a captivating and memorable listening experience.

In conclusion, “Yoppie” by Valee offers a glimpse into a lifestyle of extravagance and longing for blissful experiences. Beyond the surface-level references to material possessions and drug use, there is a theme of self-assuredness and a desire for genuine connections. Valee’s delivery and the production of the song make it an engaging and hypnotic experience for listeners.

Album title: Runnin’ Rich (2019)

– Produced By CHEEZZ
– Written By Valee & CHEEZZ
– Mastering Engineer Matt Hennessy
– Mixing Engineer Valee
– Recording Engineer Valee
– Copyright © Universal Music Group, G.O.O.D. Music & Def Jam Recordings
– Phonographic Copyright ℗ Universal Music Group, G.O.O.D. Music & Def Jam Recordings
– Label Universal Music Group, Def Jam Recordings & G.O.O.D. Music
– Release Date June 28, 2019

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