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The Meaning Behind The Song: Write Me A Letter by Maoli

The Meaning Behind The Song: Write Me A Letter by Maoli


As a music teacher, I often find myself searching for new songs to introduce to my students. Music has always been an integral part of my life, and I believe it has the power to convey deep emotions and messages. One song that has resonated with me in particular is “Write Me A Letter” by Maoli. I first heard this song on a lazy summer day while browsing through a friend’s music collection. From the very first notes, I was captivated by its sweet melody and honest lyrics.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “Write Me A Letter” speak of longing and missing someone dear. The song begins with the lines, “I haven’t seen you in a while, you know I miss your sexy smile.” These simple words instantly evoke a sense of nostalgia and yearning. It paints a picture of two people who used to spend their days walking hand in hand, cherishing every moment of shared conversation.

The chorus of the song emphasizes the desire for communication: “Write me a letter and put your picture in it to, tell me you love me and when you miss me you know when to do.” These words highlight the importance of staying connected and expressing love and affection even when physically apart. The act of writing a letter, in this digital age, adds a touch of old-fashioned romance and personal connection.

In the rap verse, the need for daily communication is reiterated: “Write me a letter with each and every day, put your name and your picture, send it to me so I could hang it like a poster.” This verse emphasizes the significance of constant communication and the longing to have a physical reminder of the person you miss. The lyrics illustrate the deep desire to never let go and to experience the presence of that special someone even in their absence.

The Bridge

The bridge of the song takes a more intimate and sensual turn. It speaks of kissing, cuddling, and making love until the morning comes. These lyrics portray the depth of the connection between two people who long for each other’s touch. The mention of making the moon rise and squeezing tightly portrays a sense of passion and intimacy that adds another layer of emotion to the song.

Personal Connection

When I first stumbled upon this song, I was immediately taken in by its heartfelt lyrics and catchy melody. As a music teacher, I find myself constantly searching for songs that evoke emotions and tell captivating stories. “Write Me A Letter” does just that. It addresses the universal desire for connection and the longing for someone we miss deeply.

This song reminded me of the power of simple gestures, such as writing a letter, to convey love and affection. In a world dominated by text messages and social media, it’s refreshing to be reminded of the importance of personal, heartfelt communication.


“Write Me A Letter” by Maoli is a song that touches the soul with its heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melody. It speaks of longing, missing, and the deep desire to stay connected with someone we hold dear. The power of simple gestures, such as writing a letter, is beautifully showcased in this song. It serves as a reminder that in a world full of distractions, personal connection and expressing love is still immensely valuable. So, take a moment, write a letter or a heartfelt message, and let someone know how much they mean to you.

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