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The Meaning Behind The Song: Worldstar by Vette Jordan

The Meaning Behind The Song: Worldstar by Vette Jordan

As a Music Technician, I often come across various songs that leave a lasting impact on me. One such song that has recently caught my attention is “Worldstar” by Vette Jordan. I remember stumbling upon this track at a friend’s house and being captivated by its powerful lyrics and catchy beat.

“Worldstar” starts off with an introductory line that immediately grabs your attention – “The longer you’re not taking action the more money you’re losing”. This line sets the tone for the whole song, emphasizing the importance of constantly striving for success and not settling for mediocrity.

The first verse of the song showcases Vette Jordan’s confidence and determination. He compares himself to a world star and boasts about his fast-paced lifestyle, driving at 120 mph and flexing in his car. Vette Jordan makes it clear that he’s not afraid to live life on the edge and take risks.

The chorus of “Worldstar” highlights the impact Vette Jordan has on people around him. He describes how girls are drawn to him because of his world star persona, stating “Yo girl looked at me she say bae he look like a worldstar”. This line not only demonstrates his popularity but also suggests that he exudes a certain aura that captivates others.

In the second verse, Vette Jordan further establishes his world star status. He mentions his success with women, seemingly effortlessly attracting them with his charm and confidence. He also emphasizes the importance of loyalty and being surrounded by a reliable squad.

The third verse focuses on Vette Jordan’s lifestyle and his affinity for good-quality experiences. He mentions his preference for smoking only the best weed and surrounding himself with like-minded individuals who share the same preference. This verse adds another layer to his character, portraying him as someone who lives life on his own terms.

Overall, “Worldstar” by Vette Jordan is a song that showcases confidence, ambition, and a desire for success. The lyrics, combined with the catchy beat, create a captivating listening experience that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you relate to Vette Jordan’s world star persona or not, the song serves as a reminder to constantly strive for greatness and live life to the fullest.

Vette Jordan’s “Worldstar” is a track from his EP titled “Too Easy” released on January 22, 2018. This song, along with the rest of the EP, showcases Vette Jordan’s unique style and talent as an artist. If you’re a fan of catchy beats, confident lyrics, and an overall energetic vibe, I highly recommend giving “Worldstar” a listen.

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