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The Meaning Behind The Song: Word To My Mother by Marlon Craft

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Word To My Mother” by Marlon Craft

I am listening to the song “Word To My Mother” by Marlon Craft, and it has struck a chord with me. The poetic lyrics and raw emotions expressed in the song have made me reflect on its meaning and significance. In this article, I will decode the song’s lyrics and explore the deeper messages behind them.

The Lyrics:

“Welcome to the show
Anybody got a problem, man, you welcome to the door
I’m the only boy you want said I could melt you in the snow
Couldn’t peg me, all this fire had me melted in the mold
Couldn’t train me, I derailed, attention to the details
They all get ate in New York, son, I’m on a killing spree, well
Throw you in the water, and tell yo ass to be well
You ain’t got no say, I’m bout to ring the reel, real well
Like it or not bitch, I been heightened the plot
Shit, the strange fruit of our nation’s past been ripened a lot
So if ain’t nobody gon’ speak it, we been likely to rot
The hate is in our DNA and we been likely to clot so fuck you, hype beast”

In the first verse, Marlon Craft sets the tone by asserting his dominance and independence. He challenges anyone who dares to oppose him and emphasizes his unique qualities. The line “Couldn’t peg me, all this fire had me melted in the mold” suggests that Marlon is refusing to conform to societal expectations and is determined to forge his own path.

He also criticizes New York’s culture, where he believes everyone gets “ate” or consumed. The lyrics go on to comment on the state of the nation, alluding to the dark history of racism and the need to acknowledge it. Marlon Craft is unapologetic in his message, using strong language to call out the ignorance that perpetuates hate.

The chorus acts as a declaration of Marlon Craft’s commitment to speaking the truth, even if it means facing opposition. He asserts his identity as a city boy raised by lions, emphasizing his resilience and refusal to back down.

“I just brought the facts homie, I ain’t bring the clout wit me
Hit the girl she holla back cause I ain’t bring no doubt wit me
I’m goin bananas, take the cameras out and leave ’em here
Objects in the mirror may be more realer than they appear
This that 2019 New York movement shit
This that I’mma smack the fuck outchu wit jubilance
Hottest white boy who raps so raw they call him Juda Kiss
You only like to fuse with your confusion bitch, it’s Craft”

The second verse starts with Marlon Craft addressing those who doubt his authenticity. He emphasizes that he brings only the facts, not the clout, and challenges others to recognize the truth in his words.

Marlon Craft then shifts his focus to New York’s music scene in 2019, highlighting the movement and energy within it. He asserts himself as one of the hottest white rappers, drawing a comparison to Jadakiss, known for his raw and powerful lyrics.

The verse ends with a play on words, where Marlon Craft calls out those who thrive on confusion and ignorance. He emphasizes that his message is clear and powerful, and he won’t compromise his integrity for popularity.

The chorus is reiterated, reinforcing Marlon Craft’s commitment to speaking the truth and rejecting conformity.

“Tell me why we whisper facts and we scream lies
I’m from the city of big dreams where the dreams die
I’m from where you can catch a dirty tin to a clean ironic
They don’t make you see shit clearer, for real
And I thought it was common sense that words held consequence
But when 10 lies a day come from the highest office
This that trickle-down they wanted I suppose
Whole culture based on ‘gotcha’ where nobody get exposed, though
Shit, when I was 7 years old, I said ‘fuck you’ to the wrong one and he snuffed me in the nose
Learned then, though I could take a punch, since then I ain’t gave a fuck
Say it how I see it, couldn’t pay me enough to [?]”

In the final verse, Marlon Craft reflects on the tendency to ignore harsh realities and embrace deception instead. He questions why society chooses to whisper the truth but scream lies, highlighting the disillusionment that comes with living in a city of big dreams where dreams often go unfulfilled.

He then shares a personal anecdote from his childhood, where he was punished for speaking his mind. This experience shaped his resilience and refusal to be silenced. Marlon Craft asserts that he will always speak his truth, no matter the consequences, and cannot be bought or compromised.

The Meaning:

“Word To My Mother” is an introspective and powerful song that addresses social and political issues. Marlon Craft uses his lyrics to call out injustice, ignorance, and the need for truth and accountability. He emphasizes the importance of speaking up and challenging the status quo, even when faced with opposition.

The song is a testament to Marlon Craft’s resilience and determination in sharing his message. It serves as a reminder that words hold power and consequence, and that society must confront its history and address its flaws to move forward.

Marlon Craft’s “Word To My Mother” is an anthem for truth-seekers, a call to action against complacency, and a powerful expression of personal and societal growth.

Additional Information:

“Word To My Mother” is a track from Marlon Craft’s album titled “Funhouse Mirror” released on June 18, 2019. The song features Nyck Caution and was written by DJ Green Lantern, Marlon Craft, and Sly5thAve.

Overall, “Word To My Mother” is an empowering and thought-provoking song that encourages listeners to reflect on their own truths and challenge the narratives that perpetuate injustice.

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