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The Meaning Behind The Song: With The Benefit Of Hindsight by We Were Promised Jetpacks

The Meaning Behind The Song: With The Benefit Of Hindsight by We Were Promised Jetpacks


I first stumbled upon the song “With The Benefit Of Hindsight” by We Were Promised Jetpacks at a friend’s house. As a DJ, I have a keen appreciation for music and enjoy exploring different genres. This particular song immediately caught my attention, not just because of its Indie-rock sound, but also because of its thought-provoking lyrics.

Exploring the Lyrics

“You know you’ve got to remind me
That the walls are wearing thin
My memories
Have distorted once again”

From the very first verse, the song sets a reflective and introspective mood. It speaks about the fragility of our minds and how our memories can deceive us. The idea of walls wearing thin implies vulnerability and the need for someone to remind us of our limitations.

“The last place that you’ll look
You know you’ve yet to remind me
The walls are wearing thin
My cover’s been blown
Torn off in the howling wind”

In these lines, the lyrics hint at someone trying to hide their true self or their emotions. The mention of the cover being blown suggests that the facade they’ve put up is no longer working, leaving them exposed to the emotional storms around them.

Unveiling the Hidden Meaning

The underlying theme in “With The Benefit Of Hindsight” appears to be the struggle between vulnerability and self-preservation. It’s about the fear of showing our true selves to others and the consequences of keeping up appearances. The song presents a battle between the desire to be authentic and the inclination to protect oneself from potential harm.

The repeated line “When the walls come down” signifies a breaking point, a moment where one can no longer hide behind pretenses or walls erected to keep others out. It’s an invitation to be genuine and open, despite the risks involved. The hesitation expressed in the lyrics reflects the fear we often experience when it comes to vulnerability and letting others see our true selves.

Personal Reflection

As I listened to “With The Benefit Of Hindsight” again and again, it struck a chord with me on a deeply personal level. I could relate to the struggle of maintaining emotional walls and fearing the consequences of revealing my true thoughts and feelings. It reminded me of times when I had built up defensive barriers to protect myself, only to realize that those walls were isolating me from genuine connections.

This song served as a reminder of the importance of vulnerability and the power of genuine human connection. It encouraged me to reflect on my own actions and consider how, with the benefit of hindsight, I might approach future situations differently.


With its raw and introspective lyrics, “With The Benefit Of Hindsight” by We Were Promised Jetpacks captivates listeners and invites introspection. The song delves into the struggle between vulnerability and self-preservation, inviting us to reflect on the walls we build and the true authenticity we deny ourselves.

Through personal reflection, this song can prompt us to reevaluate our actions, reconsider the importance of vulnerability, and embrace the power of human connection. So, let the walls come down, and may we all learn to appreciate the true beauty that lies within our authentic selves.

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