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The Meaning Behind The Song: Will Verth by Jack Rootes

The Meaning Behind The Song: Will Verth by Jack Rootes


When we listen to music, we often connect with certain songs because they relate to our own experiences or emotions. “Will Verth” by Jack Rootes is a powerful song that explores themes of loss, grief, and reflection. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind the lyrics and share my personal connection to this heartfelt track.

The Lyrics

“They’d ask me if I’m okay if they saw me now
They’d ask what’s wrong if I began to break down
But they’d understand if they lost their grandfather
They’d understand why my life is getting darker
Granddad, you were always there when I needed you
Through life’s troubles, you’d motivate me to push through
Always moving ’round, looking for a place to rest
‘Till you found a neighborhood so nice, maybe the best”

These opening lyrics set the stage for the journey of emotions that the artist goes through. It becomes apparent that the song deals with the loss of the artist’s grandfather. The artist acknowledges that if others went through a similar loss, they would empathize with the pain and darkness he feels.

“I knew I’d experience this at one point during my life
But my-my, now ‘Rain’ hurts more in hindsight
On the outside, I’m emotionless, that’s no lie
But inside, deep down, I know I want to cry
Let my tears show, why don’t I? I don’t know
I guess my mourning process is rather slow
You’re one of many grandfathers that I’ve got
I should be crying over this, but I’m honestly not”

These lyrics reveal the internal struggle the artist faces in coming to terms with his grief. While he admits that he expected to experience loss at some point in his life, he is surprised by the depth of pain he feels. He questions his own lack of visible emotion, wondering why he can’t cry like others might. The artist reflects on the fact that he has had multiple grandfathers in his life, but he still feels a sense of disconnect from the grief he believes he should be feeling.

“And I really have no clue why
But now that you’re gone, a piece of me may also die
And your passing is understandable, it’s sad but true
I can only imagine how much it hurts my mum too
Especially since her own dad passed away years back
I guess she’s as sad as me, her joy being reduced to black
I guess it’s only natural to be a sad grandson
Granddad’s now out of our lives, Michael Jackson”

These lyrics delve into the impact of the grandfather’s passing on not only the artist but also his mother. The artist acknowledges that his mother must be experiencing a similar level of sadness since she lost her own father years ago. The artist compares the loss of his grandfather to the absence of a legend like Michael Jackson from the world, emphasizing the void left by his grandfather’s departure.

“Don’t know if I should be happy his suffering’s over
Or sad that his life’s ended and I wasn’t closer
To him than I could have been during his life
Now it seems his has become lost in the night
It’s also saddening that he had survived cancer
The fact a brain tumour killed him fills me with anger
But I guess a good thing to come out this tonight
Is that we can all agree that he lived a good life”

These lyrics express the conflicting emotions the artist experiences when contemplating his grandfather’s death. He wonders if he should feel relieved that his grandfather’s suffering has ended or if he should be sad that he wasn’t closer to him during his life. The artist expresses his sadness over the fact that his grandfather survived cancer, only to be taken by a brain tumor. However, he finds solace in recognizing that his grandfather lived a fulfilling life.

Personal Connection

Listening to “Will Verth” evokes powerful emotions within me because I have personally experienced the loss of a loved one. While everyone’s grief journey is unique, the song resonates with the complexity of emotions one experiences during the mourning process. The artist’s struggle to express his grief openly, the reflection on the impact of loss on family members, and the conflicting emotions of relief and sadness are all themes that I have grappled with.


“Will Verth” by Jack Rootes is a poignant song that dives into the depths of grief and loss. Through introspective lyrics, the artist explores his own process of mourning and reflects on the impact his grandfather had on his life. As listeners, we can connect with the universal themes of loss and find solace in the artist’s words. The song serves as a reminder to cherish our loved ones and celebrate their lives, even in the face of sadness.

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