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The Meaning Behind The Song: Wild Mountain Thyme by Maggie Reilly

The Meaning Behind The Song: Wild Mountain Thyme by Maggie Reilly

As I sit here listening to the timeless melody of “Wild Mountain Thyme” by Maggie Reilly, memories of my childhood come rushing back. This beautiful folk song always had a special place in my heart, evoking feelings of nostalgia and a deep connection to nature.

Exploring the Lyrics

The lyrics of “Wild Mountain Thyme” paint a vivid picture of summertime in the countryside, where trees are blooming, and purple heather covers the landscape. The song invites us to join in and go on a journey through the mountains, picking wild thyme along the way. The repeated question, “Will you go, laddie go?” adds a sense of anticipation and adventure.

But beyond the simple beauty of the lyrics lies a deeper meaning. “Wild Mountain Thyme” is not just about nature; it speaks of love and devotion. The narrator promises to build a loving sanctuary for their beloved by crystal flowing fountains and clear mountain streams. Their love is described as the fairest the summer sun has ever seen, emphasizing its purity and beauty.

Interpreting the Message

For me, “Wild Mountain Thyme” represents the never-ending cycle of love and the undying connection to nature. It reminds me of the importance of finding solace in the simplicity of natural surroundings and the power of love to create a sanctuary for two souls.

Furthermore, the song can be seen as an invitation to embrace adventure and seize opportunities. The repeated question, “Will you go, laddie go?” acts as a call to step out of our comfort zones, leave behind the familiar, and embark on a journey filled with unknown possibilities.

Personal Connection

I vividly remember listening to “Wild Mountain Thyme” during road trips with my family. The enchanting melody would sway through the car speakers, and we would all join in singing along. It became a tradition, a cherished moment of togetherness and joy.

I also found solace in this song during challenging times. Whenever I felt overwhelmed or at crossroads in my life, “Wild Mountain Thyme” served as a reminder to embrace the beauty of the present moment and trust in the path that lies ahead.


Maggie Reilly’s rendition of “Wild Mountain Thyme” captures the essence of nature, love, and adventure. Its lyrics and melody evoke a sense of longing, c

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