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The Meaning Behind The Song: What Would You Do by Shades (R&B)

The Meaning Behind The Song: What Would You Do by Shades (R&B)


Music has a magical way of touching our souls and resonating with our deepest emotions. One song that has had a profound impact on me is “What Would You Do” by Shades. Released in 1997 as part of their self-titled album, this R&B gem explores the themes of love, vulnerability, and desire. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind the song and share some of my personal experiences with it.

The Lyrics

The opening lines of the chorus set the tone for the rest of the song: “What would you say, If I told you I loved you? What would you do, If I gave it to you?” These words encapsulate the uncertainty and fear associated with expressing one’s feelings to a loved one. Love is a powerful emotion that can make us feel vulnerable and uncertain about the response we will receive.

The first verse speaks of the rarity and innocence of love, emphasizing the blessing it is to have someone in our lives who understands and fulfills our fantasies. It highlights the importance of having someone to relate to, as they become the source of comfort and understanding in our journey of love.

The second verse paints a picture of intimate moments shared between two individuals. The mention of being alone together in a bedroom creates a sense of intimacy and anticipation. It speaks to the fleeting nature of these encounters while expressing a longing for more time together, hoping for the possibility of a future connection.

The interlude between Monique and a man adds depth to the song, as they ponder the hypothetical scenarios of confessing love and giving oneself fully to another. Their conversation captures the excitement, uncertainty, and heavy emotions associated with being vulnerable in a relationship.

The Personal Connection

As I listen to “What Would You Do” by Shades, it evokes memories of my own experiences with love and vulnerability. The lyrics remind me of moments when I mustered the courage to express my feelings to someone I deeply cared about. The fear of rejection and uncertainty about their response felt overwhelming at times. This song speaks to the universal emotions that we all go through in our quest for love and connection. It’s a reminder that vulnerability can lead to beautiful experiences, even if they come with their fair share of uncertainty.

The soothing melodies and soulful vocals of Shades make this song even more powerful. Their ability to capture the essence of love and vulnerability in their lyrics and delivery is truly remarkable.


“What Would You Do” by Shades is a timeless R&B classic that explores the complexities of love, vulnerability, and the fear of expressing one’s feelings. The song’s lyrics and melodies invoke deep emotions and resonate with listeners on a personal level. It reminds us of the beauty and risks of vulnerability in our pursuit of love. Through its powerful music and introspective lyrics, this song continues to touch hearts and souls, making it an enduring piece of R&B history.

Song Information:

  • Album Title: Shades (1997)
  • Credits: Roy Ayers Ubiquity, William Allen, Tumblin’ Dice, Kenneth “G-Love” Greene, Edwin Birdsong & Armando Colon (Written By)
  • Release Date: July 15, 1997
  • Samples: “Daylight” by RAMP (USA)

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