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The Meaning Behind The Song: What Kinda Guy? by Steve Forbert

The Meaning Behind The Song: What Kinda Guy? by Steve Forbert

A Personal Connection

I still remember the first time I heard “What Kinda Guy?” by Steve Forbert. It was one of those moments when a song instantly resonated with me, and I found myself hitting the replay button over and over again. The catchy melody and Steve Forbert’s raw vocals were captivating, but it was the lyrics that truly struck a chord with me. As I delved deeper into the song’s meaning, I discovered a profound reflection on identity and self-discovery.

An Analysis of the Lyrics

“What kinda guy am I really am? I love some turkey, but I don’t eat lamb.” These opening lines immediately draw attention to the theme of duality. Steve Forbert delves into the conflicting aspects of his personality, highlighting that he possesses both likes and dislikes that might seem contradictory. The use of food as a metaphor perfectly encapsulates the complexity of human nature.

“I kept my jacket, but I lost my tie. I’ll tell ya truly that I sometimes lie.” These lines embody the struggle within oneself. Steve Forbert acknowledges that he is not a perfect individual, confessing to occasional dishonesty. This admission highlights the relatability of his lyrics—none of us are flawless, and this vulnerability makes the song even more compelling.

“Don’t wear pajamas and I don’t sniff glue. I’m Mississippi, got the New York blues.” These lyrics beautifully illustrate the notion of cultural and geographical influences on one’s identity. Steve Forbert proudly declares his Mississippi roots, but acknowledges the impact of his experiences in New York. This juxtaposition resonates with anyone who has ever felt caught between two worlds or struggled with their sense of belonging.

“I might be leavin’, but the door ain’t shut. I’m here for lovin’, but I ain’t no slut.” Steve Forbert unapologetically embraces his own choices and desires. These lyrics speak to the importance of staying true to oneself while navigating relationships. It is a reminder that we can be open to love without sacrificing our own boundaries and values.

Alive on Arrival: A Timeless Album

“What Kinda Guy?” is a track from Steve Forbert’s album titled “Alive on Arrival” released in 1978. This album solidified his place in the folk-rock genre and earned him critical acclaim. The introspective and heartfelt nature of “What Kinda Guy?” further showcases Steve Forbert’s skill as a songwriter.

In conclusion, the song “What Kinda Guy?” by Steve Forbert delves into the complexities of human identity, exploring the contradictions and vulnerabilities that make us who we are. It serves as a reminder that we are all a blend of various attributes, and there is beauty in embracing our authentic selves. This timeless song continues to capture the attention and hearts of listeners, providing a thoughtful reflection on the human experience.

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