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The Meaning Behind The Song: Westbrook by JID & A$AP Ferg

The Meaning Behind The Song: Westbrook by JID & A$AP Ferg

As a fan of rap music, I always find myself drawn to songs that not only have a catchy beat but also tell a meaningful story. One song that has recently caught my attention is “Westbrook” by JID and A$AP Ferg. This track combines captivating lyrics with a powerful message, making it worth diving deeper into its meaning.

From the very beginning, the song grabs your attention with its energetic and infectious production by Christo. JID immediately takes the reins and spits some thought-provoking lines about his struggle to make a living. He expresses humility and acknowledges the hardships he has faced along his journey to success.

In the chorus, A$AP Ferg joins in and emphasizes the idea of facing adversity without changing who you are. He encourages loyalty among friends and emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself.

In the following verses, JID continues to showcase his lyrical prowess, painting vivid images with his words. He raps about the streets, his grind, and his determination to rise to the top. The song’s title, “Westbrook,” is a reference to NBA player Russell Westbrook, known for his loyalty to his team despite challenges.

This track is not only about personal success but also about the relationships and bonds that come along with it. JID and A$AP Ferg both emphasize their loyalty to their friends and their commitment to staying true to themselves, even as they achieve fame and fortune.

Personally, “Westbrook” resonates with me because it reminds me of the importance of remaining humble and focused on my goals, no matter how successful I become. It serves as a reminder that loyalty to those who supported you from the beginning is crucial, and that one’s character should never be compromised.

Overall, “Westbrook” is a powerful and impactful song that combines enticing production with meaningful lyrics. It serves as a reminder to stay true to oneself, remain loyal to friends and family, and continue to strive for success. Whether you’re a fan of JID, A$AP Ferg, or rap music in general, this track is definitely worth a listen.

Additional Information:

Album title: DiCaprio 2 (2018)


  • Produced By: Christo
  • Written By: Christo, A$AP Ferg, & JID
  • Performance Rights: BMI
  • Publisher: Reservoir Media, ROBA Music Publishing, Sony Music Entertainment, Route Way & Fergenstein Music
  • Copyright: Interscope Records & Dreamville
  • Phonographic Copyright: Interscope Records & Dreamville
  • Mastering Engineer: Chris Athens
  • Mixing Engineers: Juro “Mez” Davis & Raúl Chirinos
  • Recording Engineers: Hector Castro & JID
  • Primary Artists: A$AP Ferg & JID
  • Label: Spillage Village, Interscope Records, Universal Music Group & Dreamville
  • Release Date: November 26, 2018
  • Interpolations: NEVER by JID & XXL Freshmen 2018 Cypher – Part 1 by XXL (Ft. JID & Ski Mask the Slump God)
  • Translations: JID & A$AP Ferg – Westbrook (Traducción al Español) by Genius Traducciones al Español


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