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The Meaning Behind The Song: Wear Weh Yuh Have (Clarks Pt.3) by Vybz Kartel

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Wear Weh Yuh Have (Clarks Pt.3)” by Vybz Kartel

As a Music Technician, I am constantly introduced to new songs and artists. One song that has left a lasting impression on me is “Wear Weh Yuh Have (Clarks Pt.3)” by Vybz Kartel. I first heard this song on a road trip with my friends, and I remember being captivated when I heard it for the first time.

The lyrics of “Wear Weh Yuh Have (Clarks Pt.3)” reflect the importance and significance of the Clarks shoe brand in Jamaican culture. The song starts off with the line, “Mateo Music, Eh, Koolface, Clarks make toothbrush sell more than toothpaste.”

This line cleverly highlights the popularity and demand for Clarks shoes, comparing it to the high demand for toothbrushes over toothpaste. It goes on to say, “True me say Clarks, everybody waan one, Arcade sell off everybody, waan one.” This emphasizes that everyone desires a pair of Clarks, and even the sellers can’t keep up with the demand.

In the chorus, Vybz Kartel sings, “No bow down fi no Wallabee’s, wear weh yuh have.” This line encourages people to be proud of what they have and not bow down to societal pressures. Regardless of what type of shoes or fashion one owns, it’s important to be content and confident in one’s own style.

The song also touches upon the idea of valuing life over material possessions. In the pre-chorus, Kartel sings, “A which youth that a play number 2… Fi wear new Wallabee’s go a work? Kareem, tell dem bwoy deh fi splurt, nothing no value more than life worth.”

This line serves as a reminder that material possessions should never outweigh the value of one’s life. It encourages listeners to prioritize what truly matters and not get caught up in the materialistic aspect of wearing expensive shoes or clothing.

The lyrics of “Wear Weh Yuh Have (Clarks Pt.3)” are accompanied by a catchy beat, which adds to the overall appeal of the song. Vybz Kartel’s distinctive voice and delivery make the track even more captivating.

Released in 2010 as part of the “Clarks Trilogy – EP,” this song became a hit in Jamaica and gained popularity worldwide. Its relatable lyrics, catchy melody, and Vybz Kartel’s unique style have contributed to its enduring success.

In conclusion, “Wear Weh Yuh Have (Clarks Pt.3)” by Vybz Kartel is a song that encapsulates the importance of self-confidence, valuing life over material possessions, and remaining true to oneself. Its catchy melody and relatable lyrics have made it a favorite among fans of Vybz Kartel and dancehall music. So next time you catch yourself worrying about the latest fashion trends, remember Vybz Kartel’s message to be confident in what you have and appreciate the things that truly matter in life.

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