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The Meaning Behind The Song: We Thank Thee by Jim Reeves

The Meaning Behind The Song: We Thank Thee by Jim Reeves

As a fan of Jim Reeves, I have always been captivated by his soothing voice and heartfelt lyrics. One song that holds a special place in my heart is “We Thank Thee.” This beautiful composition encapsulates the essence of gratitude and serves as a reminder of the countless blessings we often take for granted.

The Lyrics

“We thank Thee each morning for a newborn day
Where we may work the fields of new mown hay
We thank Thee for the sunshine
And the air that we breathe
Oh Lord we thank Thee”

The song begins by expressing gratitude for the gift of each new day. It acknowledges the opportunity to work amidst nature’s wonders, like the fields of new mown hay. The lyrics highlight the appreciation for the sunshine and the very air we breathe, recognizing that these are blessings bestowed upon us by the divine.

“We thank Thee for the rivers that run all day
We thank Thee for the little birds that sing away
We thank Thee for the trees
And the deep blue sea
Oh Lord we thank Thee”

In the next verse, the song continues to emphasize the beauty of nature. It acknowledges the rivers that flow continuously, the melodious songs of the little birds, and the majesty of trees and the deep blue sea. The words convey a profound appreciation for these elements of Creation.

“Oh yes we thank Thee Lord
For every flower that blooms
Birds that sing, fish that swim
And the light of the moon
We thank Thee every day
As we kneel and pray
That we were born with eyes
To see these things”

The lyrics reflect on the gratitude for every blooming flower, the harmonious melodies of birds, the graceful movements of swimming fish, and the gentle light of the moon. It emphasizes the importance of being thankful every day as we kneel and pray, recognizing the blessing of being born with eyes to witness the splendor around us.

“We thank Thee for the fields
Where the clovers grow
We thank Thee for the pastures
Where the cattle may roam
We thank Thee for Thy love so pure and free
Oh Lord we thank Thee”

The final verse focuses on gratitude for the green fields where clovers grow and the vast pastures that provide freedom for cattle to roam. It also acknowledges the pure and free love of God, serving as a beautiful reminder of the unconditional love that surrounds us each day.

Additional Information

The song “We Thank Thee” serves as the title track of Jim Reeves’ 1962 album of the same name. It holds a special place in the hearts of fans, including myself, as it beautifully encapsulates the concept of gratitude towards the divine.

This song is not merely a celebration of the wonders of Creation but a heartfelt acknowledgment of the Creator Himself. It reminds us that God’s love and blessings are what make the marvels of nature possible. It conveys a sense of awe and reverence towards the Almighty, emphasizing His greatness.

Personally, “We Thank Thee” has often served as a reminder for me to appreciate the little things in life and to express gratitude for the blessings I am bestowed with daily. It is a song that connects me to a higher power and instills a sense of peace and contentment.

Jim Reeves’ rendition of “We Thank Thee” continues to resonate with listeners today, reminding us to be grateful and to look beyond ourselves, appreciating the beauty that surrounds us. It teaches us that gratitude is a powerful force that can uplift our spirits and bring us closer to God.

So, let us take a moment to reflect on the message conveyed by “We Thank Thee” and express our gratitude for all that we have been blessed with.

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