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The Meaning Behind The Song: We Are an Offering by Chris Christian

The Meaning Behind The Song: We Are an Offering by Chris Christian

The song “We Are an Offering” by Chris Christian is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to our role as believers in offering ourselves as instruments of love and service to God and others. The song invites us to reflect on the essence of our faith and the transformative power of surrendering our lives for a greater purpose.

At its core, the song expresses the foundational principle of Christianity, which is the act of surrendering our lives to God. It calls us to lay down our own desires and ambitions and instead offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to be used for God’s purposes. Just as the lyrics state, “We give You our spirits, we give You our souls, we give You our bodies, we give You control,” the song emphasizes the complete surrender of all aspects of our being to God.

Frequently Asked Questions About “We Are an Offering”

1. What inspired Chris Christian to write “We Are an Offering”?

Chris Christian was inspired to write this song after experiencing a profound spiritual awakening in his own life. He wanted to capture the essence of his newfound devotion to God and the desire to live a life of surrender and service.

2. What does the chorus of the song mean?

The chorus, “We are an offering, we lift our voices, we lift our hands,” conveys the idea of offering ourselves as a sacrifice to God through our worship and devotion. It is a recognition that our lives are meant to be lived in service to God and that true worship involves both our words and our actions.

3. How does “We Are an Offering” encourage believers to live out their faith?

This song serves as a reminder that our faith is not just a set of beliefs, but a way of life. It encourages believers to live out their faith by offering themselves as instruments of love and service to God and others. It prompts us to examine our hearts and ask ourselves how we can be a blessing to the world around us.

4. Can you explain the importance of surrender in the song?

The song emphasizes the importance of surrender in the Christian faith. It reminds us that true transformation happens when we relinquish control and allow God to guide our lives. Surrendering to God is not a sign of weakness, but rather an act of trust and obedience.

5. How does this song speak to the idea of selflessness?

“We Are an Offering” highlights the concept of selflessness by calling us to focus on the needs of others rather than solely our own desires. It reminds us that our lives are meant to be lived for a purpose greater than ourselves and that true fulfillment comes from serving others.

6. What impact does “We Are an Offering” have on listeners?

This song has a profound impact on listeners as it encourages introspection and self-reflection. It challenges us to evaluate the sincerity of our devotion to God and inspires us to live a life of sacrificial love and service. It is a reminder that our lives can be a powerful testimony to the transformative power of faith.

7. What other songs are similar in theme to “We Are an Offering”?

There are several other songs that share a similar theme of surrender and devotion to God. Some examples include “I Surrender All” by Judson W. Van DeVenter, “Take My Life” by Chris Tomlin, and “Hosanna” by Hillsong United.

8. How has “We Are an Offering” impacted the Christian music industry?

“We Are an Offering” has made a significant impact on the Christian music industry. It has become a beloved worship song that is frequently sung in churches around the world. Its powerful message of surrender and offering oneself to God has resonated with audiences and continues to inspire worship.

9. What is the significance of offering our spirits, souls, and bodies to God?

The significance lies in the recognition that our entire being belongs to God. By offering our spirits, souls, and bodies, we declare that every aspect of our existence is devoted to God and His purposes. It is a gesture of complete surrender and trust in His guidance.

10. How can “We Are an Offering” be applied to everyday life?

This song can be applied to everyday life by reminding us to live with a posture of surrender and service. It prompts us to consider how we can be an offering to others in our actions, words, and relationships. It encourages us to prioritize love, kindness, and humility in all that we do.

11. What lessons can be drawn from the lyrics of “We Are an Offering”?

The lyrics of “We Are an Offering” teach us the importance of surrender, selflessness, and devotion in the Christian faith. They invite us to examine our hearts, seek a deeper relationship with God, and live out our faith in tangible ways.

12. Why is it important to reflect on the meaning behind worship songs?

Reflecting on the meaning behind worship songs helps us engage with the lyrics on a deeper level. It allows us to internalize the message and apply it to our own lives. Understanding the meaning behind worship songs enriches our worship experience and enhances our connection with God.

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