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The Meaning Behind The Song: Watch Me by Nick Jonas

The Meaning Behind The Song: Watch Me by Nick Jonas


As a music enthusiast, I often find myself diving deep into the world of lyrics, trying to uncover the hidden meanings and stories behind the songs I love. One song that has recently caught my attention is “Watch Me” by Nick Jonas. Released as part of the “Ferdinand” soundtrack in 2017, this upbeat track not only captivated me with its catchy melody but also left me pondering over its deeper message.

Personal Connection

I still remember stumbling upon this song while hanging out at a friend’s house. The infectious beat instantly caught my ear, and I found myself tapping my foot along to the rhythm. I became even more engrossed when I started paying attention to the lyrics and the attitude exuded by Nick Jonas’s vocals.

The Lyrics

Let’s take a closer look at the lyrics of “Watch Me” and uncover the meaning behind them:

The song starts off with the lines, “More hooks than a coat rack, why why would I hold back?” This line hints at the artist’s confidence and refusal to hold back in expressing himself. It’s an empowering message that encourages listeners to be unapologetically themselves.

The pre-chorus reveals a desire for exploration and freedom with the lyrics, “I’m on a new trip, rocket to the moon ship.” This line signifies a period of personal growth and transformation. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new experiences.

The hook, which repeats the phrase “Watch me” multiple times, emphasizes the artist’s determination to succeed against all odds. It’s a call to action, urging everyone to pay attention to his journey and accomplishments.

In the second verse, Jonas sings about feeling good and exuding confidence like a “lightweight bulldozer.” This imagery showcases his self-assurance and unstoppable nature. The line “Oh no, we don’t hold back” further illustrates his approach to life and the way he tackles challenges head-on.

The outro simply says “Thank you,” signifying gratitude for the support and recognition that has come his way.

The Message

“Watch Me” by Nick Jonas is not just a song about self-confidence and determination; it also speaks to the importance of embracing personal growth and taking chances. It encourages listeners to break free from limitations and societal expectations, forging their own paths without fear of judgment.

Influences and Collaboration

It is worth mentioning the collaboration and contributions behind this song. “Watch Me” was produced by the talented Jason Evigan and was written by Jonathon Tucker, PJ Bianco, Jason Evigan, Sean Douglas, and Nick Jonas himself. This collective effort has resulted in a track that showcases the unique artistic prowess of everyone involved.


Through its infectious beats and empowering lyrics, “Watch Me” by Nick Jonas resonates with listeners on multiple levels. It is a reminder to embrace our individuality and to strive for personal growth and success. So, the next time you find yourself needing a boost of motivation or a reminder to be unapologetically yourself, just remember to give this song a listen. Let it inspire you to watch yourself conquer the world.

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