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The Meaning Behind The Song: Wake N Bake by Nvscvr

The Meaning Behind The Song: Wake N Bake by Nvscvr

As a Music Technician, I have come across countless songs with various meanings and themes. One song that has caught my attention recently is “Wake N Bake” by Nvscvr. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house, and from the very first listen, I was captivated by its unique sound and infectious energy.

The song, featuring artists Baby Jey and Poison Kid, starts with a catchy intro accompanied by a groovy beat. The lyrics, primarily in Spanish, depict a story of a passionate and carefree relationship. The verses are filled with vivid imagery and metaphors that paint a picture of two individuals living life on their own terms.

“Wake n’ bake, desnuda en su cama” translates to “Wake and bake, naked in her bed.” This line sets the tone for the song, suggesting a laid-back and comfortable environment. The lyrics further describe a partner who encourages the protagonist to distance themselves from negativity and drama, finding solace in the simple pleasures of life.

The chorus emphasizes the idea of coming together and enjoying the present moment. “Mami vente pa’ encima, fumando medicina” translates to “Girl, come over, smoking medicine.” This line signifies the use of cannabis as a way to relax and connect with each other. The lyrics also mention engaging in intimate activities in the kitchen, symbolizing the freedom to express their desires without hesitation.

The second verse introduces Poison Kid, who adds his unique flair to the song. He emphasizes the notion of living life to the fullest, unapologetically. The lines “No me importa nada ma’ la vida e’ un party” mean “I don’t care about anything, life is a party.” This lyric encapsulates the carefree and joyful attitude of the song.

The third verse, performed by FATAL, adds another layer to the song’s theme. It speaks of a person who desires to be with the protagonist and is willing to go to great lengths to do so. The lyrics portray a sense of admiration and longing, as well as materialism and a lavish lifestyle.

Overall, “Wake N Bake” by Nvscvr is a song that celebrates freedom, living in the moment, and embracing the pleasures of life. It encapsulates the carefree mindset of the artists, who prioritize their happiness and enjoyment over societal expectations. The lyrics, along with the infectious beat, create a captivating listening experience that is both uplifting and empowering.

I personally connect with this song because it reminds me to let go of worries and embrace the present moment. It serves as a reminder to prioritize my own happiness and not be swayed by external pressures. “Wake N Bake” is more than just a song; it’s a reminder to live life on my own terms and savor every moment.

In conclusion, “Wake N Bake” by Nvscvr is a vibrant and energetic song that conveys a message of living life to the fullest. Its catchy beats, infectious energy, and meaningful lyrics make it a standout track. So, the next time you need a reminder to let go and enjoy life, give “Wake N Bake” a listen and immerse yourself in the carefree spirit of the song.

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