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The Meaning Behind The Song: Waiting (Remix) by Madonna

The Meaning Behind The Song: Waiting (Remix) by Madonna


Music has a unique way of resonating with our emotions and capturing different moments in our lives. Madonna, the Queen of Pop, has blessed us with numerous hits that have become anthems for various experiences we go through. One song that stands out in her discography is “Waiting (Remix)”. In this article, I will delve into the lyrics and share the meaning behind this powerful track.

The Lyrics:

“Waiting (Remix)” begins with Madonna’s enchanting voice repeating the phrase, “Waiting for you, just waiting.” This repetition adds a sense of anticipation and longing, setting the mood for the rest of the song. The lyrics delve into the complexities of a relationship that is filled with uncertainty and unrequited love.

In the first verse, Madonna reflects on the experience of repeatedly asking for something from a loved one. She realizes that if she has to ask for something more than once or twice, it probably wasn’t meant to be in the first place. It’s a difficult realization to accept when you love someone and believe that they want the same things as you do, only to realize that they don’t.

In the pre-chorus, Madonna expresses her pain and frustration. She pleads for her lover not to break her heart, emphasizing that they’ve hurt her like no other lover ever could. Despite the pain, she still loves them unconditionally, questioning why she deserves such treatment.

The chorus serves as a reminder of her longing and waiting for her lover to reciprocate her love. Madonna’s vocals soar as she pleads for them to see her waiting and understand the depth of her emotions.

In the second verse, Madonna reflects on how effortless their relationship used to be. She questions what happened and what part of herself reminds her lover of their past, their dreams, or any aspect that they can’t fully love. She expresses her wish to either believe in their love again or have the courage to leave.

In the third verse, rapper Everlast joins Madonna with a guest verse that adds a fresh perspective to the song. His lyrics bring a bouncy, macho energy to the otherwise laid back affair. Everlast’s verse talks about the physical aspects of a relationship and the intensity of his desires.

The Personal Connection:

Listening to “Waiting (Remix)” takes me back to a specific time in my life when I was in a tumultuous relationship. The lyrics perfectly captured the confusion and pain I experienced, constantly waiting for the person I loved to meet me halfway. Madonna’s powerful vocals and Everlast’s commanding verse amplified my emotions and gave me a sense of catharsis.

The Meaning:

“Waiting (Remix)” by Madonna explores the complexities of love and the pain that comes with unrequited feelings. It delves into the frustration of waiting for someone who may never meet us on the same emotional level. Madonna’s lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and longing, touching deep into the hearts of listeners who have experienced similar situations.


The remix version of “Waiting” featured on Madonna’s Rain – Single (1993) was a collaboration between Madonna and André Betts. Shiro Gutzie and Tom Banghart served as the recording engineers, while Bill Dooley and Danny Saber worked on the mixing.


“Waiting (Remix)” by Madonna is a powerful song that captures the emotions of unrequited love and the pain of waiting for someone who may never reciprocate our feelings. With its enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics, this track continues to resonate with listeners, reminding us of the complexities of relationships. The collaboration with Everlast adds a unique twist, giving the song an extra layer of depth. It’s a timeless piece that speaks to the universal experiences of love and longing.

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